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  • Why Join Us?

    One of our goals is to  develop a culture for the game in Canada.   To do this we need your help.  This country is full of football fans that need to get off their couch.    We have a real opportunity to create something new in Canada.  We have a new league  and the World Cup in 2026.  

    You don't have to participate on the site to be a Voyageurs, however, we really want to see you at games, special events and viewing parties.   Our biggest problem right now is reaching people, so please sign up to be on our mailing list.  We won't spam you.  We send out only information on upcoming games and events. 

    Ticket Access To Supporters Section

    We now only sell tickets through the site.  We will no longer use a public Pay Pal link to sell tickets to our section.    In the cases where our section is available only by a Ticket Master code, access to the code will be granted to members of the site.

    Special Events

    We will be putting on more and more special events.   These include priority or exclusive access to the following

    • Co-hosted events by Canada Soccer and The Voyageurs. 
    • Premiere game pre game party access.
    • Viewing parties for away games
    • Away trips to World Cup Qualifiers & Gold Cup & League of Nations

    Facebook & Twitter

    If you prefer Facebook, please follow us there. However, it is getting more and more difficult to reach people on social media, as they now expect you to pay to reach your own people!  Facebook is not a reliable way to find out about how to get tickets to the next game,  this site is. 

    Our Facebook & Twitter links are at the bottom of the page. 





  • Sign Up - Lurker

    You can sign up to view the forum an the content of the site.   

    We get a lot of interest from Nigerian princes who don't seem to be able to open a regular bank account.  So if you want to post all you have to do is post once in the Introductions forum to upgrade your account to Supporter.

  • Upgrade To Supporter

    Make a single post in the Introductions forum, and you will be upgraded from Lurker to Supporter.  

    This will allow you to do the following

    • Start your own threads
    • Vote in polls
    • Reply to posts
    • Post videos
    • Post photos
    • Add comments to content
    • Join regional groups
  • Upgrade to Voyageur

    Once you have ten content posts and haven't tried to sell us counterfeit sunglasses or a fake university degree, you will be upgraded to the Voyageur member group.

    You will now be able to participate and view the following additional forum for Voyageurs planning activities.  

    • Event Planning
    • Tifo & Banner Painting
    • Away Trip & Travel Plans
    • Merchandise voting
    • Start a blog 

    You will also be able to request the ability to participate in maintaining our directory and player database. 

    • Add Player Data
    • Edit Player Data
    • Add Directory Data
    • Edit Directory Data
  • Video & Photo Gallery

    Our users collaborate to post old and new Canadian soccer videos.   We are also starting a torrent archive for old games that are not on any public video service.


  • Message Board

    Canada's largest soccer message board with over half million posts and thousands of users.  If you want to talk about anything in Canadian soccer, this is the place to do it.  


  • Voyageurs Store

    As a member of the site you will be able to buy ticket to upcoming games in the supporters section, and special merchandise not available to the public. 


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