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  1. Gopherbashi

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    When I talked to some Y9 guys late last year, those were the 3.
  2. Gopherbashi

    CPL Season Schedule

    At the risk of starting another argument about geography, various definitions of "North America" (rightly or wrongly) have a southern border anywhere from a Panama Canal to the Rio Grande. It wouldn't be impossible that Clachanan was referring only to the US + Canada as "North America" in that context. Regardless of whether his definition is correct or not, I wouldn't take the existence of something in Mexico or a lower-level US league as irrefutable evidence against his comments.
  3. Gopherbashi

    CPL Season Schedule

    I'm not sure whether to respond to this with the Haha, Confused, or Sad emoji.
  4. Gopherbashi

    CPL Season Schedule

    I wouldn't treat that phrase as gospel - I imagine it's intended as "the average sports fan would see this as something new in North America" (ie. people who wouldn't know what the modern NASL was).
  5. It also calls into question how neutral of a party the CSA will be in the future if (for some reason) they are called upon to arbitrate an issue. We haven't even kicked a ball yet, and already the CSA are picking winners. How can we trust the impartiality of the CSA the first time they're asked to sanction Hamilton for fielding an ineligible player, or Winnipeg for lighting an opponent's stadium on fire? (Thanks, Inebriatti). Regardless of their reasons, the CSA comes out of this looking bad, and the reasons for it are entirely self-inflicted. It never ceases to amaze me how stunningly bad the CSA is at optics.
  6. Also, let's be honest, sending an email saying "what the hell are you thinking?" includes a question and counts as "trying to find out more".
  7. Gopherbashi

    CPL new teams speculation

    15-45 days is just asking too much for this league.
  8. Gopherbashi

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Have they actually contacted fans about this deal? Because I haven't heard anything about how to get the tickets.
  9. Drawing a name sounds good in theory, but then you end up with an 0-8 team flying to Costa Rica.
  10. These poll results are nice but have we tried only asking people who joined before 2018?
  11. I was going to suggest Nick Bontis since he came and talked to us at Jamie's last summer (and he's the VP). Maybe we should all complain to John Pugh about not being allowed into the tournament. Board of Directors listing is located here: https://www.canadasoccer.com/board-of-directors-s15104
  12. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    It may be less ideal, but there's nothing saying that you need to have a home-and-away setup to determine a winner. Teams being disadvantaged through scheduling is a far better option that teams being disqualified through administrative decision. Besides, if the FA Cup can determine a champion despite single-match results & home field advantage, we should be able to as well. The larger issue in my mind is that - if you take the league-leading team after (for example) eight weeks, that team also has a better chance of qualifying for the 2020 CL by nature of leading the league eight weeks in. In essence, they could be qualifying for two successive tournaments using the same results, which isn't exactly ideal either. The other issue to consider is scheduling; you don't exactly want to cobble together plane tickets or a stadium date by entering a tournament at the last minute. Assuming some proper scheduling (and a single midweek game), the league should be able to determine its entrant by the end of May - leaving lots of time to find a hotel somewhere in Central America and sell tickets for a home date. ie. Giving themselves the time to do things properly and not fart around at the last minute making everything look like amateur hour. That said, they maybe save themselves a week at best. They could have everyone face each other once by the end of week 7 (six opponents + one bye week), which would take us to the weekend of June 8th (even assuming no midweek games, which you'd be able to schedule around the V Cup days if you wanted). It's more than doable if they wanted. I also wonder if there's some CONCACAF statutes at play here (don't explain by incompetence what you can explain through bureaucracy). They may require teams to be registered with their federation by January 1st of the previous year in order to be eligible, making the four newer teams ineligible. It would explain this head-scratching setup, but I don't understand why the CSA wouldn't just come out and give this explanation if this were the case.
  13. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Honestly, for this year alone, they should've given it to the runner-up of 2018 - though I can totally understand why they wouldn't want to give the MLS sides that precedent. It kind of sucks for the Fury that they didn't join the CPL this year, as there would've been a massive rationale to just award that spot to them outright.
  14. Gopherbashi

    CPL General

    Called it