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  1. Edwards and Hamilton come on at 75', Osorio comes in at 84' Hamilton Scores on a quality header at 85'!
  2. Guys this is far from a pushover. The quality of their roster is surprisingly strong. They have several players from Ederviste, the Premier League, the Championship, Slovak and Polish first divisions. This is going to be a tight tight match. I say 2-1 Canada but it could be 1-1 or 1-2
  3. But still 97% of people who voted, voted to become the 51st state. The US should grant it with that % in favour.
  4. I think Waking the Red got the lineup about right for this game. No head scratchers:
  5. A 3-1 win in front of 14,434 fans is nothing to complain about.
  6. TFC bottomed out in 2012 because they had terrible on field results, treated their fans poorly and were offering no hope at the time. It doesn't help late season attendance when you are in your 7th coach in 6 years, lose 9 straight home games and start trading off your good players. Then you start discounting tickets below season seat rates to attract walk ins. I remember that's when I didn't renew my season seats. It was a dark time for TFC.
  7. Overall I'm very happy with this 40 man roster. There's no personal grudge omissions included. The list definitely includes our 23 best healthy players right now. We can talk about the guys who where 41-45 not making it but there are no top 23 players omitted IMO. Our best 23 players against the B teams of CONCACAF? I think we become a dark horse for the Gold Cup at least.
  8. We've been the 9th or 10th best team for a while now. We're better than the minnows but not as good as the better teams. We have lots of potential but nothing to show for it. On paper we may have the 4th or 5th best team but it hasn't shown in results.
  9. Hibs got promoted this year and Rangers should be better next year as they continue to rebuild their base. It was a disaster there in recent years. For all of Celtic's hate for Rangers, it's not as fun if there's no competition. The usual order is returning to Scottish soccer and it should soon be back to the competitive dynamic they had for the past 15 years or so. In 2-3 years they have a solid chance of having 2 Champions League spots again even.
  10. David Wortherspoom
  11. I hope so. It's a good time to cap some new players.
  12. MLSE doesn't manage the day to day of Lamport, just the offseason bubble usage. I don't think they can do anything about stopping a potential tenant from making a deal with the city to pay rent and move in. That being said I do think as I stated above that it could use some upgrades. Your right that the biggest problem for a Toronto CPL team is venue. Lamport is the closest fit and after that it's York or Varsity. Neither of those facilities are exactly ideal either.
  13. Fair enough. I like Lamport as a stadium location. I do think that with new turf eliminating the football lines, 9,000 seats installed and some upgraded concessions it could be a great stadium for a CPL team.
  14. Lamport is not Wrigley Field plus he ts going to be competing to a large extent with BMO field and TFC about 10 minutes away. There has to be quality stadium amenities or it I don't think it will catch on.
  15. They have to do something about the seats and concessions. Straight bench seats isn't going to cut it for a professional team. Concessions are easy to upgrade but I wonder if they had 10,000 patrons if they could service everyone. Lamport has potential but needs millions in upgrades.