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  1. Turns out Broadhead is correct. Iro is one of our best defenders... you know, when a former German international basically plays his position for him. Winter is a genius.
  2. CIS will need to improve its infrastructure, especially on the scholarship side to create MLS-draftable players. I have been watching the University of Toronto team this year - I don't think that there is any player even close to pro quality on that team (nor any of their opponents I've seen, for that matter). U of T is currently ranked 7th.
  3. Apologies if this has been noted before (I did try and search the forum). Keegan Ayre appears to be on trial at Cambuur. http://www.soccernews.nl/news/58538
  4. From the CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/story/2008/10/07/cdasoccer-brennan-reaction.html
  5. From the above Neil D. article: "At its last season in Varsity Stadium in 2000, the Lynx drew crowds of 11,000 to some games - most paying, even if they were $4 tickets." First off - 2000 wasn't their last year at Varsity - Lynx fans will recall they played there in 2001 as well (there were two "last seasons" at Varsity when it escaped the wrecking ball cuz the University didn't know what to do with it). Davidson needs to check his facts. But ah yes, who can forget those heady days of over 10,000 paying fans singning out their hearts for our playoff heroes. WTF? News to the beer guy at Varsity who usually brought along three cases of Sleemans to sell to the rabid throngs. Average attendance in 2000 was an inflated 2620. The Reggina game was the highest attendance that year at 6737. By the 2000 season, half of Varsity was condemned and the total capacity for the stadium was only about 7000. (Around 6500 attended the Mexico game at Varsity that November) We went to semi-finals that year and the Vigjevic brothers missed the fluckin games because of a wedding! You see that in pro sport all the time, don't you? This was the problem with the Lynx - God love him, but Bruno was so often delusional. 11,000 my ass. Davidson should know better then to print something like that. Its also a huge stretch to say the Lynx "produced the likes of" DeRo and Atiba. Full credit to the Hartrell's for giving these guys a place to play, but both of them played only a handful of Lynx games. (Although I think the case canbe made for the development of Serioux, Stalteri and Pozniak.)
  6. I think Zagar has deteriorated from his form of a few years ago. I'm no 'keeper expert, to be sure, but I thought that his poor decision-making on crosses this year caused the Lynx a lot of problems and his kicking and ball skills were poor - a lot of shanked kicks. He also seemed to have put on weight. Could be a back-up I suppose.
  7. As someone who has suffered through a decade of the Lynx - I think that this is a good move for the club. The game-day experience at a Lynx game was already very PDL anyways. According to the USL website budgets for these teams are in the $100,000 to $200,000 range i.e. very sustainable. I would love to see more PDL teams in southern Ontario to reduce travel costs. To be fair, the Hartrell's are creating a club structure, with teams at all levels and I think that having a primarily under 23 team along with the youth teams is a good top level for the Lynx club structure. Wish that they were playing at the new Varsity Stadium - I'll rarely make the long hike to Centennial with TFC (+reserves) more centrally located. I think Varsity would be better for their profile. So who on the current Lynx will not make TFC but may go to Montreal or Vancouver... Dodds? Arristedemo? Arango?
  8. I think that Andres Arango - a very steady central defender (who was on that under 20 team that did so well in 2003) is the most likely to have a good shot at MLS - more so than Dodds who lacks pace and can seem to drift out of games. I've always liked Edgar Bartolomeu who played fullback and mid for the Lynx this year. He had a one year stint in MLS with Metrostars which may help get him a tryout.
  9. Lynx destroy Minnesota 5-0. In a decade of going to these games, I don't remember the Lynx dominating a game like they did tonight.
  10. BTW, the Lynx move out of the basement with this win. The Minnesota game next week may actually have some "meaning" in the sense that it could be a battle to avoid last place (although Portland could be in that mix as well).
  11. Steve B

    Toronto FC

    The ownership is hoping for the 13 to 15k range. Check out the USector http://s15.invisionfree.com/U_Sector/index.php? for a forum and supporters group.
  12. Lynx win 2-1 on a rainy night. Maybe 300 people there. Goals by Jeffrey and Neto. If only the Lynx had won a couple in the first eight games they could have been in the playoff race. Zagar was at fault on the goal. He does make the odd specatacular save, but all in all, he is becoming a liability. Poor judgement and poor kicking. Arango is MLS material at central defence.
  13. That explains it - I think it was #9 (Barros-Schelotto) who pulled up lame with what looked like a hamstring at about the 75th minute. He limped around for a bit and then came off and PR played with 10. I hadn't realized that they had used up all five subs - I thought it odd as they still had a guy warming up.
  14. In advance of Robin's full game report Lynx win 1-0 over a sluggish Puerto Rico. Robin - had the Islanders used all of their subs in this game? They played the last 20 minutes or so with 10 men - and still had a healthy outfield player warming up. Did I miss something?
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