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  1. Unofficial CPL fan survey

    Upon re-reading this thread, it appears everything I'm reacting against has come from dsqpr. He said the following in three separate posts: "I think that is a fantastic result for CPL. Hell, the league doesn't even exist yet and MLS has been around for 20 years and current MLS fans plan to support both equally?! What will happen to that number once CPL actually exists?! A football fan pretty much never supports two teams in the same market; MLS is going to be dropped like a hot potato!" "I was obviously exaggerating with my 'hot potato' comment but I was serious about the demise of MLS in Canada. If CPL manages to get off to a good start then I think it will get steadily stronger and there will be a steady bleed of fans from MLS to CPL -- to the point where MLS in those Canadian markets is no longer profitable. At which point the MLS franchise will be sold." "Yeah, that is a projected minimum 16% drain from MLS to CPL long before CPL has even kicked a ball. Those numbers are only going to get better for CPL." These are the kinds of comments I find to be unrealistic. CPL won't overtake MLS, at least not anytime soon. If there are others like dsqpr, then they might be disappointed with what CPL looks like at first.
  2. CPL General

    It's not possible to design a system where literally every game matters an equal amount. No matter if we have playoffs or no playoffs there are always some games that are more meaningful than other games. In a non-playoff system you're going to have games like Chelsea's final match this season against Sunderland. They already won the EPL and there wasn't really anything to play for. At the same time, in a playoff system, you'll see teams get to the last game of the season were their playoff spot is already clinched and they'll rest their best players since they still have playoff games. In both systems that final game is meaningless for a lot of teams.
  3. CPL Stadiums Thread

    I'm not familiar with the stadiums in Winnipeg and Hamilton. Do they use grass or artificial turf? Paul Beirne said last week in an interview that Halifax will probably be the only stadium that uses grass. If Winnipeg and Hamilton currently use grass in their stadiums, I wonder if they're planning to put something artificial over top during CPL games?
  4. Unofficial CPL fan survey

    I'm not trying to be negative about the CPL. I'm very excited for what it will look like when it arrives. I guess my concern is that I don't want people to have unrealistic expectations of what it will be and then become disenfranchised with the league because it didn't live up to what they were hoping for. Some people may switch their allegiance from MLS to CPL, but we're not going to see a mass exodus. We're not going to see 20,000 seat stadiums packed out in the first few years. We're probably not going to have a 12 team league within the first five years. What we're going to have is a small 6-8 team league to start that is playing mostly in 6,000-10,000 seat stadiums and getting decent (albeit not packed) crowds. The quality of the league will probably be somewhere slightly higher than USL/NASL, but still significantly below MLS. But the game day experience will be fun, the games themselves will be enjoyable and slowly over time, as more Canadians get into watching professional soccer, the league will grow.
  5. Unofficial CPL fan survey

    If we're speaking in simply binary terms then yes, I believe at least some people will stop following MLS in order to start following CPL. But how many people do remains to be seen. Unfortunately without seeing all the data in front of us it's hard to truly extrapolate anything. We know that currently 16.5% of people who click on the survey from MLS forums said they would switch from primarily supporting MLS to primarily supporting CPL. However, how many people took the survey? What's our sample size? Furthermore, will that 16.5% remain once we get more details of what CPL looks like? What level of play is that 16.5% expecting out of the CPL? If they're expecting the quality to rival MLS, then it would make sense why they might be willing to switch support to CPL. What percent of that 16.5% indicated that quality of on-field play is either "of high importance" or "deal breaker"? I don't expect that we're going to see 16.5% of TFC fans switch their loyalty to a Toronto-based CPL team. The average TFC fan probably doesn't care about what league TFC is playing in, they just want to see a quality game. That's not a dig at TFC, the average fan of any team is going to care significantly less than the hardcore supporters. The current fan survey circulating is only collecting data from the most hardcore CPL supporters. It's not indicative of how the general sporting public will feel about MLS and CPL. However, as you pointed out the survey has indicated that a non-zero number of people will be willing to switch their support. While this percentage will likely drop over the next year and a half, there will still be at least some people willing to drop MLS for CPL.
  6. Unofficial CPL fan survey

    Yeah, I agree with Kent. Since there are so many unknowns to the CPL right now, everyone gets to make up their own desires for what the league will look like and then answer the survey based on that. Furthermore, people tend to answer surveys based on who they want to be rather than who they are. That's not a soccer fan thing, that's just a human nature thing. The question that still remains is, will the average person in Toronto be more willing to support a lower quality team in a Canadian league over a significantly higher quality team MLS? Will the average person care about the fact that the league is Canadian? As much as some of us will support the CPL simply because of that Canadian storyline, how long will that last with the average fan? Smaller markets have no other options. If you want to watch professional soccer in Winnipeg, Hamilton or Halifax you're going to have one option. But when faced with a massive disparity in talent between an MLS team and a CPL team, will most people from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver care about the smaller team?
  7. Potential CPL logo concepts

