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    Fantastic Meeting Yesterday - Really Feeling It Now


    Sunday, Nov 20th, I went to Hamilton for a meeting with the Barton Street Battalion and several guests from the OSA, CanPL and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. A lot of really good ideas being floated and an incredibly positive atmosphere.  There is nothing to indicate that this league is anything other than real, and I feel more encouraged now than ever.

    Thanks to James Hutton for organizing this and doing a fantastic job in setting up what is going to be a really great supporters group.

    There is no new information regarding the league as the point of the meeting was setting up the SG not trying to pick details out of people that don't have them or can't release them.

    Original Supporter was deemed snobby and rightfully so.  I have changed it to SUPPORTERS UNITED for the CanPL. 

    One thing is clear, we don't need to be conciliatory in any way. We don't need to apologize for anything that this league is not.  It's not MLS, it's not Serie A or the EPL. It's ours. 


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    Glad to hear.  I'm really excited for what's going on in Hamilton right now, they definitely deserve something after all of their hard work.

    Had a blast hanging out with Hamilton V's for the Pan-Ams two summers ago as well.

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    If anyone wants to support the CPL but does not get a team in their city, Hamilton should be your defacto club purely based on all the leg work they've done. 

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