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  1. TFC are not really going to go from EPL star to Azzurri pool player to some guy from Belgium, are they?
  2. A DP winger like Arjen Robben. One hopes.
  3. If you have to explain who the player is, then it's doubtful he passes the "familiar to fans" test.
  4. If Manning's statement about fans being familiar with the player, and the suggested age is a little younger than 32, doesn't it seem like Ozil, Sturridge or James, with an outside chance of Cesc, unless Manning is really stretching the meaning of the word "familiar."
  5. It would seem hard to get to 16 without a handful US\US-ish teams. At the least, teams across the bridges from Buffalo and Detroit. Quebec City, Ottawa, Victoria, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary, York. The 3 big ones plus Saskatchewan. That's 13. Then what? I would guess Buffalo is the most likely. b/c it is less likely than Detroit to get MLS.
  6. Am curious- what are the odds of Buffalo area, Detroit (Windsor), Milwaukee, Cleveland, or even a Chicago team?
  7. Late to the party, still flabbergasted by this move. It's either a stroke of genius or it's going to end in disaster and dissent.
  8. As long as the other team is smart enough not to foul him in the final third, he brings a giant bag of nothing to the game. Your passing stats look great when all you do is square it.
  9. Keep in mind, too, that the USA also has a couple of promising dual-national attackers of considerable who are not in the fold at this time. Tim Tillman is 19 and has been the subject of quarreling between Barcelona and his current club Munich. Sam Shashoua made the bench for the last game of 2016-7 for Tottenham at 17.
  10. I don't actually watch a whole lot of the US YNT. But this is a good summary of what I've read. It's why I've been saying not to worry about Akinola in the long term. It's going to be hard for him to cut it in the numbers game.
  11. I can't tell about Liam. He strikes me as being in a similar spot to the our youngster Brooks Lennon, who was at LFC and I guess is still their property. Lennon was on a tear for LFC youth teams before he got loaned to RSL. I doubt Lennon will ever make it to that top level. We'll see what happens with Liam.
  12. Arfield isn't as good as Johnson four years ago, but he's better than the current one. Pulisic is better than Cristante. Everyone is better than Nagbe.
  13. I'd worry about the bite in that midfield. But just in terms of player quality, it would be hard for the US to match right now. Three years from now that may be a different story.
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