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    Canada vs USA
    November 9th - BC Place

    Welcome to the supporters section.  This section is for  of standing, singing flag waving and beating drums.

    If you are joining us please understand what you are getting into.  This is a game against the USA and we need everyone in this section to bring it for 90 minutes. 

    Tickets - $19

    Our sections are 201-204

    • First 100 people to buy three or more tickets get a free shirt
    • $2.50 from each ticket goes towards the tifo fund
    • Access to pre game party and a second special event TBA
    • Included in our new Priority Ticket Access list for premiere games & travel discounts

    Thanks for supporting Canada!  

    See you in November. 

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  • Tickets - Canada vs USA

    Please note we have three kinds of tickets to buy.  

    Ease Me Into This - Behind the madness but there to support
    Hardcore - Only buy these if you know what you are getting into
    Supporters Group Tickets - Only buy these if you are part of the specified group


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    • PB has always said they want to be a "coast to coast" league so I think this is what we're seeing.
    • Something just occurred to me. This might be stating the obvious but here it goes. With the recent news around Surrey and Edmonton, the potential teams that seem the most likely at this point are Surrey, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Halifax. Obviously a lot needs to happen still so these cities aren't guaranteed (even Hamilton has to sort out some issues), but if/when these teams materialize (not necessarily right from the start) that would mean we have teams in... BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada (by way of Nova Scotia). Obviously we all want Quebec represented too, but that is starting to look like a pretty good blanket over the country. That's as many provinces as the CFL has ever had teams in, and more than the NHL has ever had. At times over the last couple years of news and rumors I've worried that we might have something like a team in Manitoba, maybe 1 or 2 Alberta teams, 2 or 3 teams in Ontario, and maybe one in Quebec or Halifax, which would look pretty spotty, with big province sized gaps. But it looks like we are really getting towards a well spread out league, which is fantastic.
    • FC UTA Arad currently sit 16th of 20 in Liga II, the Romanian second division. Historically a strong club that began a decline in the 1980s that culminated with it's dissolution in 2014. A fan initiative revived the club and they had risen from Liga IV to finish 3rd in Liga II last season. They currently play in a 2000 seat stadium while their main 8000 seat stadium is being renovated. The entirety of the organization's first team, second team and technical staff is made up of Romanians except for 1 Bosnian and 2 Macedonians with the first team, and of course Boakai. Very interesting move, let's hope his career gets back on track.
    • One more thing on coaching. There is a dearth of qualified coaches in this country. When they set up the OPDL, they mandated that Provincial B was required for U13 and National B for U14 and above. Unfortunately there is simply not enough. Clubs are desperate for coaches.
    • Forgive my optimism, but I don't think it's all that bad. Over 6 - 7 age groups that's 150 players for an hour. Note that this is one of many avenues of identifying they do. They have TFC juniors, take referrals from TDs, and scout OPDL/provincial program. I also think they have random people here and there.
    • Not even on their radar when they were asked about it earlier this year and subsequent events are consistent with the Faths always having been the potentially interested group in Edmonton even if it was too soon to go public as they still had tickets to sell in the NASL and CanPL was/is no sure thing, so earlier speculation to the contrary was probably misleading. If you need 5000 to be successful in a CanPL context then Clarke Stadium is sufficient for now. The city council has talked about looking at a larger medium sized stadium if FCE ever start consistently selling out.
    • And find business partners...let's say Katz group?
    • Here is my dream scenario for the case where FC Edmonton leave NASL now, and CPL doesn't start until 2019. They spend the year expanding/replacing Clarke stadium with a beautiful and larger stadium (maybe 10,000ish?), and possibly rebrand the team a bit and do a marketing push to end up stronger than ever in 2019.
    • https://twitter.com/peteremilioraco/status/920298588546256898
    • Liam Millar played 74 and scored the 3rd in a 4-1 win over Maribor in Uefa youth Champions league https://t.co/bPx3XLbNJD  Cammy Palmer played 90 for Rangers Development side against the AZ Alkmaar U19. Game was a 2-2 draw. Rangers left Scotland's Youth league in order to play friendlies across Europe against stronger opposition. There next game will be on the 27th against Liverpool. 
    • That's what it looks like.  Rush a major expansion to prop up the lawsuit and try to stay alive.  I don't want to see the league die but this seems rash and very risky.  Then again they've shocked us all time after time...
    • Unexpected news about NASL and NPSL from Nipun again yesterday. Edit: I just realized this is what Rheo meant right above about the latest NASL hail mary lol. "seven teams — mostly current NPSL teams — signed letters of intent (LOIs) to join the league. These LOIs were signed in September 2017." https://www.soctakes.com/2017/10/16/multiple-teams-sign-lois-2018-nasl-season/
    • If the latest NASL hail mary succeeds (posted the link in the NASL thread) for 2018 and if CPL is going to launch in 2019 maybe FCE stays in the NASL and then jumps for launch.  They keep momentum going in the market, NASL looks better on paper for another year is win/win in my opinion. No I don't have any evidence, just a theory of what could possibly happen.