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  1. He really wen I found that he also played more physically, and stood up to challenges more. He's usually easily possessed by a physical mid-fielder or defender so, I'd love to see him keep that strength in his game.
  2. Does Ashtone have the strangest career in recent CMNT memory? He's basically dormant on TFC's for what like 5-6 years and now he's playing CCL semi-finals and possibly a final now? I was so happy to see he scored his first TFC goal last year, thinking he would be gone. Congrats to him!
  3. Hope so, it has to be I guess. Just don't know why he went to Besiktas unless he was anticipating that loan. Which I think I heard he was.
  4. I think this his most likely as well. It's one thing to move to a big team in a league and hope to see playing time, it's another to move to a big team in a league known for paying high wages to older European stars. There is no way he beats out Love, Negredo or Babel in the next two seasons. So where does he get loaned out too, lower or mid-table Turkish League side? Yikes.
  5. Oh it totally is, once again SUM/MLS is not showing any respect to a tournament that already helps decide "the best club in North America." (their press release). If SUM had their hands further in the CONCACAF bowl, this game wouldn't even be needed. I'd love the see the reactions of the layman TFC fans who once again get to play against Tigres later this year, after already playing them this month in a competition meant to achieve the same thing. (Who am I kidding, this is meant to achieve $$$).
  6. Great days. Nonchalantly spouts off on Twitter about it, USSoc waits a day to come out and say they won't be doing an investigation. Not long after she says, "oh it was online". She's a pathetic person - even USSoc fans are starting to dislike her. If their comments on /r/MLS are representative.
  7. What a cringe photo.... "You can have her... you can have her...."
  8. ^Pathetic. Shows how low on the totem pole CanSoc is though. Likely marketing people weren't even thinking about it.
  9. Canada gives opportunity to one, they play for us. Canada gives opportunity to another, they don't. Seems pretty straightforward to me - or is this like simpleton logic or something.
  10. I'm so sick of Canadians on other forums defending this guy. Makes me sick. We all understand the decision, but we don't have to applaud it.
  11. What a bummer this whole thing is. I wish it could be a success story to get others excited.
  12. People need to do a better job of remembering this. [Cough] Hoilett [/Cough] I don't dislike Hoilett, but I'll never forget that - looks like it's gonna be the same for Tabla.
  13. Sick of my non-soccer friends being educated from Sid's rant yesterday. Got so many clueless texts.
  14. What a strange, strange move. Risking our golden program to save another, with what can't be seen as a proven success in men's soccer.
  15. Oh sorry, I did a quick look considering the timing of the article and thought it was okay.
  16. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41715159 Fifa is considering changing the rules that govern a player's eligibility to represent a national team. At present, players who have played a competitive international for one team cannot switch to another national side. Cape Verde's football federation has proposed this rule be relaxed in cases where a player has played only once or twice for a national side. "There are so many issues that have popped up," said Fifa's Victor Montagliani. "The world is changing." "Immigration is changing. There are nationality issues that pop up all over the world - in Africa, (and) there are issues in Asia and Concacaf. "So it's a good time to have a look at this and see if there are solutions without hurting the integrity of the game." The Canadian, who heads up Fifa's stakeholders' committee, is president of Concacaf, which represented North and Central America as well as the Caribbean federation. Another Fifa rule dictates that players with no blood connection to a country are only allowed to represent it if they have lived and played there for five years. Montagliani said his committee is considering changing that period and possibly increasing it as well. He added that Fifa may also look into a compensation scheme in cases where a player goes through the training system of one country and represents it a youth level before switching to another.In 2004, Antar Yahia made history when becoming the first player to represent one national team at senior level having played for another at youth level. Yahia, who would go on to send Algeria to the 2010 World Cup, had played for France's Under-18 side. Previously, a footballer who had played for one country in a competitive international at both senior and junior level was not permitted to change nationality. The move came following pressure from the Algerian federation. Disclaimer - This is like half a shit-post.
  17. If I remember correctly. We were in Denver chanting "Cap-tie Aleman" ... we weren't scoring goals so we wanted to do something productive.
  18. Party's over - go home. Lock Thread
  19. He's one sub away from making it at least a few more days!
  20. He can make his daughters dreams come true now.
  21. Oh yeah my bad. I actually knew that woops
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