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  1. On 9/3/2017 at 10:18 PM, Old Style Pilsner said:

    Just curious if anyone has heard anything about the newly minted Canadian Arena Soccer Association (website: http://www.casasoccer.ca/), I know Mississauga is getting a MASL club beginning in 2018, and the CASA are scheduling a National Team friendly v Mexico on October 1 at Hershey Centre.

    Have they reached out to The Voyageurs at all? (This is probably a question best asked to @socceronly)

    Just wanted to correct you that Mississauga isn't getting a team. Toronto is getting a team that will play in Mississauga but doesn't want to brand itself as Mississauga.

  2. Torontonians won't be supporting this and neither will Mississaugans. MASL will fail.

    As for the claim to have TFC SG's supporting them, I'd like someone to confirm if this is true considering that the CASA group also used Voyageur images without permission in their advertisement so I wouldn't be surprised if they're making up stories to try to garner more support and ticket sales.


  3. It's been a very long time since I've seen our boys play like this.  Finishing 2nd in a group with CRC and HON is respectable and I'm proud of them. Can't wait for the next match and bonus that we get the extra day of rest over El Salvador or Jamaica 

  4. Canada has proven that it's capable of hosting football tournaments and making money, most notably WWC in 2015 and U20 WC in 2007. 

    I think it's time to have Canada host a Gold Cup in 2019 or 2021 and allow bids from with Mexico joint bids from countries like Costa Rica & Panama, etc. Not all countries have to host it but there should be more than 'Murica

  5. A very important topic that hasn't been touched yet is the potential pricing of beer, or maybe I missed it in all the madness of these forum.

    What's a fair price point for beer? I know there is a faction that says "who needs beer to enjoy sports?" and while I support your right to that view, I'm of the opinion that I enjoy catching a buzz while watching sporting events with my friends.

    I've been to many games at BMO field and it always pissed me off having to pay $15 for a Large watered down draught beer or $11 for tall can of Bud.

    Last October I was in London and went to watch WC2018 qualifier between ENG vs MAL at Wembley (amazing experience) and the drinks were £5.00 (so about $9 with exchange) but even so for a local that's an affordable price. Only shitty part was that no booze allowed in seating area because the English are known to throw their cups of beer onto the pitch so you have to chug them back.

    Taking into consideration the need to turn a profit, I think a fair price point for regular Molson Canadian or Budweiser is about $6-7 for tall cans or $9-10 for 30oz large beverage. Add an extra buck for premium beers.


  6. 8 hours ago, harrycoyster said:

    Players of all other sports are only allowed to accept food, housing, or sports equipment as a result of a competing in an athletic competition. 

    $500 steak dinner plus plaque it is.


    Can they accept vacation or gift cards?

  7. On 2017-06-02 at 8:00 PM, CDNFootballer said:

    Wouldn't October be similar to April as far as weather is concerned for some markets though? I think the CPL has to run at least 6 months for its season plus another month for playoffs so May-Sept would be too short.

    A 8 team league with everyone facing each other 4 times (2 home and 2 away games) means 28 matches.

    Saturday, May 4, 2019 to Saturday, October 26, 2019 is 26 weeks.  I would suggest Saturday, April 27, 2019, to Saturday, November 2, 2019 which is 28 weeks.

    Following the example of other leagues around the world. We could wrap up a season within these 28 weeks with weekly league and CPL/Voyageurs Cup matches during the week over 4 match days starting in July. If we have one week where league matches are held on a Wednesday and Saturday, then league could be wrapped up by Oct-26. The cup final could be on Nov-2nd and the final can be played at a host city alternating every year (similar to Grey Cup, UCL, FA Cup, etc).

    See below for sample league cup schedule, assuming the CDN clubs in MLS aren't included since they play in an american league.

    match day             EAST                                 WEST    
    1 (July)                  A vs B    C vs D                 E vs F    G vs H
    2 (Aug)                  B vs A    D vs C                 F vs E    H vs G
    3 (Sep)                  <A vs B> vs <C vs D>       <E vs F> vs <G vs H>   
    4 (Oct)                   <C vs D> vs <A vs B>      <F vs E> vs <H vs G>
    5  (1st Sat of Nov)  West vs East            


    edit: alternatively, we could have 4 weeks where league matches are played on Wednesday and Saturday and then have the 4 Cup Match days on Saturdays.



  8. I would have no issue paying $500.00 for an annual membership that includes season tickets, a sliver of the ownership and voting rights on the general direction of the club.

    In terms of a TV deal, TSN has lost a lot of sports with the NHL and Blue Jays moving to Sportsnet but they've been able to maintain a strong soccer presence. I can see TSN & Bell/CTV playing a huge role in providing revenue to the league from TV/online exposure but in the initial years, it wouldn't be as lucrative for the league. If every single CanPL match can be televised to a national audience through CTV & TSN and they ensure that none of the games overlap, you'll find that a lot more people would watch more matches.

    IN terms of kit sponsorship, I would hope that each team can find their own local sponsor rather then one sponsor for the entire league.


  9. I'd support any Toronto or western GTA club by purchasing season tickets.

    Preferably a Mississauga FC playing out of renovated Centennial Park Stadium.

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