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  1. These are fantastic uniforms. Colour scheme is good, design is clean and I think Tim Hortons may even be a sponsor. I really don't like the HC logo though. It looks like a city that starts with C not H. I really prefer the hammer based logo that @GuillermoDelQuarto designed *edit* on second thought that all black jersey would be brutally hot in the middle of summer. A black and white one with gold accents would be better. The Black and Gold one is almost perfect though.
  2. I think this is why TFC is looking for a place in CanPL, Montreal packed up its USL team and Vancouver is rumoured to be considering the same. MLS teams in USL are financially ruinous. Nobody goes, no sponsors care and they're expensive to run. Let's see what happens in a couple weeks after the CSA meeting.
  3. It would be a huge disappointment and I would hope that they can't field them as Toronto FC 2- more like owning a team in another city. If it's an MLSE owned team but not official farm club in London playing at TD Stadium then it wouldn't be as bad. It would have to be a seperate management structure and not tied to the TFC academy.
  4. I think it should be 8-10. 8 isn't unreasonable. All 3 clubs were recently over 8. 10 is definitely the top end. Toronto FC has been running 8-10 for the past several years and until this week was running 8. They haven't suffered on the field the past few years fielding quality Canadians.
  5. Montreal Impact is the current banner squad for Canadians with 8 players, All on the active roster. Toronto FC and Vancouver are both down to 7 Canadians with 6 on the active roster. They can all do better. I really think 10 is not unreasonable.
  6. The 3 MLS teams provide some stability that backstops a problem with CanPL. But I hope the decisions Mitchell mentioning is not the CSA caving to the pressure of TFC and Vancouver to put their USL teams in the CanPL. I'm certainly fine with season long loans to CanPL but the shuttling back and forth that TFC does I'm not fine with. I'm also of the optinion that the CSA should impose higher CanCon rules to the MLS teams. Like 8-10 members of the active 24 have to be Canadian citizens or CanMNT eligible.
  7. 3,582 attendance while competing head to head with the Oilers is very promising. I really hope they can start getting >4,000 consistently this year. The season seat drive they made looks like it's paying off.
  8. I'm sure it was. He was pursuing it a few years ago when he was getting his citizenship (like 2014/2105) but it never materialized.
  9. Opare has Canadian citizenship and his family live in Canada but he's not eligible for the CanMNT because of years in Canada. It's a strange quirk but the book is closed on him it seems.
  10. Hamilton is around 12,000
  11. I started to write a long post about it but it got depressing and condescending so I deleted it. Anyway we are such a long time away from the point when we can field a lineup of all Hutch players that it's almost inconceivable.
  12. Obviously your right. I could get behind the Hamilton Wendigos too That would be awesome
  13. I think we all know it will be Black and Gold in Hamilton. Thats the sports colours for our city.
  14. -----------Larin------------ Hoilett----Osorio-----Arfield ----Johnson--Hutchinson---- Edwards--James-Attakora--Aird ----------Borjan-------- A couple changes for me. I like Arfield on the right and I think Raheem Edwards and Aird should assume the FB roles going forward now. Also with James and Attakora's play they are our most in form CBs and deserve the start.