• Canada vs Jamaica - September 2nd - BMO Field



    Tickets for Canada vs Jamaica in the supporters section are now on sale.

    Tickets are $20 and include a shirt available at the pre game bar.

    We have sections 112, 113 and 114 reserved.


    • Please buy merchandise and tickets as separate orders.  
    • All tickets will be emailed in the last week of August.  
    • If you want to add more people to your order, all orders will be consolidated and seated together.
    • Each ticket includes a shirt available only at the pre game bar.
    • Scarves, hats, toques and other cool stuff will also be available pre game.

    Pre game is at Shoeless Joe's - We will be there early so people can pick up their shirts and buy lots of stuff.  Currently that is 2pm


    25% off all Voyageurs Gear when you buy tickets

    Once you buy tickets to a game from us, you get 25% off all Voyageurs gear in our store.  You need to complete the ticket purchase first. 


    Join & Share the Facebook Event

    It's hard to get the word out these days, please do what you can to help.


    Groups & TFC Supporters Groups

    If you are with a group or a TFC or Ottawa Supporters Group, check the group tickets section

    If you want to create a group, contact socceronly@gmail.com





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    • The thing is, he isn't talking about any of these teammates with perhaps the exception of Bernier. I don't think there was any players on this roster beside him during the 8-1. De Jong maybe.  
    • I could be wrong, but I thought the quota was based on CMNT eligibility. Meaning he wouldn't count as a Canadian in this tourney if he gets cap-tied to Ivory Coast.
    • That had me wishing Edwards would score for TFC and then celebrate by doing DeRo's celebration right in front of Tabla.
    • If what we want on the GC team is grit and winning attitude, pissed off, passionate play then why arent more people howling over Johnson not being there for the group stage??  Rollins hints that he isnt well liked.  Well if Cavallini goes in there saying stuff like he has been in the SA press he wont get alot of love either.  At least Johnson has backed it up on the field (if he really is a dick and hard to deal with).  I think until Cavallini actually plays and shows something on the field for the nationals he needs to keep his public comments a little more laid back.  The guys that have been doing their best for the last 5-6 years for CMNT, wont appreciate a guy with questionable commitment to the team and Canada saying they dont have any fire or passion for winning.  If he scores a goal or two, shows us passion on the field for CANADA ( not Uruguay) runs his ass off etc, then MAYBE, he can think about running down the passion of other players.  Although talking about teammates you have really hardly played with is always a bad idea.  
    • They have been doing the slow drum and clap, after the game,  for two year.  Last night was probably the first time that it was shown on television.
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