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  1. That's cool. Thanks for responding. I have to get to work after the first half too. I know its playing with fire .
  2. Game time will be 11:00 ET / 8:00 PT, live on Sportsnet One. Its an early Friday start time, but I'm wondering if people are planning on having viewing parties. I'm specifically interested in the typical Ottawa location, but other cities are welcome in this thread. Will Gracies have the game? At least two of the Bytown Boys crew in Ottawa are down if it'll be shown (except I'll only be available for the first half). Its been way too long since we've done a game at Gracies.. Mods or anyone: Feel free to edit this thread into the more typical viewing party threads we usually see on this website. Thanks
  3. I'm interested in this too. The opponent is not as flashy as some others we've had this year, but these are two national team games I want to watch more than anything since WCQ. Any ideas if they'll be shown? Also, are the dates confirmed as Sep. 8 and Sep. 10? The CSA and FIFA sites are showing me different dates, which is inconvenient, but not shocking at all...
  4. Definitely an interesting draw. It's very unpredictable at the U-17 level, but I can see us doing well from this group. Iran being in their own continent can either help or unnerve them. They're teens, not national teams.
  5. First, I think this is a great idea! Second, I think the Georgetown is the place to watch EPL on Saturdays. With the Ottawa Fury having an 'Extra Time' event that night, the Bytown Boys (Ottawa supporters) might (key word, might) have a viewing party for an EPL game that afternoon. If you guys are in, I'll personally make sure you're welcome. Wherever you go, please share, you'll have at least one or two Voyageurs in Ottawa interested in joining.
  6. Do you know of any ways to watch the games? I've heard a bit about this, particularly Canada's team. Apparently, the goal is to help people who aren't well off develop skills and attitudes required to get back on track, all through football. Canada's national team is selected based on character and commitment more than skill. Its a great initiative. Our national body is called 'Street Soccer Canada'.
  7. Great Find! He played for Capital City FC (CSL) in 2011.
  8. Great that they are doing this. But, they're having issues on the mens side, aren't they? How stable will this be? I'd be surprised is NWSL gives them a team before the MLS cities (TO/VAN/MTL). Maybe W-League?
  9. Will Beauge was his usual great self for about half the season. Then something happened (I'm guessing an injury) and he's been limited to being a sub for a lot of Fury matches. Chad Bush and Carl Haworth are both still tearing it up with the Fury. Haworth is the PDL leading scorer. Chad had an amazing streak of about eight straight clean sheets. Again, I'd love to see both have a chance to feature in NASL.
  10. Maybe I'm missing something, but I see Turkey as a major step down for Atiba. I think he would be better off staying with PSV. He was talking about a Premier League move for a while. If that doesn't work out, I think Germany would be an ideal place to go. Surely he's good enough for a Bundesliga club. Even second division Germany would be better than Turkey imo. Just my $0.02 on his situation...
  11. I'd blame Toronto's coach too lol. Does anyone here go to Toronto Lady Lynx games (Rocket Robin I suspect? ). I don't know what he's like at home matches, but our Ottawa supporters group completely blew him off his top in the two games we had against his team this past week. The general policy of 'ignore what supporters are doing' doesn't apply to some coaches in W-League and sometimes PDL. Some get pissed more than others, but I've never seen any coach interact with supporters the way he was yelling at us. Why do Toronto Lady Lynx have such low attendance?
  12. My favourite era to date has been the John Carver period, when I think TFC was at their most competitive. It was highlighted when DeRo, Amado Guevarra, and Stephan Frei were leaders on the team. I even had patience for guys like Chad Barrett. I believe it was the squad that one their first Canadian Championship and actually made a playoff run (which ended in disaster on a soggy night against the Red Bulls). They were doing thing right until then, slowly getting more and more competitive and filling holes since year one. Then, in year 4, they felt the need to blow it up and start over. Long story short, they've blown up 3-4 squads since then. Thank you Preki for getting the ball rolling on that. Replacing guys like Guevarra with the likes of Maxim Usanov. If Carver stayed a bit longer, I think TFC would have progressed into a legit playoff team. Some like him, others don't. I thought he was building a solid MLS team.
