• Canada vs Mexico - Bronze medal celebration game



    Canada will take on Mexico in a match celebrating the Olympic bronze medal on February 4th at BC Place.

    Join the supporters section and welcome our team back home.

    This will be the first home game for The Voyageurs as an incorporated non profit organization. 

    Our tickets are $20

    People buying ten or more tickets will be rewarded with a custom Voyageurs shirt available only at this game.  You don't have to buy them all at once, we will consolidate your orders. 


    • Tickets will NOT be general admission.  
    • **** All ticket orders will be consolidated so your seats will be together ****  (So if you order some now, and more in January, you will be seated together!)
    • Cut off date for shirt for ordering ten or more is January 5th
    • This will be the last game you can buy tickets publicly from us.   Join the site if you want to know what is happening in the future for games.
    • All tickets in the supporters section found being resold will be cancelled.  

    Tickets will be emailed in mid January.   You can change the quantity of the tickets in the Pay Pal shopping cart.  

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  • Supporters United for the CanPL


    Canada is getting a league.  This is our league, it’s your league.  If you truly love the game you support local soccer. No excuses.

    It won’t be as good as the MLS.  We don’t care
    It won’t be as good as Serie A. We don’t care
    It won’t be as good as the EPL. We don’t care.

    It’s ours.

    Now that we have that out of our system it’s time to get on board and make this work.  There are soccer fans coast to coast in this country and we need every single one on board who possess the spirit and initiative to build something new.  

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    • Looks like the investors would pay for it, although they appear to possibly still be looking for those. If there were more Halifax type scenarios unfolding right now it would be easier to see how a 2018 launch can happen. https://www.localxpress.ca/local-sports/chris-cochrane-kicking-around-the-idea-of-a-halifax-pro-soccer-franchise-511179 Q: What’s happening behind the scenes and what’s the timeline on the project? A: “Behind the scenes right now we’re doing our work to figure out costs and to understand what we can and can’t do and have a budget in place. We are talking to investors, we are trying to pull together the (support) team, then we will look to get more public.
    • For those who didn't watch today: minute 42 Aleman collects an overhit corner deep in his own end by the sideline, he's double teamed with no teammate in sight so he pulls the ball behind and around to split the opponents bracketing him and forces a foul. I want a guy like that closer to the opponents goal, not further. It's fine that he gets experience at a different position and more PT as a result, but i want this guy honing his attacking skills week-in and week-out instead of getting lazy, losing his touch or confidence in his skills.
    • Aleman just started for a Costa Rican powerhouse in a game they won. Before we worry to much about where and when he plays for the CMNT lets all just take a second to enjoy the fact this kid had a big moment in his career. Great to see.
    • Toronto Sun: Feb 16th 2016 http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Soccer/Canada/2016/02/16/22604422.html?cid=rsssportssoccer It will co-exist with Major League Soccer, which has clubs in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. “The type of stakeholders we’re talking to are serious people with serious ability and serious intent,” Montagliani said. “This is not something that is mutually exclusive of MLS. This is inclusive.” Fast forward a year and MLSE are meeting the Ticats about it. There is  evidence that the CSA want the MLS teams involved in this, even if the unnamed source of certain tweeters and podcasters does not. As for "Increadibly, Heavily, Massively Rumoured: Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary", I think you would need to live in one of those cities and be desperate for a team to see it that way at this point. I have only seen anything recent for Calgary (from Shermanator who seemed quite downbeat about Calgary Foothills involvement) and the kick-off is alleged to be just over a year away. Leases need to be negotiated, staff need to be hired, etc 
    • Johnson, Piette, Teibert, Trafford.. James plays there for his club. Froese has played in the middle.  Most of the players you've named are just as inexperienced as Aleman at the pro level.
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