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  1. On 4/2/2019 at 10:41 AM, BuzzAndSting said:

    Halifax seems to be almost sold out for the home opener and has limited seats for the rest of the season.

    I reckon Halifax will have the best attendance percent of the league, just due to it's football roots and not having a team in anything. I can see them being fairly consistent.

    In terms of numbers though, it's got to be Forge.

  2. Just now, Keegan said:

    York 9 and Cavalry home kits definitely stand out as winners, although all are good.  Tons of positive feedback online from fans. 

    The York 9 kit is in a class with the Nigeria and Jamaica kits.  Speaking of the Jamaican kits.. they were made by Umbro on the first try - meanwhile they gave us f all for 8 years.

    Yup - very modern kit who experiments with new things. Nigeria is the same deal, as I mentioned earlier.

  3. It's early days, but it's annoying to see that only the actual shirt (the one with the sponsor) is only available for women. You can say the same vice versa if women want one without the sponsor.


  4. Ours is very polarizing as I think I've mentioned. I see Canadians loving it, but some of my English friends think otherwise. Maybe cos they prefer a more traditional style. Probably the same people who hated the Nigeria world cup kit, which is the same deal.

    I tweeted this out, but I'll go again.

    Home kits

    7. Halifax Wanderers

    6. Cavalry FC

    5. Pacific FC

    4. Valour FC

    3. FC Edmonton

    2. York 9

    1. Forge FC

    Away kits

    7. Forge FC

    6. Pacific FC

    5. FC Edmonton

    4. Halifax

    3. York 9

    2. Cavalry FC

    1. Valour FC

  5. I must be the only one who thinks the home kit is dreadful.

    49 minutes ago, shamrock said:

    Home kit: great! Away isn't bad but those are the Pacific FC colors...I don't get it. 

    Good point, honestly I would have reversed the 2. Celestial blue seems more appropriate.

  6. This federation is going to be exactly like the Australian FFA judging from how frustrating they've been with CanPL news. It's been 30 minutes and if I tuned in late, I'd think I'm watching other CanPL matters. 

  7. 35 minutes ago, Blackjack15 said:

    T-Minus 40 minutes until the big event! 

    Below is the stream link for everyone to see, so no one misses a thing live as it happens, unless you're in person at a kit reveal party 


    Looking forward to this!

    Thanks for this - CanPL telling us to tune in, but not telling us where is typical.

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