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  1. ...it's that anticipation before the storm. We all grab our slide rulers and armchair psychology books and do our best to not get overly optimistic (or depressed) about our chances. We're ready to take on the world... ALLEZ LES ROUGES!! I love this time... it's so much better than what usually comes next.... which is the tears of rage and frustration. But then, I get to make yet another version of the classic... Should I start on a "I upCHUCKed (Blazer) at the Cash Cup" design? Or who the hell is in charge at CONCACAF now?
  2. +1 on everything you said (even if I didn't quote it all)
  3. Anyone have a couple of extra tickets for a displaced (and depressed) FC Edmonton supporter? I'm just waiting for a buddy to confirm he can come...
  4. It wouldn't be the first time I've watched the CMNT alone in a bar... If that does happen, at least I'll be secure in the knowledge that the reason I'm alone is because everyone else is out supporting the boys.
  5. As a displaced V in Vancouver, this gets a shout out of approval! I love the "instant friends, just add CMNT footbal" aspect of it. I'm on my way to Toronto this morning... so can someone give me directions to a Toronto V viewing spot?
  6. That's what boggles my mind. I just don't get how you can be a raving lunatic fan for TFC (or any other CDN club side for that matter) and not be interested in supporting the national side... I just don't get it. It can't be the whole "euro snob" thing... so what is the problem then?
  7. +1 I'm a litte surprised that more people don't want to talk about how GREAT that goal was. I remmeber Sweden doing almost exactly the same thing to the CWNT in the WWC... we were the ones standing around arguing and not paying attention. To see the CMNT have the savvy to play an advantage like that was nearly as satisfying as seeing Dunfield's cracker. It shows we are prepared to do what it takes to win - something we haven't really shown in the past. As for the support question... it's a bit tricky teasing out the general support from the hard core support. The V's were AWESOME last night. Pure class all the way, no question. However, (and I'm not trying to be antagonistic here) I do have a hard time understanding how our biggest city can be supposedly filled with TFC fans who can't be bothered to come out to support the Canadian team. Where do they all go? How can they care so much about a club team filled with foreign players and so little for a national team with several 'hometown boys'? It just doesn't make sense to me... Having said that though, playing anywhere in Canada will have its challenges... just different ones. If cities lost the right to host CMNT games, we'd be down to playing in Whitehorse by now...
  8. Had a great experience of being a displaced Voyageur and watching this match with some Vancouver V's. Making my way through a crowded and rowdy Vancouver bar I was very relieved to see some other guys with my fashion sense in scarves. Just a few quick comments - I thought the fan section was fantastic. I can see why the perception from within that red/white mosh pit would differ from the tv screen. While I'm disappointed about all the yellow, on a Stanley Cup finals night, I don't think you can complain too much. Besides, I think being an ORGANIZED group of fans really allows us to punch above our weight. I felt the play was a little off, but mostly it didn't surprise me - we usually get better the longer we're in a tourney because we play so infrequently the guys have to be re-introduced to each other every match. Having said that, when was the last time we scored a beauty like the Dunfield cracker? I certainly can't remember. What impressed me even more was the second goal. 9 times out of 10, in the past we would've patiently (and politely) waited for the Ecuadorians to "be ready" before we did anything... because it fits with the Canadian mentality of "Fair Play". Noticing the opportunity and have the wherewithal to actually act on it? Priceless.
  9. That really is a no-brainer. The reason for this is that the Canadians were supporters. The Ecuadorians were much more concerned with "being Ecuadorian". For them, this wasn't a soccer game - it was merely a chance to celebrate their cultural identity. That's not something we can compete with directly because the "Canadian cultural identity" is always going to lose out. We need to get the message out to the "casual sports fan", and that's something that could really be helped by the major sports networks taking a more active role in promoting the games. It's a little hard to argue with pictures like these though - http://www.flickr.com/search/show/?q=20110601+fans&w=46765827%40N08
  10. Screw the haters... this was a work of genius, pure unadulterated genius.
  11. Is it being streamed live on the Sportsnet.ca website?
  12. I'll be there with my Canada reds on at 4pm... and I'll bring my Eddies scarf and switch it up at 7:30...
  13. Nicely done... I slept with my Voyageurs scarf under my pillow last night after watching the video. It makes me want to make 5 new friends today, just so I can send it to them...
