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  1. Granted, it's mid-April in Ottawa and not great weather, but OFFC's lowest attendance in all of 2017 was 3,024, and their lowest all of last year was 2,781. Not a great look for home game #2.
  2. Isn't Pioneer Village the one with the big commuter parking lot just north of Steeles?
  3. By not having teams in China for starters.
  4. Has Brexit taught you nothing? 🙃
  5. York9 will be playing this entire season at York Lions stadium. Email was just sent out, announcement will be live on their website at 1pm. "Additionally, the north supporters end will now feature a multi-tiered, safe standing area to create a true football atmosphere for the club’s loudest supporters. This decision has been made after consultation with supporter groups and researching other top-flight stadiums around the world."
  6. Gopherbashi

    2019 Attendance

    Perhaps they are meaning median attendance?
  7. Let MLSE show that they can run a well-attended, independent affiliate in USL1 first, and then we can talk about letting MLSE run a well-attended, independent affiliate in CPL.
  8. Matty secret genius behind the CPL over here
  9. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Nations League too.
  10. I'll trade crappy central american streams for $150-200m any day of the week.
  11. Yeah, surely 7 teams in the future, but for right now (and even years out) it's a huge chunk of change for those teams. Ted's source said the deal is worth $150m to the league, not to CSB - so I don't think we need to arbitrarily cut it down to 60%. Similarly, I haven't seen anyone say this is USD or CAD, but considering it's Canadian sources dealing with a Canadian product, CAD seems fair. Besides, if it's $150m or $200m USD, that works out to even more in CAD. And even if we work with the assumptions above and say it's "only" $1m per team - based on the numbers we've heard - that's still likely covering most (if not all) of their player salaries. Still a huge amount of money for these guys.
  12. Remember when we were arguing about whether the salary cap was over or under $1m per year? $2.9m per year might cover some of these teams' annual entire expenses.
  13. If the deal is worth $200m total, and $150m is going to the CPL, I presure the remaining $50m would be going to the CSA for MNT, WNT, V Cup. I don't know the intricacies of this, so it's beyond me as to how much this affects things like the Gold Cup or the 2026 WC.
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