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  1. It seemed like a poor choice of pass since Piette had nowhere else to go but back to Borjan. Also, Borjan could see the attacker jump to put pressure on Piette so there was no excuse for being so lackadaisical in meeting the return pass. Just overconfident play IMO and I'd give Borjan 95% of the blame there.
  2. Soccer's the only reason I have cable so they'll be losing at least one customer. Too bad...I liked the product.
  3. rightback

    TFC CCL 2019

    I'm no fan of his, but I did think that was one of his better games and he did well considering the conditions. Re. Hamilton. Nice goal but he's certainly less than clinical...looks like goals are going to be few and far between this year especially if Altidore is injured most of the time.
  4. Of course 🙂 I'm being sincere though, he might just tear this league up if he comes over. I'd for sure watch/attend more games just to see him.
  5. I've always been a fan...I'd definitely be stoked if we got him.
  6. Interesting...thanks for the link. So Bayern won't play a friendly against the Whitecaps on turf...
  7. I'm not fan of Rustad. I do appreciate the way she just doesn't bother responding to Rauter's more idiotic questions though.
  8. The problem I have with the international feed commentators is that, without a colour man, they run out of things to say fairly quickly and fill in the airtime with verbal diarrhea. I have a strong urge most of the time to strangle Peter Drury as he loves to go on and on and on about "how the mighty have fallen" or some such drivel. I've taken to watching the BBC just to get away from them (I like Ian Darke though, I thought he had a colour man somehow but could be wrong). As far as hosts/analysts are concerned, I find KJ informative and Wileman and Caldwell are fine (the latest inovation of KJ and Caldwell standing in front of a TV hasn't worked for me though). On the other hand, I really enjoyed hearing the opinions of those who have played at the highest level such as Pablo Zabeleta, Lineker, Fabregas and Shearer after the Croatia-Argentina game at the BBC. I like Forrest and DeVos the most for Canadian content but I assume they're both unavailable this time around. Isn't it amazing and great though that we actually have a choice these days between commentators?
  9. rightback

    TFC 2018

    Would have preferred to see Vasquez stay on and bring on Ricketts. Once Chapman and Hamilton were put on I figured Vanney was going for penalties. I was surprised that they had such a poor second half...they had almost no possession after dominating in the first. Man, Dalgado drives me nuts. I wish Cheyrou didn't retire, I loved that guy and he would have been handy last night (if he can still run, that is.). On the plus side, they did win in Mexico and there's no shame in losing on the penalty lottery. It was great to see them play those Mexican teams especially live despite the miserable weather. I don't think the Mexican teams are that much better than MLS which is interesting...they're flattering themselves if they think their league is approaching the big European leagues. A big plus about our Canadian guys getting so much great experience.
  10. rightback

    TFC 2018

    The ref turned out to be absolutely superb. He's reffing at the World Cup this summer too.
  11. He looked like he was losing the plot about midway in the first half...jumping up and down and whatnot. Still he has been playing well which is great. As far as MOTM is concerned, my vote would almost always go to Bradley and last night was no exception...he's amazingly good at what he does and so consistent and so important to the team play as a whole. I wish he'd unleash that cannon of a shot every once in a while but I think he's a bit too good for MLS. I didn't see him play in Europe though.
  12. rightback

    TFC 2018

    He was never a bad defender, he just wasn't good enough going forward and wasn't showing much improvement in his offensive abilities when he was playing regularly. It's hard to tell given the small sample of the last two games if he's really any better than he was then. From what I've seen his crossing is less wayward than it was but still not great. Anyway, it is very good to see him taking his chance so well and I'm hoping we'll see more of him.
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