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  1. This is the kind of reason that even in my reddest Canadian CanPL glasses on I can't see why the Canadian MLS teams would come over. 5 million per team is a big sponsorship
  2. It's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist here. Bottom line is that a full table is 20-24 teams and our D1 will never ever have 20-24 teams. It's not like there's another 10+ D2 teams busting down the door to make the CanPL. There's nowhere to relegate to and nowhere to promote from. We're going to struggle getting 12+ viable D1 teams willing to pay 1.5+ million salaries. Any discussionod CanPL is just placating the eurusnob purists out there. That's it. It's a silly discussion honestly.
  3. One thing Windsor has is its own community "Center of gravity". You need that for a sports town so that people want to support the local teams. Thats the reason why all these smaller CHL cities draw relatively well. They get local ownership tied to local businesses and engage with the community. In a place like the GTA it's much more corporate and downtown pulls everything there. That's been the struggle of minor league teams around Toronto. Like for example Mississauga's OHL team draws less fans than Owen Sound with over 20x the population.
  4. Double post
  5. Davies---Arfield--Johnson--- Hoilett Piette De Jong--Vitoria---James---Petrasso Borjan I have to put Larin in for Cavalini because he's more talented up front. In the middle Hutch is done with the program and Bernier will be retired after this season. Piette has won that DM position and Johnson is our next best CM. I like the Vitoria James combo at CM and let's face it we're pretty thin. De Jong is still our best LB but maybe not for long and Petrasso has won that RB spot for the forseeable future.
  6. Yes our best case scenario has us beating Costa Rica in the finals not US.
  7. If we lose to Jamaica we will end up in the low to mid 90's. If we win, it will keep going up. If we won the whole thing we would be somewhere in the high 60's when I ran a best case scenario. Like beating Jamaica, Mexico and Costa Rica would give us a huge number of points.
  8. For me it's Cristante. Position needs aside he's the best and highest ceiling player that could be eligible for us but isn't playing for us.
  9. Did you forget about Sam Piette? It's without a doubt going to be and Piette, Arfield. Bernier, Osorio or Teibert for the 3rd spot. 'm fairly sure it's Bernier though. The big question is does Larin take Cavalini's spot I think he does.
  10. This was an expected and good move. We are now fielding almost our best roster .
  11. The US is sending a far stronger team to the knockout stage. They won't be shaky. I expect Mexico will do similar. I'd rather play El Salvador than Jamaica but we could beat Jamaica too. Last time we played Jamaica we lost 1:0 and the time before that we won 3:1. I like our chances.
  12. I think we can beat El Salvador handily and Jamaica tightly. Either way we should be the favorites against both these sides. I don't think I've ever been so confident in Canada's ability to advance in a tournament before. I think we can make the semi's against Mexico. Then who knows. We'd be heavy underdogs but not hopeless.
  13. I agree on both fronts. MA Kaye isn't good enough of a player to be playing at this level right now. What I really like about Zambrano's tactics is that it's offensively aggressive and he's letting our players use their natural athleticism to their advantage. We are playing really well right now and I think it's in large part to Zambrano's attacking minded gameplan.
  14. For me it would be Johnson and Larin for Straith and Mark Anthony Kaye In general I'm happy with this lineup but these are 2 changes I'd make
  15. Now that we are though to the knockout round we are able to edit our 23 man roster with 6 players from the 40 man roster. Who do we think that will be? eligible players: GK- Simon Thomas | NOR / FK Bodø/Glimt CB- Milovan Kapor | SVK / FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce FB- Juan Córdova | CHI / CD Huachipato FB- Andrés Fresenga | URU / Cerro Largo FC FB- Nik Ledgerwood | CAN / FC Edmonton FB- Tyler Pasher | USA / Sporting Kansas City M- Tesho Akindele | USA / FC Dallas M- Kwame Awuah | USA / New York City FC M- Marco Bustos | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FCM- David Choinière | CAN / Impact Montréal FC M- Kianz Froese | GER / Fortuna DüsseldorfM- Nicolas Galvis | Unattached M- Will Johnson | USA / Orlando City SC F- Marcus Haber | SCO / Dundee FC F- Simeon Jackson | ENG / Walsall FCF- Cyle Larin | USA / Orlando City SC