  14. Someone will need to A) confirm the Vancouver site and Tell this displaced Voyageur where the heck it is? This'll be the first time I've been on the road when a CMNT match is on, so I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces with a familiar dress code... This is going to be fun. I'll be in Vancouver for the Ecuador match June 1, and in Toronto for the USA match June 6 and then back in Edmonton for the rest of the Gold Cup.
  15. Geez... this made me cry when I saw it. WELL DONE! I've retweeted it twice already...
  16. "A-HA! I KNEW it! Max you were out here in Edmonton too, weren't you? I saw you on a video clip during the pre-match coaches press conference. I said "HEY! That's a VOYAGEUR!"
  17. Pro/Rel will take a LONG time to materialize... if ever. What really interests me is if MLS will take a more active interest in D-2 once they've "maxed out" at 20 teams. If MLS was smart, they'd realize that it's tough to sustain an upside-down pyramid. D-2 needs stability and a stable D-2 will really help in the same way AAA Baseball and AHL hockey help MLB and the NHL. MLS2 creates a great branding opportunity in markets that aren't quite ready for MLS... it's a way to increase the brand without really putting the primary product line at risk and the MLS brand will lend some much needed credibility to D2. How great would a 20-team MLS2 look aside a 20-team MLS1...
  18. Yeah, after looking at the match again, it didn't appear that Gordon was offside. It was close, but he was onside... The bigger question is where was his marker on the play? It should've been Oppong who had drifted into the middle. After watch a large portion of the game again with the passion-less eyes of knowing the outcome, I conclude that the skill level is almost comparable but the Eddies suffer from a naive view of tactics both going forward and in defense. Going forward they were a little bit too predictable and in defense they were caught out of position a few times. Luckily that's something that Sinkgraven can work with. With a little more seasoning and a few better players I think we would've seen something akin to the near-parity in the Vancouver-Montreal. In both cases the better team won, but I can't wait for the day we'll see Edmonton really push (and beat!) the MLS opposition. I don't think it's as far off as it might appear. Go Whitecaps!
  19. Well, I'll take it. I would've rather had a 1-1 draw, but what can you do. One thing that surprises me is that Eddy Sidra hasn't played that much for the Eddies. With his experience with the CMNT and Energie Cottbus I would've thought he'd make an impact to the FC Edmonton lineup. Having said that, the one time I've seen him (last week in the first leg) he looked a little... thicker... than he has before. I wonder if fitness is a concern?
  20. Was Gordon offside on that goal? It looked a little suspect... Still, all in all I think we're looking a fair bit better than we have lately. I think we're missing Saiko and Lemire in the attack though.
  21. The lesson thing might make sense... Baart at least does look like he needs to regroup a little. Lemire is a hot head, and always has been... don't think that'll change. Rumour via River_City is that Lemire was out partying the night before the home opener, so perhaps that... ahem... Impacted things a bit.
  22. http://boxscorenews.com/fc-edmonton-has-work-to-do-against-toronto-fc-wednesday-night-p19190-68.htm Not sure I understand this. Why would Baart and Lemire be serving their suspensions in the V-Cup? Especially if they still have to serve it in the NASL match against Atlanta... Now the the argument could be made that Baart needs some time to get his head back on straight.. and maybe Parker could get a "warmup" match in against TFC seeing as how no one expects us to do anything but lose this match anyway. But Lemire is one of our better players... seems silly to leave him out for no real good reason. Is this just a case of sloppy journalism?
  23. All I gotta say is... "May the 4th be with them..." Any ESG types getting together to watch this game? I'm planning on playing hooky... but it's no fun ditching homework alone...
  24. Dude, the real question is if your location is Edmonton, how the heck you can decide watch the tournament as a neutral? Go Eddies!
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