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    Canada is getting a league.  This is our league, it’s your league.  If you truly love the game you support local soccer. No excuses.

    It won’t be as good as the MLS.  We don’t care
    It won’t be as good as Serie A. We don’t care
    It won’t be as good as the EPL. We don’t care.

    It’s ours.

    Now that we have that out of our system it’s time to get on board and make this work.  There are soccer fans coast to coast in this country and we need every single one on board who possess the spirit and initiative to build something new.  

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    • A former Coquitlam Metro player. Apparently, Mobilio was a coach/ role model: http://www.cmfsc.ca/domenic-mobilio-tribute/salvatore-angela-brando-amp-cristiano-ciccone Italian articles mostly just mentioning his signing: http://www.messinasportiva.it/rescindera-anche-cristiano-ciccone-catania-tre-pedine-cambio-pozzebon/ http://www.cornermessina.it/messina-ufficiali-capua-rafati-e-ciccone-vicino-laccordo-con-marseglia-7048 His twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/cristianoc16?lang=en    
    • What we really need is someone like CBC's Fifth Estate to do some investigative journalism to get to the bottom of what is happening on this and why.
    •   We really need to hold our youth coaches to the same standard as the senior team coaches (not that the CSA has a great history in the respect either) ie. failed qualification means a coaching change unless there is strong evidence that the coach is of a very high standard and not to blame for the elimination. I am a great believer in the value of good coaching and think we really need to increase the standard of coach we are providing to our youth teams also. The youth players should be going to national camps and getting coaching there superior to what they get at their academies or teams not the same level or worse. I don't know how big our budget is for youth coaches but it seems to me if we can't afford some of the good coaches from countries like Germany or Spain we probably would be attractive for many of the good coaches available in countries such as Serbia or Colombia or similar. I don't want to cut off the development route for Canadian coaches either but it seems to me bringing in some well qualified foreign coaches and allowing our Canadian ones to work with them would increase the level of our own coaches. Our own coaches will never develop to the required level anyway until we have a professional league in Canada with more than 3 teams only one of which has a Canadian head coach or 2 if we count our NASL team. 
    • Does RT cover Canadian sports?
    • So it looks like we still aren't bringing in SAAC kids? What is that global satellite academy about? A quick look at their webpage looks like they don't play in a league, just camps and tourneys. Its a shame that grown men can choose to play in an outlaw league that is a play toy for organized crime and still get on the national beach soccer team, but kids choosing to play for an academy that may give them the best shot at a pro career get shunned by the CSA, at least until they turn pro.
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