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  1. Did we mention the TTC closed the Habourfront streetcar from Union to BMO Field? So hundreds if not thousands arrived late like me because we had to to take an alternative streetcar route which involved transfering onto another bus to BMO. Considering I paid just $15 for my ticket, I could have said 'F@#k it' turned around and went home. So yeah, alot of us REALLY had to make an effort just to friggen get there.
  2. Nice job media guy (though there is no 's' at the end of Usector)
  3. 25% is enough to warrant contacting sponsors about this situation. I do also agree that clubs should also be a pressure point too. We need an approach that applies pressure from many angles. Simply dissmissing the idea of approaching sponsors because one is 'un-clear as to how that really helps us' is at best rather lazy, at worst closed-minded. I think An Observer's comments bear careful thought folks.
  4. I did not say we should be asking the sponsors to pull out. Those are your words, not mine, and talk of programs being cut is as a result are unecessary fear-mongering on your part. What I am saying is that by targetting sponsors with our concerns, they could start asking questions about the direction our sport is going, as well as CSA accountability that hithertofor the CSA has ignored from the media and the Voyageurs. Money talks, and when sponsors ask why there are protests going on at events they have paid to be associated with, and why the target audience is directly expressing concerns to them, the CSA will be forced to provide answers.
  5. If we really want to hit the CSA, we need to start contacting CORPORATE SPONSORS. Whatever companies are involved with the CSA need to hear about our displeasure. The CSA can ignore us if they want, but when the corporations holding the purse-strings start to ask questions about why the people they are spending $$$ to market to are so pissed off, the CSA game will be pretty much up.
  6. Good points. The red card idea could work really well too.
  7. Im thinking we cover the entire South Stand railing in black.
  8. How about covering the entire South Stand railing in black. That would be highly visible and peopel can then choose to wear red.
  9. So be it, it could have opened the door to a new generation of coaches not-so wedded to the long ball hoof game and open to new ideas.
  10. Oh and Sean never let me hear you say that people can sit in the supporters section again[:0]
  11. Good stuff Sean, I'll be listening in the future.
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