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  1. This is a player I thought TFC should go after a talented attacking MF of Portugese ancestry. Though I don't think he's DP quality anymore
  2. McGuire

    Upgrading BMO

    Upgrade the bloody team first before upgrading BMO, keep your eye on the ball Mr. Leiweke
  3. Not to mention Lucas Neill is a first rate c--ksucker as well. Never forgiven him for breaking Jamie Carragher's leg when he was playing for Blackburn
  4. they screwed up last year by waaaay overpricing the tickets for the Liverpool game. Probably cost them 5-6K in attendance
  5. A Hainault rumour looks as of now to be off to Germany https://twitter.com/OrangeFanBlog/status/349711404955205632
  6. He also had one of the smallest budgets in MLS to work with, i'd say he did the best he could w/ the meagre resources he had to work with.
  7. If the CSA have even the tiniest shred of intelligence, & that seems to be a mighty big if, i'd hire Yallop to be MNT Head Coach. I think he'd be willing to take the job
  8. I thought the Umbro brand was being discontinued by Nike? Nike's now the England kit supplier instead of Umbro figured it would affect all their deals
  9. Always been a fan of his, I think he'll excel in MLS
  10. Well kudos to DCU The ****ecaps could learn a thing or 2 from them
  11. I don't think anyone complained about the performance of kasey Keller when he came back to the league & he was Cudicini's age, this is not the Juninho signing which does send up some red flags. Good pickup by the Galaxy though i'm not that sure they should give up on Saunders
  12. firstrowsports.eu & vipbox.tv are 2 excellent sources
  13. Screw Owen, loved him w/ LFC but have no use for that Judas ever since he signed for ManUre. As for him in MLS, as others pointed out, he's far too injury prone to play over here. Playing in Dubai is a glorified holiday
  14. When the ref was going to show red, I thought it was Eck who was gonna get it. Didn't think either player derserved it, it looked to me a 50/50 challenge. With that said, I have zero sympathy for the Mexicans for the way the ref made soft calls against them last nite. How many times have we seen referees, particularly latin referees, go out of their way to aid the Mexican/Central American team & screw over the gringos. It was nice to see for once the shoe on the other foot. A lot of soft calls against Santos & TFC were let off the hook on more than a few occasions
  15. Geez a little soon to throw Maund under the bus wouldn't you say. Give him at least until mid-season before we write him off.
  16. I'm glad i'm not the only one to notice this. He looks to be in worse shape than last year
  17. White only played in a friendly, so no he's not
  18. Well kudos to the Impact for selling as many as they have. The early reports of seasons ticket sales being somewhat underwhelming had me a bit worried but this is very good news & I say this as a loyal TFC fan
  19. Now this quite nicely sums things up...
  20. I think SAF oughta keep his whiskey nose out of this. Does he not forget his club's history?? How about Roy Keane & Patrick Viera? I love Keano, being a RoI supporter & all, but he picked a fight w/ Viera in the tunnel before a match & refused to shake his hand, as did Paul Scholes too. And lest we forget Eric Cantona going all Street Fighter on that Crystal Palace fan. Hypocrisy thy name is Fergie
  21. Seems like someone was rocking the gonja when they wrote this drivel
  22. If Arnaud can recover from his inury issues he'll be a very nice addition for the Impact, a creative MF who can provide veteran leadership. As for Ricketts, not surprised to see him leave LA w/ Saunders emerging a solid veteran GK who can be a mentor to Bush. A good get
  23. Still very happy about ireland going thru to he Euros. No used to the feelings of joy associated with one of the countries I support qualifying for a major tournament, they were impressive in the 2 legs vs Estonia. Keano was Keano, inspired leadership & chipped in a pair of goals as well, Mcgeady was the big surprise, best game i've ever seen him play in an Ireland jersey. His last 2 group stages appearances were gawdawful to put it as mildly as possible but he shone in talinn. But given how the pots are set up fully expect the irish to get a ***** of a group to contend with. But as long as we play & beat the English all will be well
  24. I see Kocic as being along the lines of Raimondo or Hartman a top MLS 'keeper but not someone who has the stuff to go to Europe, at least in a substantial league but someone who could excel as a top GK here for a long time
  25. He tore it up playing for Celtic, surprise they let him go back to West Brom, where under Uncle Woy he's been wotting away on de weserve bench
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