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  1. I live in Hamilton and work in KW. Traffic gets bad in some parts but now where near Mississauga 403 or Gardiner Expressway level of bad.
  2. Quebec City would be huge. If we don't have Toronto, Montreal and Quebec then we need as many of the next 8 largest markets as possible. Not to mention the rivalries that a Quebec City team would give. This is great news.
  3. I'm not taking the bait on your pedantic argument. Let's agree to dissagree
  4. edit* I'm not going to rant and debate point by point over club vs franchise. Suffice it to say I'm happy that rich franchise owners are starting a league for us.
  5. That's pretty much why there's so much traffic on Larin. Fifa options only stick if they're mutual. Larin obviously won't sign up for a mutual option paying him 300k when he can make millions.
  6. Manitoba United is hilarious. That would be the worst nickname because someone really would shorten it to Man U and then the eurosnobs would come in and it would be a gong show. Theres lots of good history in Winnipeg. I heard the Winnipeg Valor and I liked that one.
  7. At this point I think our best central midfield is Arfield, Johnson, Osorio (assuming no Hutch). Tabla and Davies certainly offer unique skill sets for us but they're not ready to be regular starters for us.
  8. Double post
  9. @Xavier I like those ones as well. I would add a gold bar or hoop to it to round out the colours. Generally it's very close. I would buy the white jersey if I was in Winnipeg for sure so there's that.
  10. Maybe you should move it to the CanPL shitpost thread?
  11. Well they are saying publicly that they're launching with 6-8 teams after the World Cup. 6x24= 144. I'm sorry that the narrative carried by every public news outlet doesn't line up with your pessimistic view on things but it looks like it's happening. Everyone else has already accepted it
  12. This was in the Hamilton Spec today about Derick Martin from SEA and a bit of info on the Halifax bid. Steve Milton is quickly becoming the mainstream sportswriter who covers the CanPL the most. Certainly the most plugged in between his articles and regular segments on TSN1150 Hamilton.
  13. This is the Borussia Dortmund uniform for reference. I really like the design by Xavier. I think except for the long sleeves that it's spot on
  14. Ricketts is an automatic call up. There's really no debating it. He's a loyal veteran who's in form and in his prime. Against a CONCACAF minnow he may even get a brace.
  15. @Gator I was thinking something similar. We suddenly seem blessed with all kinds of attacking players. Wingbacks and 2 strikers upfront would make other teams adapt to us. There's something to be said for TFC's 3-5-2 formation. It floods the midfield and doesn't isolate a single striker. Larin and Hoilett upfront with Ricketts as a supersub would look good. Certainly both are super dangerous. Edwards and Wootherspoon are also dangerous out wide in space. Aird could also be a super sub there A central midfield of Arfield, Johnson and Osorio is certainly pretty strong (Assuming Hutch is done). At the back we could then play 3 CB's. It's Pretty weak back there right now but Attakora, Oiumette, Jakovic and Straith are all regular starters and James continues to get PT. There's at least a core we can use.