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  1. CPL General

    Right now one advantage for the CPL is the CSA is much better operated compared to the USSF. Look at how messed up the US soccer "pyramid" really is and compare it to what the CSA is planning.
  2. MLS claims "labour laws" and giving preferential treatment towards one country or some nonsense as reasons for not counting Canadians as domestic in US clubs while Americans still get domestic status in the 3 Canadian ones. This has to be bull#$@t because the NASL and USL don't have such restrictions on Canadian players. What do you think is the real reason behind this? I think MLS and Garber are afraid that Canadian players on average are superior in skill to American ones and if they got domestic status they would displace American players and fewer Yanks would see the field ever again. MLS doesn't want to be exposed by the fact that Canada is better than the US and pretends to care about Canada with the new office (this is also fear of CPL surpassing MLS quickly in quality). So I think the real reason is Canada has better players and making them domestic would significantly reduce American playing time and Canada's national team would overtake the US again just like the 1980's. Remember the old NASL?
  3. Alphonso Davies

    Too bad Davies can't get a Euro passport. He would be light years better than any American players can daydream about. Canada has much better prospects than the USA but very little chance of developing them.
  4. For Canadians, what's the point of watching MLS when you have over 100 better leagues around the world?
  5. How long would it take for CPL to surpass MLS in quality?

    Also, you need to point out that Canadian teams have better results than American ones. Hence Canada > USA in CCL despite having only 1 spot. So if Canada is already outperforming the US without a domestic league, why can't the CPL do the same?
  6. The true status of our 3 Canadian MLS clubs

    So after watching A-League and MLS can you give an objective opinion on which league is better?
  7. General Discussion on CMNT

    I felt that Canada should've been in the Hex and would've finished 3rd and qualify for 2018. Canada got screwed by FIFA rankings and ended up with a tough group. Imagine if Canada had the US's group instead. FIFA rankings are meaningless in reflecting real quality, but they are used for WC qualifications and tournament seeding.
  8. Milan Borjan

    Who thinks Borjan is the 4th best CONCACAF keeper now? I think he's clearly better than everyone besides Navas, Ochoa, and Blake.
  9. You know over 90% of US soccer fans ignore MLS because it's garbage quality and plastic and a #fakeleague. I wonder if Canadians feel the same way, since I heard a lot of people saying the CPL is already better than MLS in how the league is structured, allowing real clubs instead of franchises in a single-entity.
  10. How long would it take for CPL to surpass MLS in quality?

    Um...Everton has never been a top club and he was only good for a few years. He might be above average, but not "world class." Compare Howard to Casillas, Buffon, Neuer, etc. and he's nowhere close.
  11. How long would it take for CPL to surpass MLS in quality?

    I don't believe you're a clueless American soccer fan. Ask some people around the world or even Premier League forums and find out who actually thinks he's world class. What has Howard done beside the Belgium game in 2014 where he had to be the hero because the US defence was invisible?
  12. General Discussion on CMNT

    There is only one major fix for Canada's MNT - just avoid MLS once the CPL is running. AT ALL COSTS. Let the better players develop abroad and use the CPL as a springboard for a higher level. You can have a few CPL lifers as bench/B-team options, but just avoid having a squad with a majority of domestics or you'd end up as pathetic as the US team.
  13. How long would it take for CPL to surpass MLS in quality?

    Have you been following on the USSF fiasco lately? When did the CSA have an incestuous relationship with 1 league and ignore the rest? Canada allows training compensation and is considering pro/rel. There was also an article a few days ago about New Brunswick trying to eliminate pay-to-play. Right now CSA is making solid plans and improving Canada soccer while the USSF is basically having a civil war between the execs and lower leagues/clubs. Also what does metro area size have to do with quality? The CPL can easily surpass MLS, considering how low the bar really is.
  14. How long would it take for CPL to surpass MLS in quality?

    MLS doesn't pay well besides 3 DP's. Budget doesn't translate to quality either. MLS teams have higher budgets than Central America and Caribbean leagues, but still struggle against them in CCL. Also, unlike South American and African leagues with smaller budgets, MLS has NEVER produced a world class player to sell to Europe.
  15. The true status of our 3 Canadian MLS clubs

    You know that money =/= quality right? CPL can and should be better than MLS with better and more logical roster rules and coaching. Besides 3 DP's in MLS, the rest of the players are not paid really well. How good do you think an MLS player making $70K/yr really is? Also, Australia can create a league superior to MLS, so what's Canada's excuse?