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  1. Complete Homer

    CPL General

    Where was it indicated that each of those "pools" was a group they were trying to draft? Pretty sure they are just saying that these are the five groups of player types they see themselves targeting, and are considering a U Sports draft Beirne has said a couple times that they don't want complicated roster mechanisms, aside from possibly an initial way to fairly distribute players in the first year. I wouldn't jump to assuming anything sinister from the article.
  2. Complete Homer

    CPL General

    To temper expectations, he did say it is believed But two mainstream journos releasing similar numbers on the same day with interviews attached...gotta think they were given at least soft confirmation on those numbers
  3. Complete Homer

    CPL General

    Good article from the Athletic https://theathletic.com/434047/2018/07/18/making-the-pitch-a-new-league-and-a-new-hope-for-young-canadian-soccer-players/ Brief gist, don't want to break their payment model: -Use of Telfer to illustrate untapped talent lying around because there's only a handful of clubs to seek it out - Easton talking about the expected benefits for the national team/2026 - Used history of a half dozen underperforming nations after they launched their own leagues as a model of what to hope for post-cpl - "It is believed teams will operate under a $2-million salary cap." - DeVos' views on CPL's impact
  4. Complete Homer

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    In a sinister way? no As an economic response? Absolutely. With CPL on the horizon Canadian players have more leverage and options, as demand for decent Canadian soccer players is about to outstrip supply for the first time. MLS teams can't sit on their hands as much with their prospects now
  5. Complete Homer

    CPL General

    https://mobile.twitter.com/GregMcIsaac/status/1019382020449894401 Interesting tweet from McIsaac, nothing directly related to CPL but it's interesting that he's been talking with DAZN Not 100% he's still with the league though. I think he's a consultant so it might have been a temporary gig
  6. Complete Homer

    Victoria CPL

    I agree with both Friend has said an now the PDL owners are saying...the leagues have fundamentally different purposes and can coexist. The Highlanders probably have to expect that their attendance may drop, but maybe they hope for a rising tide that will lift all boats. They said they will have discussions about partnerships, maybe port city will eventually help subsidize them in exchange for a loan agreement Without an equivalent pro-am league in bc, and apparently little interest in forming one, I don't think they have much choice about the short season
  7. Complete Homer

    Victoria CPL

    https://mobile.twitter.com/HighlandersFC/status/1019096056292786176 Looks like relations have smoothed over, good to see
  8. Complete Homer

    CPL General

    Which, not to keep harping on this, would come out to 1 to 1.3 million in player salaries from 3-4 total expenses using the rule of thumb used by Easton, who is who is now on staff Assuming they don't include the capital expense of the stadium, but that wouldn't make much sense
  9. Complete Homer

    CPL General

    I'm generally trying to stay positive about CPL stuff, but I really hope that's not it. It reminds me of the era when MLS tried to tap into 90s skater culture 10 years too late I would have preferred if they went with something more classic. Their "vintage" TiCats line of clothes would have actually been a good start IMO
  10. Complete Homer

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    Unfortunately I'm anticipating being stuck on shift until at least 7:30 tomorrow, we'll over an hour from the stadium. I really wanted to be there but I'm out of luck
  11. Complete Homer

    CPL General

    The TiCats have a well developed media team and Bob Young has his own digital media company. They probably just had better resources to put together a little clip with a 3D logo and handed it off to the league.
  12. Complete Homer

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    Funny, I was kind of wondering how you were dealing with the league...gasp...actually happening The confidence to be so condescending after being so wrong constantly is frankly astounding.
  13. Complete Homer

    Hamilton CPL Supporters Thread

    Welsh teams play in front of 100s of fans, EPL is the richest league in the world. It's not a good comparison for league level, it's only a useful example of a country with two leagues within it
  14. Complete Homer

    CPL General

    https://mobile.twitter.com/CPLsoccer/status/1015264395490988032/video/1 Interesting colour scheme, not black/gold
  15. Complete Homer

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Great point. Always gave to remember that, despite our fixation on Toronto, the league will really sink or swim with the rest of Canada.