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    • All the merit to Peru that with unheralded players made it to Russia, while Chile with some super stars and an incompetent coach failed miserably.  Shows the importance of having a good coach.
    • Toronto Raptors, cool name now, but what is the actual connection?  The only thing I can see is sharing the same time period as a popular American movie.
    • I'd say the Dash is worse but if we include women's leagues then I say the New York Riveters of the NWHL is, not worse, but more sigh (just a little too in your face for me). If we do go outside the Big Six, and not into e-sports (Team EnVyUs), I would say Vancouver Stealth, Georgia Swarm and Toronto Rock are contenders. The NLL teams are all pretty generic action names but largely they're fine, Calgary Roughnecks, Rochester Knighthawks and New England Black Wolves are three of the best action-style names.
    • My expectation is that those games will be used to determine the borderline cases between D1, D2, and D3. And now that I have actually read the announcement: 41 teams = 6 groups of 6 teams and 1 group of 5 teams. Each cycle is a round robin between all teams in the same group. D1: 2 groups of 6. Two group winners play off for championship (maybe 1 vs 2 cross-over semis first). Bottom team in each group is relegated (maybe 5th vs 6th cross-over relegation matches). D2. 2 groups of 6. Top team in each group is promoted (or maybe a 2 vs. 1 cross over play-off to determine 2 promoted teams). Bottom  team in each group relegated; 5th place teams play-off and loser relegated. D3. 2 groups of 6, 1 group of 5. Top team in each group promoted. Alternative D2/D3 Promotion/Relegation: D3: Three 2nd place teams and best 3rd place team are paired and play-off. The 2 winners play-off against the two D2 5th place teams and the two winners play in D2 next cycle.
    • That is for "seeding into their leagues" so they sound like they already have league members decided. To do that would require some use of the FIFA ranking. If our prelim opponents are Mexico & USA etc then we are in the top and if it is El Salvador & Nicaragua then we are in D2. Or more entertainingly those games could determine the PRO/REL aspect. Honduras, T&T would play Curacao & Canada to see who gets to be in D1/2.  I think we are better than 10th as well but you and I don't have a say in it sadly.  No it is good. You are bringing it back on topic 
    • I guess even a blind squirrel occasionally gets a nut! Can obviously take a while but here we are!
    • From the link posted earlier which, shamefully, I only just noticed:  To seed teams into their respective leagues, the League of Nations will begin with a preliminary series of matches played across four different dates beginning in September 2018. So the bogus FUFA rankings will not determine the top group, thankfully. We are definitely better than 10th! (Sorry, got a bit off topic there. Please return to discussing U23, U21, and MLS.)
    • @ DJT, this is the only part that does not sit well with me, as I know from the back of my mind, had it not been for this, they wouldn't have qualified and finished 7th instead... Certainly they rode Lady Luck to get where they are (as cheesy as this sound, wish they hadn't rely on this, particularly as it came under the expense of my other country ironically as it was them whom reported to FIFA the fielding of that ineligible player... Came back to bite them after all, who would've knew, right?) And @ BrennanFan ...  I totally give them merit for their strong performance in this calendar year as they have gone undefeated , albeit picking up 4 draws along the way for a total record of 6-0-4... But those points awarded by FIFA over the table or however you wanna call it (de mesa as they call it down there) definitely were a boost... Like I mentioned to DJT, Lady Luck was in their side and may have motivated them to play the way they did... Still full credit to their strong play and monumental feat CANMNT and Peru eligible prospect.... 
    • I'm in favour of the top division being only 8 teams even if that means we're not in it.  It makes a counterbalance to the expanded 16 team gold cup.
    • If we can get most dual nationals to commit, maybe. We should get ready to be disappointed because we're Canada but add Tabla, Ferreira, Tomori, Gutierrez, etc and we'd at least become a hex team. The CPL should also help a bit too for shutting down Unattached FC.
    • Phew!  WVU squeaks by Rutgers in a penalty shootout.  Proud to see Foster make two saves, and St. George, Portillo and Mayi-Kith put in three of the four penalties for WVU.  Unfortunately, Pierre-Louis bashed her knee in a rash challenge on her part and had to come out earlier.  I hope she can come back for the next game, because all of the Canadians were playing very well. I was very impressed with Rutgers' defensive efficiency.  Every WVU player was going one-on-two or one-on-three the whole game in Rutgers' defensive third.  The first defender would barge the opponent off the ball and the others would mop up.  With arguably the best goalie in the NCAA, their plan to win the game in a penalty shoot-out almost worked.  Too bad for them they ran into the Canadians at that stage.
    •   Yeah, the Irish league has been generally strapped for cash for a very long time. Attendances are poor, the league's prize money is terrible and tv coverage is limited and almost certainly doesn't pay out for the clubs. I would guess that wages are better since 2015 and the average will ceratinly go up next year since the league is moving to 10 clubs instead of 12, but it's still quite bad by European standards.
    • I suspect it is CONCACAF.  I am reasonably confident we will be a top 3 team in North America within the next 5 years.
    • I still think the lost opportunity for the senior guys is too high a price to pay.  You are essentially advocating the use of an international footy mechanism to fill a gap in the club system. To me, that is the wrong approach.  We should use the mechanism as it was intended - to be a way for our senior guys to get more meaningful matches together - while finding another avenue to address the club situation. I have never advocated the CSA using a heavy handed approach to the MLS teams, but this is an area where I think they could assert themselves.  Insisting on a functional and stable residency program as a condition of their sanctioning is not unreasonable.
    • If they are naming it BCFC I think that is a good idea. Make your self as different from the MLS team as possible. No mention of Vancouver in the name.