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  1. shamrock

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    He was one of the biggest attacking talents in the Eredivisie, hence the contract with Fener. But it was obviously going to be a huge leap from a low-table EDV club to a Turkish powerhouse. It's a huge leap for Larin who is way more experienced. Still a major talent though we should be lucky to get him. However I'm thinking Bassong.
  2. shamrock

    Dayne St. Clair

    That was pretty far to the corner. Nice reach!
  3. shamrock

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Probably just part of the hype machine. Hey Marcel de Jong to Pacific FC? Wow that news just blew my head. Incredible scoop.
  4. shamrock

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    This must be Herdmans' new player. Two games for the Belgian U19 and a looong way to go for their MNT. Fullback. A switch would make a lot of sense for this kid.
  5. shamrock

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    Was't even on the bench.
  6. shamrock

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    Froese gets 86 minutes in the Regionalliga. Ds2 lost 4-0 at Allemania. In France CFA Groupe C, Curcija was in goal for Le Havre 2. Another loss, on Corsica this time. Furiani Agliani won 2-1.
  7. shamrock

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Captain Obvious strikes again! Not aimed at you personally but didn't we all see this ons coming?
  8. shamrock

    CPL General

    I just noticed soccerway finally has a Canadian Premier League section. They have all the teams but of course no schedule yet and the players aren't there yet but I guess this means they will provide the game info of the Premiere League!
  9. shamrock

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Pfff that's the kinda guy I'd sign at 44. However it's not going to happen.
  10. shamrock

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    Turning 34 in March, signed on a multi-year deal...Color me a bit skeptical on this one.
  11. shamrock

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Still hoping it's Tomori, but another guess: Ranjitsingh? It's not like he's getting a shot with Trinidad...
  12. shamrock

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    The way I read it, he has a clause in his contract. But Genk has asked him for a new statement, in which he had to promise that he'd stay until the summer. The conflict is about hat second statement (go which Genk says it's a binding contract). Not really sure but that is my understanding. I think he's coming.
  13. shamrock

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Probably sign him in the next weeks or he would have been gone. Re Pozuelo: I understand Genk wants to keep him now they have a real shot at winning the league. But if he has a clause in his contract and TFC is willing to pay it, they have no chance whatsoever.
  14. shamrock

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Let's effin' hope so!
  15. shamrock

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    I have to say it might not be all CSA's fault. This participation in the Concacaf League is too early. There is no Champion yet. So I think Concacaf have forced this early participation upon them, which has put them in a tough spot. Now they all of a sudden had to come up with some sort of "fair" qualification. Since we don't know the schedule yet, it could be that these home and away games are the only ones that are finished before the CL date. Also, BBTB's suggestion could be in play here. And I agree it looks bush (f that, it IS bush). None of the clubs have a right to participate, since it's the first season of the CPL. But what do you do if you have to send a team already?