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  1. shamrock

    Canadians abroad: December 14-20, 2018

    Wel yeah but it's about time a starts playing 1st team footy.
  2. shamrock

    Jahkeele Marhsall-Rutty

    Must be a major talent, signing a contract at 14. The last one was...Davies?
  3. shamrock

    Canadians abroad: December 14-20, 2018

    ZBG played 90 minutes at Annecy. OL2 lost 3-1.
  4. shamrock

    Canadians abroad: December 14-20, 2018

    Boakye entered in the 60th minute for Koeln 2 in a 1-0 win over RW Essen. The goal fell in the 63rd. Froese played 90 minutes before getting subbed out, Duesseldorf 2 drew Borussia Moenchengladbach 2 2-2. He got a yellow card.
  5. shamrock

    Canadians abroad: December 14-20, 2018

    He gets 2 minutes plus extra-time in a 2-0 loss.
  6. shamrock

    Canadians abroad: December 14-20, 2018

    Kennedy played 90 minutes in a 3-1 win for Klagenfurt.
  7. shamrock

    Ottawa CPL Club

    It is yeah.
  8. shamrock

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Yes they can but the post was that it will be hard to force them to do that. The Fury doesn't have to sell anything to jump leagues.
  9. shamrock

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The fundamental difference between the Fury and the three MLS clubs is that Ottawa is an actual "club" that could potential play in different leagues. The MLS teams are basically part-owners of the league, which surely makes it a lot harder to force to leave cet league (and at what price? TFC bought their way into MLS with 10 mil, the newer "clubs" paid tenfold that amount. )
  10. shamrock

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Good luck with that. It might get them a years delay, but I think they'd have a hard case convincing a judge why they should be playing in USL over CSL.
  11. shamrock

    CPL General

    Nah at worse it will be a compromise, like a one-year-transition season. But in all honesty they could easily switch before the season starts. And I really do think Vic was behind this although it makes sense cause it will make the CPL stronger and thus (in the end) also the whole of Concacaf.
  12. shamrock

    Maxime Crépeau

    Isn't he a US-national for roster purposes since he comes through the Impact-system?
  13. shamrock

    Ballou Tabla

    Why not?
  14. Larin plays 7 minutes in a 0-0.
  15. shamrock

    Ottawa CPL Club

    If they were concerned about the lower wage bill, why didn't they take the money they didn't have tp spend and use it on an academy like a real football club? Their arguments were bogus, if anything they could have won the first 2 championships. We all know level won't be USL from the start but it can grow (like it did in MLS and also in USL). There must be something else in play.