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    ReedOnTheGrand reacted to One American in Gianni Ferri   
    Number of posts before Canadian National Team fans started obsessing about a 16 year old's potential for defecting: 4, it looks like? 
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    Sees a new CPL general thread, opens it with cautious optimism, only to find out it was two pages on #ProRelForCanada
    To be serious for a second, the enthusiasm for CPL is awesome, and we're seeing it all across Canada. But CPL as of today is struggling to determine if it will start with 6 teams, 8 teams or 10 teams. And based on what we've heard about CPL, and what we know about L1O and PLSQ, and based on what we've seen with previous Canadian soccer leagues, there is next to zero chance that CPL will start off with pro/rel in 2018 or 2019.
    If you browse through the rest of the CPL sub-forum, you WILL find that there was a lot of discussion about whether pro/rel could be eventually implemented 10-30 years down the road, if CPL turns out to be the smashing hit that we hope. For me, the one key thing that CPL has to get right in 2017 is make sure that the league doesn't go with a pure single entity structure, and the little signs we have seen point to CPL avoiding that route. Avoiding single entity will go a very long way 10-30 years from now on being able to implement a CPL2 and pro/rel eventually. Hope that sounds reasonable.
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    ReedOnTheGrand reacted to Levi Oakey in Grand River CPL Supporters   
    For the TFC game on March 31st we have filled a bus and have 45 tickets sold up in 210. We'll hopefully have a banner up there as well.
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    ReedOnTheGrand reacted to canta15 in Canadians abroad: June 16-22, 2017   
    Crepeau, Lefevre, and Bernier starting for Montreal. Osorio, Hamilton, Edwards starting for TFC. Ironic how the commentator said all 6 were the future of Canadian soccer (I'm looking at you Bernier)
    Edit: Tabla on the bench and where is AJH at?
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