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Found 32 results

  1. Ruffian

    MLS Fantasy

    The fantasy league is available to pick your teams on MLS Soccer website. I also joined the league for the walking the red website. My Canadian related picks: Cyle Larin FWD ORL | $5.5 Mil - Young Canadian picked first overall on a team that will be looking for a striker to step up and is very very cheap. Jack McInerney FWD MTL | $7.5 Mil - On a Canadian team. Also the main striker on an improved Montreal squad. Tesho Akindele FWD DAL | $8.0 Mil - Maybe he will be a CANMNT sometime. He should also continue scoring goals for one of the better teams in MLS with Mauro Diaz returning to an already good team and maybe more opportunity since Blas Perez maybe a step slower since he is 33 now. Jonathon Osorio MID TOR | $7.0 Mil - A Canadian with a regular starting position. Will get a lot of playing time since he can play almost anywhere in the midfield. He scored 99 points last year and potentially could improve on that score this year. Laurent Ciman DEF MTL | $7.5 Mil - On a Canadian team. Should start there almost every game. Seems to be a quality player on an improved team. Steven Vitoria DEF PHI | $7.5 Mil - Hopefully a Canadian! Had written him off, nut now I really hope he plays for Canada. Should play a lot with Philly. Maybe we could start our own league at MLSsoccer. If there is any interest start a private league and post the name and code or ask me and I can.
  2. Chad_Impact

    Naming the Montreal-Toronto derby.

    It's funny that both sides of this derby can't even agree on what to name it. I feel the 401 derby is a terrible name, especially considering there's no 401 highway here. What should it be called? My vote is on The Canadian Classic or Le Classique Canadien, since it translates well to both languages. Though, I have seen some Whitecaps fans get pretty butt-hurt about the name. (I'm not sure if there's a thread debating this yet or not, I couldn't find one.)
  3. socceronly


    Deviant no good dregs of humanity skipping from bar to bar in search of a home. The lost tribe of Toronto supporters groups, forever nomads in search of beer.
  4. GuillermoDelQuarto

    VWFC "Owners Circle"

    http://wfcownerscircle.com/ what.... is this?
  5. GuillermoDelQuarto

    CPL club "Identities" / Mission Statements

    So a couple of episodes back(not the last one but the one before that I believe) on footysoldiers they were talking about naming the teams and more than that sort of the club "mission statement"/"Identity" that would be the basis for each club. They mentioned "farmer johns" in regina and the regina regiment as well as privateers in halifax and how that can influence a team from the top-down so that there is always a clear purpose for how the team is going to play. Another example was the 86ers and how when they came in they said they were going to play BC guys and they were going to go for it in terms of scoring goals. I'll start off - I was thinking about Sigma Sauga - how the city is commonly understood as sort of a techhub/fortune 500 company hub and how sigma is a math symbol - this combined with seeing a tweet from the club recently where they were showing their youth players a slide show on tactics got me thinking. They could be known as precise and calculated tactically - it would go along with the Sigma thing as well as the general feel for the city. their mission statement could be something along the lines of "Our goal is to create intelligent, tactically aware players, who are capable of adapting on the fly different formations both from the opposition and from their own club, to give them a tactical advantage over the opponent - with the ultimate goal of winning, whether by defence or offence - by outsmarting the opposition". Thoughts?
  6. Unnamed Trialist

    FC Cincinnat to MLS?

    I was blown away by this article, in all respects. Deep-pocket owners, sport management experience, nice stadium with steep stands, great for soccer, and 15,000 a game in USL. Then the amazing sports rivalries you get in Ohio, and the youth soccer base. I mean, you can talk all you want about expansion prospects, but those numbers and that venue, in a month's of USL existence, are MLS quality, say no more. http://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2016/05/13/another-orlando-inside-charts-exciting-rise-fc-cincinnati
  7. Blackdude

