• Canada vs Costa Rica - Winnipeg & Toronto


    The Voyageurs have supporters sections set up for both Winnipeg and Toronto.  

    Winnipeg - Section 144

    Toronto - Sections 112 & 113

    Tickets are $20 in both cities.

  • Winnipeg - Section 144





  • Toronto - Section 112


    Toronto - Section 113

  • Supporters United for the CanPL


    Canada is getting a league.  This is our league, it’s your league.  If you truly love the game you support local soccer. No excuses.

    It won’t be as good as the MLS.  We don’t care
    It won’t be as good as Serie A. We don’t care
    It won’t be as good as the EPL. We don’t care.

    It’s ours.

    Now that we have that out of our system it’s time to get on board and make this work.  There are soccer fans coast to coast in this country and we need every single one on board who possess the spirit and initiative to build something new.  

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    • They did, and went bust, and had to reform. I don't think the budget is anywhere near where it was last year or in previous years.
    • Never been to Texas but if flights are cheap from Alberta this summer I might have to change that. 
    • Just looked at their squad: 3 Salvadorian internationals, 1 Kenyan international and 1 Venezuelan international. Javi Marquez has played over 150 matches in La Liga for Espanyol, Mallorca, Elche and Granada. Some may remember Brazilian born Amauri who was one-time capped by Italy and was best known for his time at Juventus.  Not happy he dropped down to NASL, but he does look to be surrounded by a few decent players.
    • They probably offered him more than he'd get in MLS. When he left for Japan he was making about $300,000 a season and he probably didn't take a pay cut to play in J1. We don't know what happened exactly at Shimizu, but I saw them play Gamba Osaka (one of the top teams in Japan) last November in the Emperor's Cup. He was next door in Korea with the national team that day, but I remember watching their centre backs from the stands and thinking "there must be more to Jakovic being frozen out than just football". Like I said, we don't know what happened, but with Shimizu getting relegated, perhaps he was on a high salary and they were trying to force him out? At any rate, Cosmos have the highest wage bill in the league don't they? He is probably getting double what he was likely being offered in MLS (if there was an actual offer). 
    • Johnson at RB with Aird in front of him at RM. That would bring energy and quality down the right side of our pitch.
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