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    • Friendly Manjrekar James is on the pitch for FC Midtjyyland against HSV, 20 to go. Italy  Busti starts for Juventus U19 against Fiorentina U19. Uruguay  Martin Amuz had minutes for Danubio last week in preseason. 
    • This is great move for Cordova as the Caps have a lot of positions that need filling.  The loan agreement is good testing ground for both caps and Cordova.  Plus it will be nice to be able to see what this kid can do in the MLS.   Re MDS signing Canadians - my perspective is that they are trying get domestics at low cost to fill slots.  These players may be underrated and it is a great opportunity for them, but I don't see them walking onto the team.  MDS has been good to Canadians - but he has also been smart to slot in bigger talents or more experienced players as well.  MDS is basically having to rebuild the entire squad - recent signings provide depth but I suspect bigger signings are coming.  I would not be surprises if a more experienced defensive re-enforcement arrives in the next month or during the summer transfer window.
    • That's exactly what I thought since they're colleagues of sorts,  though I don't know if he's going to Xavi's team. They are using Aspire Academy to get coaching licences and experience.
    • Several of the rosters are completely filled out and all of the rosters have more than 11 players signed. They just haven’t announced them yet.  Much else is decided too that you are going on and on about. It just hasn’t been released to the public yet.  But if you can’t come up with these as possibilities yourself rather than assuming the opposite, then I doubt my information will make much impact. 
    • How about a giant box that covers you from head to toe and is made of a one-way mirror so you can see out, and everyone else can see their good looking (or not so good looking) selves? Added bonus, it would confuse people on the field. It could totally work...   In all seriousness, I can hardly wait for these kits to be unveiled. Still trying to decide which club I'll follow. I originally wanted one I could actually see in person, but it's a pretty lengthy drive to anyone. The kits may just help tip the scale.