    2014-15 Montreal Impact off-season

    So, it starts. IN: Donny Toia (Dispersal Draft) Marco Donadel (Free Agent Signing) Nigel Reo-Coker (Waiver Draft) Erik Kronberg (Re-Entry Draft Phase one) Bakary Soumaré (Re-Entry Draft Phase two) Victor Cabrera (loan from River Plate) Romario Williams (SuperDraft #3 Pick/ generation adidas) Laurent Ciman (Free Agent Signing) Ambroise Oyongo (trade from Energy Drinks) Eric Alexander (trade from Energy Drinks) Dominic Oduro (trade from Toronto) Kristian Nicht (Short-term loan)C Cameron Porter (Superdraft 3rd round pick signing) OUT: Marco Di Vaio (retired) James Bissue (option declined) Futty Danso (end of contract) Matteo Ferrari (option declined) Zakaria Messoudi (option declined) Troy Perkins (end of contract) Gorka Larrea (option declined) Heath Pearce (expansion draft to Orlando) Gege Soriola (option declined) Issey Nakajima-Farran (waived) Felipe (trade to Energy Drinks) Karl W. Ouimette (waived) Krzyztof Krol (bought out) UNSIGNED PLAYER IN MEXICO FW Fabio Morelli AWOL Ambroise Oyongo (may or may not be owned by the Impact) Adrian Lopez (He's recovering from his second ACL tear) Santiago Gonzalez (Was a flop, expect him loaned out somewhere in Uruguay) THE TEAM RIGHT NOW GK: Bush, Crépeau, Kronberg, Nicht DF: Lopez, Miller, Toia, Camara, Lefèvre, Tissot, Soumaré, Cabrera, Ciman, Oyongo MF: Gagnon-Laparé, Piatti, Mapp, Duka, Mallace, Smith, Béland-Goyette, Donadel, Reo-Coker, Bernier, Romero, Alexander FW: Jackson-Hamel, Mcinerney, Williams, Gonzalez, Oduro, Porter
  8. FIFA Elite Coach and Whitecaps Applicant; I can recommend Stephen Constantine's diligence & expertise. He is a knowledgeable, conscientious football coach of high calibre." MLS types are a dime a dozen these days Bobby.... looking for a multilingual Differentiator with global connections? Shortlist Stephen if he is still willing to visit.
  9. Drillers81

    Canadian Teams in MLS

    Reading some posts on an online article at mlssoccer.com on the subject of expansion. One comment in particular caught my mind, one reader stated that MLS expansion to Canada was a mistake and that the league should have expanded instead to other American markets. Division One soccer, such as MLS is, has been around since 1967, with a brief absence from 1985 to 1995. The arrival of the United Soccer Association (USA) and the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) in 1967 harkened the arrival of “top flight” soccer in America, however teams in these leagues were not limited to the United States, with two teams (Toronto and Vancouver) in the USA and a second Toronto team in the NPSL, three of the twenty-two Division One teams that year were based in Canada. Even when the two leagues merged to form the North American Soccer League (NASL) in 1968, two Canadian-based teams remained. In fact, over the 17-year history of the original NASL, only two seasons did not feature Canadian-based teams (1969 and 1970). From 1971 to its final season in 1984, at least two Canadian-based teams were in the league every season (three in 1979, 1980 and 1982; and five in 1981). Despite the limited success of the Canadian members of MLS, their predecessors in the NASL actually faired quite well. On field, both Toronto (in 1976) and Vancouver (in 1979) won the Soccer Bowl Championships; and attendance-wise from 1979 onward Vancouver was consistently in the top three of attendance every year. Since entering MLS, all three Canadian teams have drawn consistently above the league average in attendance, something that cannot be said for many of the US-based teams. With stadia around 20,000 seats, they all have been drawing pretty close to capacity on most nights. The Montreal Impact even recorded the largest crowd outside Seattle last season when 60,000 watched the home town team play David Beckham and the Galaxy. I am sure there are many around the United States who believe that their leagues should stay in their cities, after all, outside of the Toronto teams in the NBA and MLB, the rest of teams in the big three are US-based. As for the NHL, US claims to that league can be easily challenged, while being founded in 1919; the first US-based team in the Canadian league was the New York Rangers in 1927. Shortly thereafter, however US-based teams became the majority. The point of the matter is this; Canadian teams in “US” Division One leagues have a proud and honourable history. Far from diluting the product or depriving more deserving markets of a franchise, these teams have proven themselves worthy and important parts of the league. One need only to look at the positive impact of the Cascadia Rivalry (featuring Portland, Seattle and Vancouver) has had on the league, or the regional rivalries that are growing between Toronto and Montreal with the Northeastern teams to appreciate the value this Canadian Trio brings to the league. Prior to the series of expansions from 2007 to 2011, which included the three Canadian teams, it is very realistic to say that MLS was stagnating, if not declining. Since the injection of the new franchises over this period MLS has found new life. Far from criticizing the league’s decision to welcome Canadian markets, which have held their own in the league, questions should be raised about certain long-standing franchises that continually underperform. Perhaps the ones keeping deserving markets out of the league are these clubs and not the ones on this side of the border.
  10. Had an idea that I thought I'd throw out on the forum for discussion: CIS/CCAA Combine... Why isn't there one? Why doesn't the CIS/CCAA/CSA organize one? The basics of this idea: The MLS doesn't allow CIS players to enter into the draft, but as FC Edmonton has demonstrated the idea that there are not at least a handfull of CIS/CCAA players of professional caliber is nonsense. Currently the fact that there isn't a strait-forward pathway available to these players represents a substantial missed opportunity for Canadian soccer. Therefore, why doesn't the CSA, the CCAA and the CIS get together and organize a yearly combine to connect CIS/CCAA players looking to go pro with teams, scouts and agents interested in giving them a shot. Invited teams could include the Canadian pro-teams, as well as any interested USL-Pro team, as I am under the impression that USL-Pro treats Canadians and Americans both as "domestic". Additionally, scouts and agents with connections in Europe (or elsewhere) could also be invited to help connect players to opportunities abroad. Expansion of our player pool is critical, and the Canadian player pool is so small that even if only 5-10 players per year were successful at landing a contract, over time this would result in a significant increase. Would that ever directly affect the top end of our talent pool? Probably not, but at the same time, it wouldn't take much time before it doubled or even tripled our D2 player pool, which would represent a substantial increase in the number of Canadians making their living in soccer, and would go a very long way towards increasing our domestic "soccer IQ". The greatest benefit of increasing our D2 player pool now would be creating a much deeper reservoir of domestic technical expertis for the future. Would expending scare resources on creating a professional pathway for CIS and CCAA players help us create next DeRosario? Probably not, but it might help us create the next CANADIAN Rennie or Herdman.
  11. drew

