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  1. MLS Player Development

    The USL teams didn’t fold because there wasn’t enough talent they folded because there isn’t an appetite to watch semi pro soccer in Montreal and Vancouver, who don’t fill up their MLS stadiums consistently.
  2. CPL TV Contract

    I really only keep cable for sports and game of thrones. We’ve really thinned our our cable package over the years.
  3. CMNT depth chart by position

    It’s hard to read on my screen with all the crossed out players and poor formatting. How about a simple list format instead
  4. Playing 3 at the back

    You need really complete wing backs to play 3 at the back too.I think it's just a formation we're not suited too.
  5. Alphonso Davies

    It's a pretty massive difference. Canada has 48 players, 1 gold and 24 silvers. The US has 371 players, 14 gold, 200 silvers. Our average across the entire population may be less than theirs but our best 11 average is about 70 and theirs is about 77, or put another way out 2nd best player would be their 23rd best player.
  6. Rangers vs Benfica in Hamilton on Oct 6th?

    Wow I'm surprised by the ticket price. I was planning on going and taking the whole family but not at these prices. Maybe I'll go with my wife now, but no kids.
  7. Jonathan Osorio

    TFC has the best midfield in MLS and unfortunately Vasquez has taken Osorio's spot and been masterful in it. There's no way he's going to get meaningful mins as long as Vasquez is healthy.
  8. I thought Hoilett was obviously the MoM. He was dangerous all game both attacking and defending and had some really nice touch passes. Piette has become our best midfielder I believe. He played an exceptionally strong game breaking up attacks and and distributing ahead. The Bulldog may be our team captain going forward. Overall the aside from the 2 most obvious standouts the team played cohesively in both attacking and defending phases of the game. We dominated possession and tempo of the game and it was great to see that there's a true 2 phase system out there.
  9. New kit deal with Adidas

    This is the kind of reason that even in my reddest Canadian CanPL glasses on I can't see why the Canadian MLS teams would come over. 5 million per team is a big sponsorship
  10. CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion

    It's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist here. Bottom line is that a full table is 20-24 teams and our D1 will never ever have 20-24 teams. It's not like there's another 10+ D2 teams busting down the door to make the CanPL. There's nowhere to relegate to and nowhere to promote from. We're going to struggle getting 12+ viable D1 teams willing to pay 1.5+ million salaries. Any discussionod CanPL is just placating the eurusnob purists out there. That's it. It's a silly discussion honestly.
  11. CPL General

    One thing Windsor has is its own community "Center of gravity". You need that for a sports town so that people want to support the local teams. Thats the reason why all these smaller CHL cities draw relatively well. They get local ownership tied to local businesses and engage with the community. In a place like the GTA it's much more corporate and downtown pulls everything there. That's been the struggle of minor league teams around Toronto. Like for example Mississauga's OHL team draws less fans than Owen Sound with over 20x the population.
  12. Canada's A team starting XI

    Double post
  13. Canada's A team starting XI

    Davies---Arfield--Johnson--- Hoilett Piette De Jong--Vitoria---James---Petrasso Borjan I have to put Larin in for Cavalini because he's more talented up front. In the middle Hutch is done with the program and Bernier will be retired after this season. Piette has won that DM position and Johnson is our next best CM. I like the Vitoria James combo at CM and let's face it we're pretty thin. De Jong is still our best LB but maybe not for long and Petrasso has won that RB spot for the forseeable future.
  14. Yes our best case scenario has us beating Costa Rica in the finals not US.
  15. If we lose to Jamaica we will end up in the low to mid 90's. If we win, it will keep going up. If we won the whole thing we would be somewhere in the high 60's when I ran a best case scenario. Like beating Jamaica, Mexico and Costa Rica would give us a huge number of points.