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  • Canada vs Dominica Ticket Detatils

    • All tickets will be sent by email a week before the game.  This allows you to buy extras, and I will sort the orders so they are all seated together.
    • Tickets are not general admission.  
    • Only buy tickets from a group if you are actually part of that group.
    • After Pay Pal fees, the Voyageurs do not make any money off of tickets.

    Supporters Section

    Canada takes on Dominica in the very first Nations League home game. This is an historic change to how games are played in our federation. Every game matters.  Every point matters. Every goal matters. This is the start of a new era in soccer in Canada. 

    This is the supporters section

    • Standing only
    • Flags & Drums will be used in this section
    • Singing, yelling and basically being loud

    Pre Game Events

    Tuesday Oct 16th -  Pre game party at Shoeless Joe's on King Street close to Dufferin