    Foothills FC place in the Calgary Soccer in the southeast of the city. Nose Hill is a large park in the northwest of the city. While neither is in extreme sections of the city, they're clearly in opposite quadrants and could work well. With that said, I have no idea what the Nose Hill team would look like or what kind of logo to build for them.
  8. Potential CPL logo concepts

    I don't think either city could realistically support two CPL teams right now, but I doubt that's the point of GDQ's hypothetical question. There may come a day in the future when football is a big enough deal in Canada that you have multiple clubs in both Calgary and Edmonton. But the whole point of this thread has been to dream up potential clubs and then make logos for those clubs. So who cares if Calgary and Edmonton can realistically support two teams? Let's pretend they can and think of what those clubs could look like? I can't speak for Edmonton, but since Calgary is longer than it is wide I think the logical divide would be between the north and south with the Bow River as the divide. Maybe the northern club could be Nose Hill? You could also try to make it an ideological divide rather than a physical one. Maybe make one club the inter-city downtown club and the other the suburban club?
  9. Unofficial CPL fan survey

    A six-team league might not gain much mainstream attention, but I'm not sure they need to. They need to be successful in the markets they have teams in. The league isn't going to succeed or fail based on how many people in Toronto are watching the games on TV. They're going to be success based on how many people come out to the games. They're going to be successful is they can create an entertaining fan experience on game day. The league needs to make sure they're financial viable before they enter risky markets. But the league isn't going to make money on TV contracts as much as they'll make money on ticket sales, merchandise and advertising both on kits and on the field. Ironically enough, since Toronto already has a major football franchise, it's the riskier market right now than Hamilton, Winnipeg or Halifax. Now, all of this isn't to say that the league should stay at six teams forever. I fully expect them to expand at least to eight teams quickly; more than likely by the start of the 2019 season. But it might be a few years after that before we see them get up to 10 teams. Out of curiosity, if you were organizing the league, where would you place the 8-10 teams you think they should launch with?
  10. Unofficial CPL fan survey

    Yeah, I fully expect the CPL to compete in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and Ottawa eventually (assuming Edmonton and Ottawa don't bring their current teams into the CPL). But the league needs to grow and figure out how to be financially viable before it tries to take on the MLS teams.
  11. Unofficial CPL fan survey

    I would love numbers like that. Do you think Toronto fans are willing to support any sports team with those kinds of numbers or do you think that 7,000 is because, regardless of the division, Toronto Wolfpack is the only professional Rugby League team in the city?
  12. Unofficial CPL fan survey

    The issue is that when you're launching a league with six clubs, those six need to be as close to a sure thing as possible. If you launched with six clubs--three of which are in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal--and those clubs fail (since football fans have larger, better clubs to support), you run the risk of cratering the league right then and there. Why take the risk? Rather, target markets that don't already have a professional club at all. Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Quebec City and Halifax all have large enough populations that they could realistically support a club and there is currently no competition in those markets. It's since come out that there's an interested party in Toronto, so we'll see what happens. But I know when the CPL was originally announced last month Beirne seemed to think staying away from the Big 3 for now was in their best interest. Either way, I guess we'll see what happens in the coming months with club announcements.
  13. Canadian "Championship" League (Tier 2)?

    I don't know about other people, but I'm not expecting the 2nd division to happen any time soon. Realistically it could 20years before the CPL has 16 teams. Bernier has mentioned wanting to start with six teams and by the 2019 season expand up to eight, but beyond that there hasn't been any specific talk about how quickly expansion would happen. However, the fact that they're thinking long-term enough to build in the possibility of pro/rel at a future point is encouraging.
  14. Canadian "Championship" League (Tier 2)?

    Yeah, I stand corrected. I knew the Premier League was founded in '92, but I thought it was a result of the superior teams not wanting to play inferior teams as often. You're right that it was essentially the first division that simply broke away and started their own thing.
  15. Canadian "Championship" League (Tier 2)?

    I would hope they don't call it the Canadian Championship League. In England those names came up organically as they continued to create higher tiered leagues. In the same way, I would hope the CPL simply continues to expand. And then, a day might come when we notice a large disparity between the top 6-8 teams and the rest of the league. In which case, those 6-8 teams can create a new top tier league, effectively bumping the CPL down into tier two.