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  1. In sports, when a club has a contractual obligation to a player that it no longer has use for and which it's unable to trade or sell,  it's the player that holds the strong bargaining position, as any reduction in that players salary is a win for the club, while the player can sit at home and collect paychecks.

    There's no reason for a player in that position to accept a net pay cut.  And at that age and stage of his career, with a family to support and on such a relatively low salary, it's hard to imagine him doing so.



  2. I think it's probably pretty simple.

    Presumably he agrees to take less than the full amount the Whitecaps are contractually obligated to pay him, and in exchange the Whitecaps free from his attachment to them, allowing him to sign with another team.

    There's  no way he ends of with less money than he would have if he simply enforced the terms of his contract with the Caps.

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