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  1. JAN 11, 2016 As of today I am now recommending that you purchase your airline tickets (or contact me to help you). If you are flying from Vancouver. I suggest the 6:00 AM departure that connects in San Francisco The flight #'s are AC 5110 connecting to AC 5402 You will arrive in Mexico at 6:18PM and the shuttle will be waiting for you. If you are flying from Toronto I suggest the direct AC 993 departing at 08:35 AM and arriving at 11:45 AM. The shuttle will be waiting for you. If you are flying from anywhere else, please try to arrive close to one of these times.
  2. As of today Mexican Media (including Fox Sports) is confirming the game is at Azteca. I cannot tell you to purchase tickets based on that information. However should you wish to purchase tickets at this time please let me know your flight details. I wish I did have an official confirmation. The hold up is 100% not with the CSA.
  3. We now have online reservation at The Supporters Section. If you have not yet sent in your form, please fill out the form online. https://www.thesupporterssection.com/event/canada-at-mexico-world-cup-qualifying/
  4. Still space available to sign up. Don't be fooled by the nice weather now, March will be cold and you could be in Mexico watching some soccer, wrestling some Luchadores, cheering for Canada, having some tacos....
  5. you're the face of soccer. You get points for everything. Can't wait to see you in the Luchadore ring! Jamie says you totally agreed to do it.
  6. Just a little update to say things are bubbling below the surface for this one, look for details to be released early in 2016.
  7. There is something already in the works and will be released shortly. Jamie is on it.
  8. this is where the import on US team status for Canadians really sucks.
  9. Stories for years indeed! This trip is going to put Cuba to shame, Luchadores! Azteca! Tequila! T
  10. We want everyone to go and have a great time and be safe, so the tickets might be contingent on arriving with the group and security. So yes, as long as you can join us in time for the pre game event. Im sure we can make it work.
  11. Well, for everyone who is going to this game and then down to Mexico, at least we have one piece of the puzzle almost confirmed. Now if the Mexican FA would just confirm the game is at Azteca all would be good in the world (from a planning perspective)
  12. Home game announcement Thursday. Hopefully the away game announced as well.
  13. Im still holding off on recommending buying flights until confirmed, but if you do decide to buy your flights now, because the airfare deals are good, or the space is running out or whatever, then let me know you flight times so I can work on the shuttles for arrival pickups.
  14. If that is what the El Salvadorans have been planning and practicing for I'd be happy.
  15. Maybe I am in the minority here but 1) I like the current kits and 2) I wish they'd not do a new one every year to build up some recognition/familiarity. New kit every cycle maybe.
  16. I'll be going to Scallywags tonight if anyone has any questions about the trip to Azteca. See you all there.
  17. and the new odds based on Friday night are?
  18. DontPanic


    its going to be such an epic trip (minus the bags of pee)
  19. By match day 6 we could (in theory) be playing an El Salvador team that is already long eliminated, or we could be eliminated, or who knows. im glad we are playing ES now (hopefully distracted), and have 3 pts from HON already. Things will be different on all 4 teams a year from now.
  20. Mark Geiger as the referee makes me happy. He's referred some good high level games and shouldn't fall victim to the whining and complaining and rolling around common to Central America.
  21. lots can happen between now and then. Lets re-assess after Tuesday.
  22. Although the odds are for a Vancouver home game v Mexico, I would recommend not getting airfare until it is confirmed.
  23. I don't think we have to get win/win vs El Salvador (although that would help). Win/Tie vs Hon and ES plus Mexico running the table gives us 8 points. ES and Honduras would only be able to max out at 7 points by my calculations. Win at home, tie on the road. Hope Mexico runs the table against the others and maybe sneak a point against them.
  24. Agreed, but this will be the first time for many(most?) of our new emerging talent (Larin, Akindele, Junior etc.) I'm looking at that as a potential positive, no mental scars from previous rounds, no expectation other than to beat the team in front of them.
  25. As of Nov 1 the price has now gone up and is reflected above. Still a great deal and lots of time to join us.
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