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  1. It’s a fully adjustable self-serve glass sneeze guards system. Make to mid-shelf adjustable arms and fixed height with your suitable. This is flexible to the desired angle and end return panels. We have a new model brass guard sneeze guards that naturally offer a perfect dimension as you could ever need. Contact today ADM Sneezeguards and book your order now.
  2. A Sneeze Guard is helping to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic. Model EP-7 pass-over Sneeze Guard used on office table to reduce the risk of the COVID-19 virus. ADM Sneezeguards providing the best manufacturing services in the USA. Features - Tubing:- 1" Flange Size:- 1-5/8" Height:- Standard 36" Custom from 12" - 42" Depth:- 0 Finishes:- Brushed Stainless width Machined Aluminum Front Glass:- 1/4" Clear tempered square corners Top Glass:- 0 Visit - www.sneezeguard.com Contact (In stock Sales) Phone: 800-690-0002 Address: 2300 Wilbur Ave
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