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  1. Keep the faith.. 2-1 Canada on Wednesday..The Miracle In Mexico is coming
  2. Get ready to make the "Miracle in Mexico" shirts.. Half the Mexcian team will mysteriously get food poisoning leading to a shocking 2-1 Canada victory. as my dad always says..Live in Hope. Die in Despair.
  3. wooohoo...can't wait for kick off
  4. GOOD-Put tickets on sale more than 2 weeks before the game AND at a reasonable price.
  5. I agree with Sporting, this game is huge in terms of momentum. A large crowd, into the game will do wonders for the team and game in this country. look at all the sponsors that jumped on board TFC after they started off with a successful 1st season (in the stands, not on the field). Esquire extra time, Subway substitutions, BMO, KIA etc. More sposnorships means more support, means more games, which hopefully means more improvement for the team, which translates into more fans, etc etc. A good result in this game and then fans are buzzed, they start asking why there are not more games in Toronto, heck they might even get INVOLVED (I know this is Canada and I might be dreaming)..so in my opinion. This game is HUGE!
  6. New York Red Bull (the largest media market inthe USA) got knocked off in the quarter finals by a division 2 team. I don't see how that affected the interest of the tournament. With a CONCACAF CUP spot on line it should be opened up (with MLS teams coming in at the final 4, USL teams final 8, CSL teams final 16 etc)
  7. definitely open it up to more teams, through the big three in at a 1/4 final level (sorta like the US Open Cup)
  8. Hey Sporting, I have the 80 seats in front of you in section 117 rows 1-4(except for 8 seats someone else got in the middle of my group thanks to a ticketmaster screw up. Also 25 more in section 105.
  9. Hey Sporting, I have the 80 seats in front of you in section 117 rows 1-4(except for 8 seats someone else got in the middle of my group thanks to a ticketmaster screw up. Also 25 more in section 105.
  10. another solution would be to have a LONGER exclusive presale to the Voyageurs. Plus have the tickets for the section controlled via the group. big props to Winnipeg Fury for the work he did in getting the work done he did already.
  11. where is the coo roo coo coo coo coo coo coo?
  12. "saw a basketball game once where everyone in the stands was issued a newspaper, and when the team was announced for starting line ups, all 15,000 people held a paper over their face and pretended to read. " Isn't that fromt the "shudder" horrible hockey movie Mystery, Alaska with Russel Crowe? my 2 cents. Total silence for the Jamaica anthem. Sing as loud as possible for the Canadian one..
  13. If yesterdays game is a guide then there will be a lot of tickets available to snap up in 116-117. I have seasons in row 3 of 117 and normally I would recognize everyone around me, but yesterday almost everyone was new.
  14. would have liked to play Mexico away first..before Sven gets them settled and in synch.
  15. Id be interested in at least 3. please add me to the list and let me know how to pay.
  16. I work in an office with a lot of different nationalities. During the Eurocup i have tried to get them interested in supporting Canada along with Italy or Portugal or whoever and they all turn up their noses. Canada at WC2010 will at least show some of these eurosnobs that we have a team. most of them have never seen them play (live or on TV). EXPOSURE=Good for the game.
  17. long time lurker..first post..but this topic interests me. there is a big buzz around canadian soccer at this time. maybe a flyer/leaflet/banner or something should making it to the WCQ's coming up. I think you have a chance of a lot of people checking out a site (if it is up and has a clear message) if you start promoting it. maybe a list of what you have so far..1) an idea 2) a URL 3) a handful of names is enough to get started. pick a date, put together the small committee as mentioned above and see what happens.
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