    Canadian MLS teams

    I am not born in Canada and curious about how Canadians opinions on our Canadian MLS teams with less than a half of the players who are truly Canadian. Will you be more loyal to the teams if they consist of more Canadians playing? Thanks.
  12. On the menu of SoccerPlus this week: Patrick Leduc (RDS/LaPresse) and Mathias Van Halst (impactsoccer.com) discuss the goaltending prospects with the Montreal Impact following the hire (announced by RDS, but still to be confirmed) of Evan Bush. Jean Gounelle (RDS) revisits the Euro2012 qualification tournament. We talk Canada's MNT with Olivier Occean in Toronto and with Marc Tougas of the Canadian Press, we look back at the CSA's attitude towards 25 years of unsuccessful attempts to qualify for the World Cup. You can now subscribe to SoccerPlus on the iTunes Store or directly on http://lesoccerplus.wordpress.com Looking forward to read your comments. Philippe Germain Twitter : @soccerplusEN
  13. LVJ


    Looking for the names of Canadian soccer mascots, past and present. There's WINGER TAC-TIK SPIKE FROSTIE the SNOWMAN LOONEY BIRD OZZIE How about Ottawa Intrepid, Kitchener Spirit, Toronto Falcons, Metros Croatia, Toronto Lynx, Edmonton Brickmen, Inex and etc.? And who were the people behind the costume?
  14. coppercanuck

    MLS vs. Can Am Baseball?

    http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/22/sports/baseball/did-newark-bet-on-the-wrong-sport.html?_r=1&nl=todaysheadlines&emc=tha27 An interesting read from the NY Times. A bit of a window into the state of sports in the NYC-NJ cluster. I wish the author had added a bit more, the hockey Devils have moved and now the basketball Nets are gone.
  15. alberta white

    List for all your summer fun

    Looking for the times and channels showing the Uefa CL final I came across the following http://footballtvcanada.blogspot.com/ Well played that man!
  16. Hey for fans of PES 2011 for the PS3 there is an option file that has the MLS, NASL and some USL teams (NASL/USL Pro comprise the 2nd Division) even with Promotion/Relegation! http://www.pesgaming.com/showthread.php?t=84680
  17. Derosario

