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  1. Sometimes things don't work out. He's had a stellar career with Swope Park and I don't believe he's forgotten how to defend all of a sudden. Huge signing for the Eddies.
  2. Elva starts for W├╝rzburg vs Karlsruher SC.
  3. TFC attackers Jayden Nelson and Jacen Russell-Rowe flying high in Dallas. Got to think they will be in the U17 as well. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/04/15/toronto-fc-trounce-pe-arol-thanks-jayden-nelson-and-jacen-russell-rowe Btw Montreal Impact also competing in Dallas: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/04/14/despite-results-montreal-impact-have-strong-showing-champions-division Unfortunately rosters aren't published (or I can't find them anyway).
  4. Good for him! I hope they'll improve the rest of the team though.
  5. Third consecutive start. And he's got off a good start, but let's just pace ourselves a little bit. He'll probably be called back to TFC 2 to finish of the season. Which is fine. He's playing the Danish 1st Division, not top flight football, like James is for instance. I don't think he'll be better than some of the CB we have in USL like Ouimette or Mallan Roberts or Nana Attakora ATM.
  6. Another start for Antonio Rocco Romeo for HB Koge against Fremad Amager (1-1). He sure is making the most of it.
  7. Plays the whole game in a solid 2-0 over Odense BK. That James finds himself in a battle for the Championship in Denmark and is in the final of the national Cup. Even if he doesn't play all the games he's our top-defender ATM.
  8. Adekugbe in he line-up and already on a yellow card. Valerangen leading 2-0 over TRomso IL.
  9. Boakye played the last 18 minutes for Collogne II against Wattenscheod (0-0). Keeps them two points in the clear. In Finland, Hanson Boakai made his Veikkausliiga debut, coming off the bench for the second half of FC Inter vs SJK (1-2). In France CFA, Gurcija and Reid started for Le Havre II at Granville. Le Havre lost 2-1 and Reid was subbed out in the 70th minute. The team is in danger of relegation. Unfortunately not. Davies is on the opposing bench though.
  10. Which Canadian CB would you like to see play?
  11. Trafford plays for ICT in the semifinals of the Scottish FA Cap at Hearts. Godinho nowhere to be seen. Straith starts for Sportfreunde Lotte at #last Aalen. Basically a must win for Lotte, now leading 0-1. Froese not in the team for Fortuna U23. It's snowing btw. Maybe a call up for the first team?
  12. Kennedy starts for Austria against #last Horn. 6 minutes in.
  13. Totally so. But rotation is inevitable with the logistics involved. But a B-team against Mexico, no way!
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