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  1. ^I would say so, its the CSA award. Otherwise there is a midfielder returning to his North England Club very soon, a Keeper in the South of England and a brother in Holland that might win next year.
  2. The money from SuperLiga flows into SUM and not CONCACAF. I'm sure CONCACAF would want control of it, but there is no benifit for SUM to give up this control.
  3. I loved that stuff. I never got to eat it except when I stayed at my grandmothers. I do remember how it left your mouth feeling raw though.
  4. ^Does the Dodgers not count as they moved? They were founded in the mid-1850s. Also the Boston Red Stockings (Now Atlanta Braves, 1871), Chicago White Stockings (Now the Cubs Oddly, 1870) are older than the Argos (1873). Point taken though, the team is old.
  5. Yup, Since the shootout was introduced I have thought it should be 3 points for a win in Regulation, 2 points for an overtime win, and 1 for an ot loss.
  6. And contrary to rumblings that tacit agreements are already in place between Canada's professional clubs to stay off each other's lawn, Whitecaps co-owner Jeff Mallett says Vancouver supports a free market system. "There are no [Canadian] territories established on the player side of things," Mallett said. "Will that change? It's under discussion, but we're big believers in may the best programs win. We are proponents of an open market." http://www.whitecapsfc.com/archive/feature11270902.aspx
  7. piltdownman

    MLS Cup

    Sorry I was too lazy to type it all out. In the J-League they are allowed an extra DP that is from their own confederation. So could MLS teams get an extra DP from CONCACAF.
  8. piltdownman

    MLS Cup

    Things change, there fans are sick of being mistreated. Remember how long the attendance was for them in the Champions league? Hell this year in the playoffs they only got 7,416
  9. piltdownman

    MLS Cup

    really? I was at that meeting, I admit very really hung over from the nigth before. And my notes say the questions were in order: 1) Why doesn't the League have unified rules for travelling supporters? (Meaning assigned sections, rules on what can be brought in, etc) 2) What is the league doing to improve their product? (TV, pitch quality, players) 3) Can we have away sections? 4) Can we follow the away calender? 5) Can we allow both Canadian and US players be domestic 6) Can we have an extra asian DP like the J-League 7) Why can't we have more DPS? and more local talent? 8) What is the league doing to promote supporters 9) Can every team have a salesperson that specializes in away tickets? 10) Can AA the offical airline of the MLS actually give fans a discount? 11) Can we get rid of "East" and "west" and just name the confrences? 12) Can we get more stuff in stores? 13) Can we have promotion and relegation? 14) Can we have sports bettering? 11)
  10. piltdownman

    MLS Cup

    MLS is reporting that they sold 46,000 tickets to the final. Thats over twice as big as most teams stadiums. And of the teams that do play in stadiums that big, I highly doubt Redbulls or the revs would get that many people if they were in the final and hosting. I was at the final and the supports summit. What was done extremely badly, and was a much discussed problem (with garber, event organizers), was the ticket allocation of the visiting fans. The LA fans had a small section in upper 117 and then scattered around in little groups all over the place. RSL had a corner in 203, the top of 214, and a massive group up on the upper deck not in sight of the camera. I understand that there is season ticket holders, but MLS/seattle should have reserved 104+105+106 for one club, and 112-113+114 for another, and simply moved the seattle season ticket holders. Maybe even give those people two for one tickets for the final for their trouble. Then when they awarded the trophy do it in front of those fan groups.
  11. piltdownman

    MLS Cup

    We talked to Will Johnson right after the match. He didn't look very good at all. He looked like he should be in bed. Felt bad for him as his teammates were out celebrating and he was all on his own looking like he was going to throw up. Really nice guy though.
  12. This raises a few question. Was this a straight auction or a tax auction? If its a tax auction it means the cost of $583,000 is only the purchase price, and the buyer would still have to repay the debts on the property. If it really sold for just $583k then it might be a great purchase as a tear down and salvage. Detroit has been a city of decline since the late '50s. The population has halved since then, and people are still leaving the city at a rate of around 5% a decade, while the nation wide population is going up 8%. It wouldn't be a place I would consider a good place for a new sports team. http://www.swivel.com/graphs/show/13202138
  13. Ugly. and whats with the blue line?
  14. That was an epic match. I can't wait for the final
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