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  1. Yeah, i remember reading somewhere that some people want to resurrect an all canadian league. Although, it seems odd that the RCMP would store it; i think it would be better in the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame so we could see it on display.
  2. I am wondering where this trophy is currently stored.. or was it destroyed when the league folded.. just curious AND NO I AM NOT A TROLL.
  3. CSA Website is a disgrace and a black eye to canadian soccer. Complete lack of credibility
  4. hoping this doesnt get locked and banned... Anyway, another great canadian player.. loved his stuffed parrot is he our best keeper ever?
  5. Since my other one got locked, here is another attempt to talk about this great Canadian player. What is your best memory of gerry gray? Do you think he is one of our best ever?
  6. This is crap. By maliciously censoring posts you dont get a forum where you can discuss. Treating a new guy who made a mistake on who the manager is like a ****head is not a good way to run a forum. Its a disgrace.
  7. So I am a troll because A) i didnt know about the management change and I ask where Gerry Gray plays these days as a retired pro? What a ridiculously narrow minded board.
  8. You locked my gerry gray thread saying i was having a laugh Yes, i know he played PRO in the 1980s but i was wondering if he still plays in a local league (say an over 35 or something) or somewhere in Canada (or maybe coaching for that matter). I am new on here and im already being censored. This boards reputation is true it seems
  9. He was my favorite player and I think one of the best Canadian players of all time. I am wondering if anyone knows where he plays his club soccer today. Thanks
  10. Its shocking to hear Osiek was fired. I guess I should read this board more. I am a die hard Canadian soccer follower, and follow every single game and event involving our team. I hope things get better now that a new coach is in charge.
  11. I have not checked into the national team for a little while and i am wondering how mr. osiek is doing in his performance as Canadian Coach thanks
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