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  1. Players you expect to see in the CPL

    But someone is still wrong on the internet!
  2. CPL General

    Well, we know it's going to be an April-October season, so you've got a maximum of about 30 weeks. I'd assume that April means "late April" since we aren't sadistic, so bring that down to 26 weeks or 13 home games. Add in the odd midweek or V Cup match and assume you're somewhere around 16 home matches. For the sake of argument, let's assume 4000 attendance per match (likely high, especially at the start, but let's go with the low end of the aspiration). For reference, OFFC's first half-season at Lansdowne was 4400 *after* discounting their 16000 attendance for their home opener. Similarly, let's assume $20/ticket on average - there will probably be many tickets more than this, but likely balanced out by youth tickets and discounted season seats. That works out to $80k per match on attendance, or $1.3m per season. Concessions and merchandising would also need to be considered, and it could be a big chunk of income. If 1-in-2 buy an overpriced hot dog at $5 profit and 1-in-4 buy an overpriced beer at $5 profit, and 1-in-20 buy overpriced merch at $25 profit, that's an extra $20k a match, or an extra $320k a year. Sponsorship and advertising would also be another important source of revenue. According to this article, USL kit sponsors typically pay out something in "the low six figures annually". Let's spitball and say it'll be roughly equal and that "low six figures" is somewhere around $200k. Advertising would also contribute to this total, and while I'm starting to make assumptions that are way out of my experience level; 50 field-side ads at $2k a pop for the entire season seems somewhat reasonable, and $100k is a nice, round number to pop in here (if anyone has more experience involving advertising, feel free to fudge my numbers). Stadium naming rights could also be a source of income if these teams are building the stadiums themselves (does anyone remember what the Halifax deal said about this?). Naming rights for TD Place in Ottawa is suspected to have gone for about $1.2m/year, so accounting for no football games (50%) and the soccer-football attendance difference (25%), this could work out to about $150k/year. There's also this question about our vague friend C-SUM, whatever that is - so vague that it's not even worth putting a figure on, but could end up being an additional revenue source. All of these together work out to about $2m in income per year; slightly more if you include naming rights in that total. Not close to being profitable, of course, but considering that part of this $5m/year budget includes "investment in fixed assets" as per the Forbes article (ie. single-time non-operating costs), it's not a complete dumpster fire either.
  3. CSL (any and all info/memories)

    Also in case anyone was wondering what the Canadian content rules were at the time.
  4. CSL (any and all info/memories)

    A few things my dad had around from the CSL days. Interesting that the North York Rockets were in the Rocket Launcher business. And for only $200 each!
  5. CPL General

  6. Merging - MLS, NASL, Canadian Teams & Leagues

    Could do MLS, CPL, and Minor Leagues (to capture USL and the D3s)
  7. CPL General

    Actual validity of that take aside (it's not impossible), I think the analysis would be "The league is in trouble if both confirmed teams are now having second thoughts about the stability of this project." Confirming any type of launch for this league is not an opinion I expect to see anytime soon.
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  9. Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Except he's right on this one though. We tried it 30 years ago and we couldn't get it done then - I don't see why we should expect (or even want) to see a different result this time around. It's about time the MNT follows the same philosophy. We haven't made the World Cup in eight tries since 1986 and at this point trying to qualify is a waste of time and money. We're better off focusing our energy on supporting the Americans, and if for some reason Canada decides to enter a national team in the next round of WCQ, I'm going to cheer against them and hope they fail because we tried this thirty years ago with a completely different group of people so why would we expect anything different now?
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  11. CPL General

    Alright, it sounds great in theory, but it assumes that you have a large, stable, financially-viable pool of D2 teams, which - despite minimal media coverage or notoriety, likely a limited fan base, very limited player budget, and negligible professional facilities - will be able to correct all of these things (particularly the last one) on a very short off-season of notice to become financially-viable D1 teams which present themselves to the professional standard that the league requires. I'm not convinced, or even hopeful, that that's a valid assumption. It's nice to talk about FC Lethbridge vs St John's Green-Pink FC vying for promotion to the CPL, but it's incredibly unlikely that either of those teams' owners will be spending their shoestring budget on stadium construction, land acquisition, or training facilities. They'd likely be playing on municipal fields with metal bleachers - without gridiron lines if they're lucky - and something which couldn't be upgraded to the required professional standards over winter (even ignoring the bureaucratic red tape). Sounds fine if you want a St John's version of the CSL's Esther Shiner but I think we're all aiming a little bit higher than that.
  12. CPL General

    So basically what I said earlier; total expenses of $5m/year.
  13. CPL General

    Is May 60-90 days from now?
  14. CPL General

    Yeah I decided to keep it a little bit civil in here, my bad.
  15. CPL General

    Gotta love that snide little backhand remark towards anyone who happened to be born at a time that's not conducive to your narrative.