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  1. Seems like a solid move for the young player, but again I hope he can crack the first team and get minutes ASAP. Seems like alot of our young NT players have trouble getting that first team experience early on.
  2. I have always used www.livescore.com for tracking scores of matches and it also has most leauges tables. I find its the best one i've used and there is virtually no advertising at all. Hope that helps.
  3. I haven't got my tickets yet and I live in the east end of Toronto.... I assume they will be here soon?
  4. One of our best players from this generation is completely lost, it's defenetly sad. And his skill has been greatly missed in the midfield for our MNT. I would imagine at this point though it's probably more the mental with him than the phyiscal. Comming back from an injury like that must play huge on the mind. I ruptured my ACL 5 years ago playing soccer (when I was 20), and only started playing again a couple years ago (while still injured). I couldn't ever play at the same intensety and it was always in the back of my mind. Now I am recovering from ACL reconstruction and I know even when I'm all better and my leg it strong again it will still always be in the back of my mind and it will never be the same. I would imagine it is the same for Josh.
  5. That's good news, I just hope he wont be stuck on their under-20 squad for to long.... if he signs that is.
  6. It dosn't seem like JDG is with his club any longer http://www.skodaxanthifc.gr/?q=el/views/players-group Its a bit of a shame because he seemed to be a vital player for them last season, and i don't see any reason why he wouldn't do the same this season. Plus i still think he has something to offer our NT.
  7. I ordered 5 tickets, I'm really looking forward to this match!
  8. Hey everyone, I have a Canada MNT Anthem jacket that im looking to sell. The reason I'm looking to sell it is because it dosn't seem to fit me the way I would like. I originally bought a size Large which was a bit tight on me, so i figured I would exchange it for an XL, and now the XL seems to be to big. So I would like to sell it to anyone that is interested. I bought the jacket off the offical canadian national team shop site, and I have only worn it maybe like 5 times since I bought it in the winter. I think I payed around $150 for it after all taxes and fees, I'm not looking to get that much but I would want something fair for it. I'm also willing to ship it to someone if they want it and don't live in or around the GTA (+ shipping costs). PM me if your interested Thanks
  9. I vow to attend all home matches in Toronto... ..................... And watch the rest of the matches on TV... (I know...)
  10. And David Edgar has been released by Burnley http://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/burnley/transfer-talk/news/edgar-among-four-burnley-players-released_153630.html
  11. Simeon Jackson's days at Millwall FC seem to be numbered http://www.teamtalk.com/championship/9305050/Sky-Bet-Championship-Millwall-release-four-players
  12. That's amazing. They should send down Lucas Cavallini on loan, maybe he can get some decent playing time. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Soccer_Club
  13. It should be a good match either way, Bulgaria isn't a very strong team in UEFA by any stretch of the imagination, they have been relatively weak since their blow out in euro 2004. if the CSA were able to get the top players out (which is unlikely) then i could see this as a good match for us. either way its good to see the CSA is getting dates for the national squad and camps running.
  14. I knew he was born in bosnia, i was just referring to the caps he had with canada under-20. but what your saying makes sense.
  15. That's why I have kept that game for so long, can't wait until the 2014 game comes out.
  16. I believe Koffie will be eligible to become a Canadian citizen after being a permanent resident for 5 years (which I believe he is a permanent resident already, I'm not sure for how long he's been one). Plus how was it that Begovic was able to represent Bosnia after playing for the Canadian Under-20? Isn't that the exact same as Fernando?
  17. Hey Jamie, I looked over my profile and all my info is correct (Shipping etc..), I haven't received an e-mail yet which is cool. just to let you know. keep up the good work and forget the hatters (or the one I noticed in this thread)
  18. Naturalized Canadians would inject new life into national team http://www.goal.com/en-ca/news/4173/canadian-national-team/2013/07/17/4124228/nick-sabetti-naturalized-canadians-would-inject-new-life?ICID=HP_FT_3 Valentine backs naturalized Canadians http://www.goal.com/en-ca/news/4173/canadian-national-team/2013/07/19/4127261/martin-macmahon-valentine-backs-naturalized-canadians?ICID=HP_FT_2 My uncle Mike Stojanovic was also a naturalized canadian that played for this country. i think its about time we get more players like this.
  19. that's awesome, you should have recorded it with your cell phone came, and did some commentary with that accent. Nice pic BTW.
  20. I updated all my info. looking forward to getting some of that voyageurs swag!
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