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  1. On 2/3/2018 at 6:29 PM, soccer.shocker said:

    Big assumption that Cavallini comes back on a regular basis tho. The Gold Cup appearance was a mix of OZ influence and to improve his club situation.  That was clear.  Of all the players / personalities / egos in the player pool, he would probably be one of the toughest for Herdman to convince to buy in, especially given the "Herdman is a women's coach" thing and OZ immediately starting Larin ahead of him in the Gold Cup quarter. Unless Lucas wants to hang more often with his boy Osorio, I suspect we may not see him in red and white for a while unless the games are really meaningful as in Hex or he's looking to move to a bigger club. Hope I'm wrong, like way wrong. 

    I share your suspicions on his commitment going forward.  OZ made a trip to Uruguay to discuss playing for the CMNT prior to the Gold Cup.  Perhaps the linguistic bond between the two helped in the decision too.   I hope Lucas stays committed to the cause as I feel that we need his quality.  It would be very very poor on his part if he walked away.  Apart from his rapport with Osorio, how did he get along with the rest of the team?  

  2. One more thing while I'm in on the Hume love in: when we were waiting for tickets on the bus in Havana in front of the CSA hotel just a couple of hours before the match he (and a few others) came on the bus to thank us for being there for them! He seemed so genuine and was smiling, I just had to get off the bus and have a chat with the guy! We chatted about the impending match and English club football, he was so personable and was genuinely interested in what I had to say! A class act all round!

    I noticed that he was one of the few to sing the national anthem yesterday. I thank him for his commitment to the cause.

  3. quote:Originally posted by loyola

    Well, you are talking about their peers. Are you aware of the travel arrangements of Honduras and Jamaica?

    Also, the travel plan between MTL and Chiapas weren't made in order to avoid a 22h trip but to make sure JDG would have enough time to get back from the dancing floor where he was spending the night!

    Loyola - I don't really follow what you are saying about JDG? Are you implying that he is all about partying and less about football? Can we substantiate this as a group? Is this the overall sentiment about JDG within the Voyageurs?

  4. I thought McKenna played well last night? I don't know too much about him. Some questions:

    1. At 28, does he still have a future with the MNT?

    2. Why was he kept on the bench for the first three games? He looks like an impact player to me.

  5. It is time to look forward. It was fitting that Stalteri got schooled on the final goal. That summed up our WCQ campaign. Our defense was woeful. I thank Mitchell, Stalteri, Radz, Onstad, and Hastings for their tireless service.

    The gap between us and the other CONCACAF teams is not that great. We can beat them in four years time.

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