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  1. Ghana beat Brazil in PKs, despite Ghana playing one man short for 83 minutes. Brazil only had 4 good scoring chances, although they could have also won with the last pk from the group of 5 stage. Ghanas desire and work rate was inspiring. Ghana's goalie was great as were a couple of defenders. Diogo was the best for Brazil last night.
  2. Its good to see TFC get 3 points. I don't know if Cronin and De Ro didn't play well because of the pressure the team was under but their passing was brutal. With a lead and 10 minutes left, Cummins should have replaced Gomez with Garcia instead of putting Fellinga in the game.
  3. Thank you for posting this information, and please post more when you hear more.
  4. Rosenlund is playing for Surrey.
  5. Its hard to find much information about the Games or the U20 camp, but they will train in Cyprus and then play in a group that incudes France, during the games which begin Sept 26 in Beirut. If anyone hears about any friendlies beforee the Games start then please post the info in this thread.
  6. Cafe Abruzzi and Cafe Roma on Commercial Street will also be showig the game. Abruzzi doesn't serve alcohol, but you can be entertained there by Robert.
  7. Djekanovic was also at fault on Barrett's goal. Barrett was standing 4 yards from the goaline, in the middle of the goal area. The goalie should have had claimed that ball and either caught it or punched it.
  8. Mo's player choices are very poor. I watched Seattle play yesterday and it had 4 quick attacking players who tried hard. They could run fast and were a constant threat. In addition they had Ljungberg. Mo selected slow players.
  9. Expect the VMSL teams to dominate, based on results from 3 recent games between the all-stars from all 3 leagues. The VMSL allstars dominated the games.
  10. The new league will play from September to March. The PCSL plays in the spring/summer.
  11. The leaders of the Vancouver Metro mens league, the Fraser Valley league and the Vancouver Island league have been talking about setting up a 10 team league starting in September 2010. Last night the Vancouver Metro league voted in favour of the proposal. The other two leagues will vote in the next month. There would be 3 teams from each of the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island teams and 4 from the Vancouver league. Each year two teams will get demoted and two teams will get promoted to replace them. The level of play in the new league will be excellent. It will be exciting and liklely to garner media exposure.
  12. Westvan actually play many of their home games on the worst artificial turf field in BC, at Ambleside Park. Its an early era artificial turf field with almost no rubber, and the grass blades are almost non-existent. Its not much better than a gravel field.
  13. Vukovic scored for Laktasi in a 5-2 loss againts Travnik in a Bosnian Premier League game on Saturday. Its Vukovic's second goal in a month.
  14. Teams from West Vancouver and Gorge (Victoria) have made it to the final.
  15. In action this past weekend, Westvan defeated Surrey, Gorge beat ACBC and Metroford beat Columbus. ACBC had 2 former Whitecaps players (Salihovic and Kambere). Metroford had former Whitecaps (Alfredo Valente and Andrew Veer) as well as former Scottish pro's Bottiglieri and Huggon. Croatia had 3 former Whitecaps (Sulentic, Heald, and Sandhu). Croatia surprisingly sat TWU standout Adrian Kekec on the bench until 70 minutes into the second half.
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