• Canada vs Costa Rica

    Winnipeg & Toronto


    The Voyageurs have supporters sections set up for both Winnipeg and Toronto.  

    Winnipeg - Section 144

    Toronto - Sections 112 & 113

    Tickets are $20 in both cities.

  • Winnipeg - Section 144

  • Toronto - Section 112


    Toronto - Section 113

  • Canada vs Curacao



    The Voyageurs have secured section 132 in Montreal for the game against Cucacao

    Tickets are $15.  $2 is going towards a tifo fund for the game. 

    We will have 250 free Supporters United for Canada shirts in Royal blue at the pre game bar. 


  • Montreal - Section 132

  • Supporters United for Canada Shirt


  • Supporters United for the CanPL


    Canada is getting a league.  This is our league, it’s your league.  If you truly love the game you support local soccer. No excuses.

    It won’t be as good as the MLS.  We don’t care
    It won’t be as good as Serie A. We don’t care
    It won’t be as good as the EPL. We don’t care.

    It’s ours.

    Now that we have that out of our system it’s time to get on board and make this work.  There are soccer fans coast to coast in this country and we need every single one on board who possess the spirit and initiative to build something new.  

    Find out more



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    • lol ffs @ted killing me here buddy
    • https://www.backyardsports.ca/2017/04/26/shaping-the-future-by-embracing-the-past-through-sport/ 1) S|E|A has secured for Halifax, the opportunity to have a team in a new Canadian national soccer league. This team is conditional on us securing a downtown venue with an appropriate grass playing surface and seating for 5,000-7,000 fans.
    • Sean Fleming and Totera are getting into it on Twitter over the u17s    
    • Now that I see it, I can't unsee it. Thanks @ted!
    • Going to YRSA  http://www.yrsa.ca/director-soccer.html Tony Fonseca Appointed as YRSA Director of Soccer   The YRSA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Tony Fonseca, who will join the YRSA as Director of Soccer.  In this role, Fonseca will lead YRSA Clubs and leagues, and will be responsible for the promotion and development of soccer at all levels within our district. "I’m looking forward to starting as Director of Soccer for the YRSA and to working together with all Technical Directors and Head Coaches” Fonseca said. “Our mission will be to maximize potential and make sure that player interests are at the top of every decision."  Most recently the Technical Director of the Canadian Soccer Association for 5 years, Fonseca is a former Portuguese international player who played at the top levels of European soccer, including the famed Club Benfica.  In 1999 Fonseca moved to Canada to dedicate his time and focus towards elite level coaching and in 2000 became the Assistant Coach for the Vancouver 86ers. In 2002, he accepted the Head Coach position of the Vancouver Whitecaps and in 2004 embraced a newly created position becoming the Technical Director for the Vancouver Whitecaps. From 2006 to 2008 Fonseca held Assistant Coaching positions with the Men’s National and Olympic teams.  In September of 2008 he became full-time Staff Coach and Head Coach of the Men’s U20 Team, Men’s Olympic Team and Men’s National Team. In 2011 Fonseca was named Director of High Performance (Men) and in November 2012, accepted the position of Technical Director of the Canadian Soccer Association to chart the course and set the vision for all aspects of the game. Tony Barbieri, President of the York Region Soccer Association said “We are excited to have Tony join the YRSA team as our new Director of Soccer.  The level of knowledge he possesses around the game from grass roots to the international level is outstanding. Tony's experience as a player at the International level speaks for itself. He has worked as a coach in Canada since early 2000 and therefore also brings a very strong knowledge of our soccer landscape.  He knows and understands our game locally and will be a great addition to our YRSA family.” Fonseca will officially join the YRSA team on May 29, 2017.
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