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  • Canada vs Mexico Tickets Sold Out

    We will have some extra tickets after we distribute all the tickets today.  

    You can sign up for a chance to win one of three pairs of tickets at Canadian Soccer News.



  • Canada takes on Mexico in our final home game before the Women's World Cup in France.

    We will be emailing the tickets out closer to the game.  If you buy some now, you can always add more later and we will consolidate them for you so they are all seated together.

    We will have up to 600 souvenir flags for a tifo for this game.  You can take one home if you like, just make sure you are in your seat using it at the right times.

    This is the supporters section, there will be

    • Drums
    • Flags
    • Singin
    • Standing

    If you have any questions, please email socceronly@gmail.com

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