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  1. Gopherbashi

    A change in attitude from TFC management about CPL

    What did he say though?
  2. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    I'm guessing those black sections past the goal line are blocked off? I don't see a price for those. Anyway, it's nice to see that there will be season tickets available for as low as $259 - that's a lot more reasonable than York9's rumoured pricing (almost too cheap IMO). Also, for those who want math: those 12 sections (approx 25 rows of 31 seats) plus the 5 sections of club seats (7 rows of 20 seats) work out to a capacity of 10,000 and a potential max seat revenue of $3.9 million.
  3. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Between this talk of $500k player budgets and $8m expense budgets, I'm not longer sure whether OFFC are a bunch of low-paying cheapskates or a bunch of high-rolling messiahs.
  4. Gopherbashi

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I think I saw a 235 the other day
  5. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Sure, but there's a reason why they're not putting teams in Toronto and Vancouver, and MLS isn't the only reason. Part of the appeal that the rest of the country has is that you're not fighting for attention with an overload of other sports teams, especially in the summer. Hockey is getting attention now because hockey is starting, but for most of May through September, that attention won't be there.
  6. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Interesting numbers. I'm surprised that coaching salaries are so high compared to the players. That player salary number works out to 13-25% of total expenses. A bit of a wide range, but if we assume that range is in the general ballpark for CPL - a team with $5m operating expenses would hold player salaries of $650k-$1.25m. Alternatively, working with $500k in player salaries, we could estimate total expenses from $2.0m-$3.8m.
  7. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Gents, I just want to say that the last two pages really took me back to the good old days of 2016. Thanks for the little bit of deja vu.
  8. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Haven't seen this here so cross-posting from Reddit (credit goes to blaiseisgood) http://plsq.ca/actualites/la-plsq-bientot-a-lere-de-la-premiere-ligue-canadienne --- English Google translation: The next few weeks will be very interesting to follow in the Premier League of Quebec Soccer (PLSQ) since the championship race is very tight between AS Blainville and CS Mont-Royal Outremont, and that the PLSQ Cup will then be disputed in October . But the off-season will be just as captivating to follow since the entry into the scene of the First Canadian League, for the 2019 season, will change the face of recruitment. The creation of the LPC is a positive scenario for Quebec's provincial circuit, says PLSQ Commissioner Kambiz Ebadi. After all, it was with the goal of fueling the senior leagues as players that the Professional League Division 3, as well as its Ontario cousin, the League 1, were originally set up. "When we created the PLSQ in 2012, the goal was to close the gap that would have been very large between the Elite League (LSEQ) and the MLS with the Impact. It required other levels and we launched the PLSQ at the provincial level to help overcome this, knowing that we were also working to eventually have a Canadian league, "said Ebadi. "Player development has always been our goal and if there are players who are selected by teams that evolve to a higher level - this is the case of the PLC because it is a division Canadian National Championship - for us it's win-win. " The LPC plans to repatriate a number of Canadian players playing in Europe, but may also attract young players from the academies of the Impact, Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps who fail to access the MLS. There should also be room for players who have developed late thanks to the PLSQ and League 1, according to Ebadi. "There are seven teams and one eighth which is supposed to be announced fairly quickly, so we will have to get 200 players for the first season," said the PLSQ commissioner, referring to the league which promised that half of his players would be Canadian. "We are going to need all types of players, including players who have the (professional) experience of PLSQ and League 1. "They hope to attract 5,000 to 10,000 spectators per game, so it will have to be good on the field. They will not be able to only have players of 17, 18 or 19 years old (promising but without experience). " For now, the 2019 season of the LPC seems destined to get underway in the absence of a team from Quebec, but the league leaders openly talk about the possibility of having a team in Quebec, and also in Laval / Montreal. According to Ebadi, who is also director of competitions at the FSQ, Quebec has a pool of players enough to accommodate without problem "one or two teams, for sure. "It's more about investors than sports," Ebadi said. To manage a team like those of the LPC, you need an operating budget of more than $ 5 million a year. The owners of the seven clubs already announced are aware of the situation, they know that there will be investments to make at the beginning. One day, their club and the league may be profitable; but you have to be realistic and realize that you can not expect to make a profit in the next five years. "Will our amateur clubs that currently have a professional team (in PLSQ) be able to do this one day? This is the biggest challenge. " Even though the LPC will not have a team in Quebec in 2019, the PLSQ is likely to lose several players in the immediate future since wages in the new Canadian circuit will be close, it seems, to the minimum wage in the MLS. ($ 54,500 this year). Players who want to make a living with football will be able to do so in different cities across the country. But according to Ebadi, Quebec league clubs now have enough depth to absorb the blow, since many teams have not only qualified holders, but also reservists who have the level to hold. The level of play of the PLSQ may also rise in the medium and long term since players who aspire to play in the PLC will be interested in going through the Quebec provincial circuit to get noticed. The (possibly) future players of the PLC will be in action this weekend, when the Dynamo of Quebec will receive the CS Saint-Hubert at the Polyvalente L'Ancienne-Lorette this Saturday at 16h, and CS Longueuil will welcome the CS Fabrose at Laurier Park the same day at 18h. On Sunday, FC Gatineau will visit AS Blainville at Parc Blainville at 6 pm, while FC Lanaudière will be at TMR 3 in Mont-Royal to face the Griffons at 6:30 pm. --- I'm not too sure about whether Ebadi's information is accurate or current (especially considering that soon-to-be-announced 8th team), but if it is, the operating budgets are pegged at $5 million, and - assuming the average wage is close to the MLS minimum, as stated - a 24-man roster would have a salary budget of $1.3 million.
  9. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    The antitrust lawsuit following that one would be amazing.
  10. Gopherbashi

    Ottawa CPL Club

    That Wednesday high may have been their school-invite day, where they partnered with a bunch of schools in town to get a ton of students in for that game.
  11. Gopherbashi

    Ottawa CPL Club

    If this is an accurate ballpark, then... I actually find it kind of promising for most of the CanPL teams based on their membership numbers. Sure, the odd member might not buy seasons tickets, but many may buy a pair (and the odd one even more than that). Winnipeg and Hamilton are already near that range, and the other three promising teams would likely be over a thousand once multiples come into play. Not horrible for a start.
  12. Gopherbashi

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Does anyone know how many season ticket holders Ottawa has? I'm wondering how it compares to Hamilton or Winnipeg's numbers
  13. Gopherbashi

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I'm on my phone so it's tough to quote specifically, but I think the comment was that the players would be at a League1 level, not the league itself.
  14. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    I get the sense they're above average.
  15. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Interesting back and forth here - some actual salary figures are nice to see and FuryFanatic indicates the cap is likely less than $800k.