    MLS 2011 Season Prediction

    This was definitely a challenge which took me quite some time but a hell of a lot of fun. I'm going to review this at the end of the season to see how close I was. If you have your own predictions feel free to share. On my blog instead of listing the entire summary on the one post I broke them up into individual posts with links which I think is easier to navigate. You can click on each one of the teams to get my individual team prediction as well. You can see the Toronto FC fan in me by the awarding of 5th spot, wink wink nudge nudge. http://tfcblogger.blogspot.com/2011/03/mls-2011-season-prediction.html 1. New York Red Bulls 2. Real Salt Lake 3. Los Angeles Galaxy 4. Seattle Sounders FC 5. Toronto FC 6. FC Dallas 7. DC United 8. Sporting KC 9. San Jose Earthquakes 10. Houston Dynamo 11. New England Revolution 12. Philadelphia Union 13. Vancouver Whitecaps 14. Columbus Crew 15. Colorado Rapids 16. Chicago Fire 17. Chivas USA 18. Portland Timbers
  18. With the 2010 MLS Cup only two days away, many of the leading soccer media in North America descended upon BMO Field to watch the two finalists practice and to speak with the coaches and players in advance of the finale on Sunday. Those that attended the FC Dallas morning practice likely got their first chance to watch the Ottawa-born rookie centre back on the pitch. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Canadian_Rookie_Edward_Learning_From_MLS_Playoffs_Experience_november_19_10_article.shtml
  19. Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber was in Toronto on Tuesday morning and met with the Toronto media to discuss the upcoming MLS Cup Final that will be held at BMO Field on November 21st. With the recent protests by TFC supporters serving as a backdrop to the discussion, Garber had several messages for the fans that he said have “made the MLS what it is today.” “I have absolutely no doubt that we (as a league) would not be in the position we are – which is a respected, credible, growing professional sports league in the world – without the success of TFC,” said Garber. http://www.rednationonline.ca/MLS_Cup_Final_a_Thank_You_to_Toronto_Fans_october_19_10_news.shtml
  20. powerof11

    Inside the MLS: Ryan Smith

    In this interview, Ryan and Red Nation discuss his current MLS campaign with Kansas City, the Wizards recent win against Manchester United, his time with Arsenal in the English Premier League, his thoughts on how Major League Soccer compares to the football leagues in England and his upcoming match against Toronto FC. Podcast: http://www.rednationonline.ca/podcast.shtml#RyanSmith
  21. powerof11

    Inside the MLS: Sébastien Le Toux

    Red Nation Online recently had the opportunity to speak with Sébastien Le Toux a striker/midfielder who is currently enjoying a breakout campaign with the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer. Red Nation Online and Sébastien discuss his current MLS campaign, his decision to move to the United States, his time with the Seattle Sounders, Thierry Henry's move to the MLS, the possible allure of the Montreal Impact to European players and his upcoming match against Toronto FC at PPL Park. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Inside_the_MLS_Sebastien_Le_Toux_july_15_10_feature.shtml
  22. powerof11

    Tapping Into The Passion

    Jeremy Loome discussing the results in NY and LA over Juventus and Boca - and how MLS can capture some of the European supporters who have been reluctant to support their local team. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Tapping_Into_the_Passion_may_25_10_column.shtml
  23. Jeremy Loome's take on why Thierry Henry's (alleged) move to Major League Soccer is the most important signing to date in the league's history. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Henry_to_New_York_Determines_How_Far_We_Have_Come_may_18_10_column.shtml
  24. powerof11

    Inside the MLS: Teal Bunbury

    In this interview, Teal and Red Nation discuss his rookie MLS season, the Wizards current winless streak, his transition from the college game to the professional level and his upcoming first match against Toronto FC at BMO Field. http://www.rednationonline.ca/podcast.shtml#TealBunbury
  25. powerof11

    Inside the MLS: Will Johnson

    In this interview, Will and Red Nation discuss his current campaign with Real Salt Lake, winning the 2009 MLS Cup, the Men’s Canadian National Team and Real’s upcoming match against Toronto FC. http://www.rednationonline.ca/podcast.shtml#WillJohnson