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  1. CPL General

    MLS took 8 years to get off the ground. Patience 2013 is a bit off the cuff as well. Back then it was a vague idea between Montagliani and Young to have a Canadian division of NASL
  2. CPL General

    @ironcub14 Not closelyvrelated to CPL, but just following up on our earlier conversation: http://midfieldpress.com/2017/10/18/vision-and-plan-to-use-prorel-to-get-us-soccer-on-track/ Sounds like Wilt is going forward with or without NASL, and they are open to forming a second division on their own eventually
  3. CPL General

    There's two conditions that drop the exit fee to a negligible level. The first you mentioned with the total number of teams, but the second is loss of D2 status. We'll have to see how the injunction goes to see if they will retain D2 status in 2018
  4. CPL General

    Heh. My ability to keep up with everything for the past couple of months has been restricted, you'd know we well as I would. I'll do a google search and see if it comes back with what I'm thinking of Edit: Not exactly a no to 2018 but probably a question mark, though this is a month old
  5. CPL General

    Isn't NISA on hold, since their business plan revolved around partnering with NASL? Pretty sure Wilt said the league won't launch in 2018 and is tbd until D2 is sorted
  6. CPL General

    I'm a little more pessimistic on this front. I could see no reserve squads for a long time, and only a few true academies with the wealthier owners (for example, we know Halifax won't have an academy at least initially, but Hamilton has made reference to wanting an academy with the dome articles). What I do see happening is official affiliations with more professional teams in L1O, local preexisting academies, etc. Though hopefully the league is a financial success and allows those types of programs to spring up quicker. All just guessing of course
  7. CPL General

    I guess anyone who isn't making a living off of this is doing it for attention to "drum up support for their podcast", since it's apparently impossible for someone to put in unpaid hours just because they love soccer and want to put a spotlight on stories passed over by the mainstream media.
  8. CPL General

    You're misreading that tweet Unless this is sarcasm. In which case my vote is the tech hub of Happy Valley Goose Bay
  9. CPL General

    Just looked back at the interview, you're right, thought he was critical of the idea. More like he had little faith in anyone pulling it off properly
  10. CPL General

    It'd be interesting to hear if his opinion on the idea of CPL has changed much. Wasn't very flattering before
  11. CPL General

    Reasonable, though maybe start late April with the prairie teams on road trips
  12. CPL General

    Yeah I'm pretty happy that Larson has turned the corner, shows how engaging the mainstream media a little can change the narrative. Still unfortunate he made the PDL comment though, seems like most soccer fans I've encountered that have heard of CPL have the impression that it'll be PDL level from his comment. While that's too bad, it does demonstrate his reach (at least in Ontario) and bodes well that he's getting excited about the league.
  13. CPL General

    I doubt TFC II folds. There's stuff to criticize with them, but being cheap isn't one of them. I think they are very serious about the goal of being a top north American team permanently
  14. CPL General

    Wasn't the latest word Langley? Wouldn't be surprised if it was similar to the Sask scenario where they're okay with a couple different sites and are seeing who will work with them
  15. CPL General

    Are we really still on the farm team discussion? Pretty sure the first post I ever had on this site was a rebuttal to that Anyway, one hint in this article about the quietness we've seen from stadium leaks could be that the it sounds like the BC group has a non-disclosure agreement with the city. The ownership groups have probably learned from the Halifax "leak" (and/or people noticing publicly available documents) http://theprovince.com/news/local-news/mystery-surrounds-proposal-to-build-surrey-outdoor-stadium/wcm/bfa480d4-01b9-4047-9558-8be8b3513bb1?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter