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  • Store Reboot

    The store will be back online shortly with some goodies.  Meanwhile there are scant few scarves left... get them while you can. 

    Right now it is all out production for in stadium tifo in Qatar.  Working on making over 1000 custom flags. 

    Our tifo fundraiser for Qatar is now up.  We need new flag poles, flags and banners that meet FIFA World Cup requirements. 

    Annie is also working on a design for a banner for Maxime Crépeau along the lines of You Are Here With Us.

    Thanks for your patience, back soon!

Qatar 2022 Tifo Fundraiser

1 product


    1. Add the flag to your cart.
    2. Continue shopping
    3. Add the flag again at $6
    4. Update the quantity in the cart for more flags at $6


    Just buy a five pack for $30

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