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    • The MLS/NFL ownership types (Krafts, Kroenke's, etc..) are paying big fees to get into e-sports: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overwatch_League Wouldn't be surprised to see MLSE jump in soon.
    • Glad I didn't click on the link to give him the traffic.
    • That was one of the few mistakes Octavio made not giving Osorio more minutes   other mistakes were replacing Edwards with  Larin And starting him over Cavallini  also not giving Ricketts more minutes 
    • The same point you were making with your Montreal beating TFC comment. 
    • I think it's MOSTLY why there isn't a second true pro league but I do think there's room for a second short season league. Like an April/May league in secondary markets. Xfl by most accounts could have served such a purpose had it not basically tried to be wwe and hated on the nfl. It did do well attendance wise. Vince has said if he did the xfl again he would try to work with the nfl so maybe he's looking to be such a league.
    • Yeah Montreal had a shit season. What's your point? How long did it take TFC to make the playoffs? Correct me if I'm wrong didn't Vancouver and Montreal make the playoffs before TFC who had a 5 year head start? 
    • I had assumed it was Fath trying to wrangle out some better concessions for himself.
    • I think the use of "BCFC" demonstrates a positive differentiation from the Caps, and also demonstrates that they are trying to position themselves as a peer competitor to the Caps, whereas if they had taken a more local focused name, it would indicate smaller ambitions. That being said the full name British Columbia Football Club doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, and BC is a very diverse and even polarized place (culturally), so naming the team after the province doesn't exactly project a clear team image for people to wrap their heads around. As such, for brand recognition purposes, I feel they're probably going to have to add a nickname to their official club team. E.g. BC Sea-Wolves FC (completely pulled that out of my ass) I bet this is the plan, but until they've decided on the nickname, they might as well trademark BCFC, so as to protect their rights to the shorter version.
    • Anyone have any original CSL kits to sell? Ive started collecting them, also would love some references, unfortunately all the pics in this thread have disappeared. 
    • Yep, that's why the name should be "Vancouver" if you really want to take on the Whitecaps and represent the larger region. I'll be happy to sing songs mocking a "Vancouver" team playing in Surrey or Burnaby or wherever, but it will be more of an "in" joke among fans. I lived in North York for one year as a kid when it was "Canada's Fourth Largest City" and I never thought of it as anything more than a suburban part of Toronto.

      If I was the CanPL group in question I'd try and get the rights to a historic name associated with the city.
    • Nope, it's not, "to a certain extent" it is ENTIRELY thanks to college football. The NCAA is a pro league earning it's own fantastic sums on the back of players they get away with not paying thanks to the system they have created. This lets the NFL off the hook for any development costs.
    • Wasn't Montreal the only Canadian team to not make the playoffs?
    • In all fairness MLR has been in the works for a while now. But get your point. Really hoping the Ontario Arrow join the league next year, as they seem to be headed towards this... and it's badly needed. Canadian men's 15s rugby is in a worse place than Canadian men's soccer right now. Never thought that would ever be the case. Long story short, and bringing this back to soccer, we're in really bad need of domestic professionalism in both sports.