  13. I was actually pleasantly surprised tonight. With the starting XI we trotted out, I was expecting much worse. We stayed in it and made it a game against Mexico. Not much we could do on either goal, and the second one was an iffy penalty at best. The Sportsnet announcer (I'm guessing Dobson) mentioned that the ref for tonight's game has called penalties against Canada in the last three games he's officiated with us in them. Clearly, its not difficult for CONCACAF refs to make calls against us... Borjan and De Jong played solid games. Bekker, Osorio, de Guzman, Haber, and Nakajima-Farran all played surprisingly well. And good to see Aleman finally cap-tied. The only frustrating aspect after watching a game like this is the fact that we always seem to play to the level of our opponents. We played a decent bunker + possession counter attack game which resulted in us looking solid. We tend to play a similar style against the US and, more often than not, get results. So why do we always resort to long-balls against weaker countries? I think we have players who are capable of playing a patient counter-attacking game against any opponent. If we approach minnows in a similar manner to which we approached Mexico tonight, we'd come out looking good for the most part. Luckily, I see a coach like Floro heading in that direction. And, we are still in desperate need for an attacker who can find the net. When we had the ball tonight, we did a decent job of building plays up the pitch, but the only attacker who looked anything like a striker was Haber.
  14. LOL I'm may be closer than you think I'm one of the Bytown Boys you chill with. The one who sounds like a beached whale whenever I try to sing (yeah, don't we all lol). The Moose? Glasses? Enough clues lol? This is why I love this forum. The process of matching individuals to forum names is always fun.
  15. I think he'll just be backing up Chad Bush. This may also confirm that Nils Carlson is out for the season. Which is too bad, because he's a great keeper. But, at least it opens time for Chad to show what he can do in goal. And Fussball_eh, don't forget whatever playoff games the Fury get . Its very easy to forget those in PDL lol.
  16. Carl Haworth is completely tearing it up with the Ottawa Fury this year, with 8 goals and 8 assists in 9 games. A highlight for me was a beautifully taken free kick at a home game in Algonquin College Soccer Complex. The guy seems serious about competing for a spot with the NASL team. I'm guessing that's a reason he came over from FC London. With usual starting goalkeeper Nils Carlson out with an injury, Chad Bush has been starting games for the Fury as well. He's been doing great. Carlson fills a big leadership role with the Fury, bit Chad has managed to make a good mark as a back-up. In the last home game against Vermont Voltage, he came up with at least one high-light reel save where he stopped two consecutive drives. So long story short, at least two Canadians on that list are doing well. Both have shots at the NASL side, as far as I can tell.
  17. What annoys me is the fact that they have everything in place to add the CMNT, but don't anyway. They have at about 25 players in their database, and even a stadium to put them in (BC Place). That's more than you can say for a lot of national teams who are in the game. All EA would have to do is put the players on one squad, design our incredibly simple kits, and put us in the international teams section. Why they don't is beyond me. All I can think of is the fact that they're Eurosnobs who'll turn their backs on anything CONCACAF in a heartbeat. Our confederation is severely under-represented, and they can't be bothered to add a country, which not only are they based in, but they have all the parts necessary to include. For what its worth, I play as Canada in FIFA Ultimate Team, where you buy players as trading cards. I always buy what I think the national team should look like (at least virtually) and assemble them into a squad. Its always fun beating stacked teams with it, and I like to think it provides at least a bit of exposure to whatever kids I meet online. I get responses through online messaging sometimes, ranging from "Hey I've been to some Canada games" to more ugly messages lol. Actually, my avatar is what my FIFA 12 team looked like.
  18. Its great that she believes she can come back, but the path back is extremely difficult. She doesn't only have to recover from the injury, she has to physically and mentally recover the skills required for top-level soccer. The fact that she hasn't played in so long is her biggest issue in my opinion. Having said that, I'm sure she knows this and she's a fighter. I wish her all the best. Hope to see her playing at her best in the 2015 WC.
  19. I was under the impression that: League One Ontario = OPDL L1O was just a hypothetical model for a league to be based on a few years ago. I could be wrong. In all honesty, Ontario Player Development League is not a good name at all anyway. Just call it something like the Ontario Premier League. We all know its purpose is too develop players, no need to rub that in. I'm also not a fan of the plan to start at U-13 and gradually increase to U-23 by 2020. I wouldn't expect a full-fledged U-23 division right away, but surely we can have it in place before 2020? How many potential players are missing out on a chance to make it far because they will be seven years older (than they are today) in 2020?
  20. They were hard done in the end. The three goals they gave up were all frustrating in one way or another. Tough luck for a lower division club trying to get a result against stronger opposition.
  21. The TFC / Impact game needs a second half goal to get going. I don't think Montreal will complain about the slow tempo though.
  22. I can do the Bytown Boys Supporters Club in Ottawa. Bio -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bytown_Boys_Supporters_Club (Yes, we have our own Wiki lol). Website -> http://bytownboys.webs.com/ Logo We're the 12th man for the Ottawa Fury, currently in PDL and W-League and soon to be NASL. Started out in 2011 with Capital City FC in CSL.
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