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  1. I just noticed that Tomi Ameobi is actually the brother of Shola and Sammy. Him alongside with Halifax's Elton John will be a fun watch! 😁
  2. Volleyball too... although that's not as big in Canada as it is here in Peru.
  3. At some point it would have to be done, but while the league is in it's infancy stages I think it would be better to go for places with a decent population but no team in anything. Like Halifax and Saskatoon.
  4. Newfoundland would be a great away trip. Would definitely be cool to see it happen. I'm still waiting for Quebec City to get a team though (my favourite city in Canada)
  5. I think the CM of the twitter page needs to take april fools classes.
  6. We are in 2019 to be fair, and football has come a long way in Canada just as it has in the USA. The latter had leagues die and die again, but eventually a serious proposal in the MLS arrived and it's still there, and likely won't ever die now. The CanPL seems to be that in our case. In 10 years, I think there should be enough interest at least to keep it alive. We just need to be strategic about it. For example, I think having too many Ontario teams could be a mistake. Toronto FC has a strong follower base and having too many teams in the GTA area is risky.
  7. I was thinking the same, and am hopeful. If not though, that's an awful attempt from the club.
  8. It would have been decently funny if they had not said that today there would be a big announcement.
  9. Will there be any way to watch these games then? Facebook live? Youtube? I'm not going to be in Canada until June, so I'd like to find a way if possible to see the early matches.
  10. I think this is it personally. The Ontario teams will surely be the first to unveil their kits given the inaugural match.
  11. God, I hope it's Forlan. I don't care if he's not at the races anymore (Hong Kong was proof). I would love to see Diego play for us.
  12. The Peruvian league standard is a lie though. There is a ton of talent here, but we're held back by tactically inept managers and lazy players who don't show much work rate. Both compliment each other too. 50% of Peruvian players who leave the league end up becoming good. Luis Abram is the most notable example, he was garbage for Cristal but is Velez' #1 choice in CB now. Raul Ruidiaz is another. He was great in Peru but very inconsistent. Now in the MLS (and Liga MX before that) he is one of the best forwards in the league. It's really about signing actual talent, and not just players who are doing well.
  13. LatinInuk

    Away Days

    Thanks for being so hospitable. I will absolutely message you when it's closer to time.
  14. LatinInuk

    Away Days

    Im going in October. I'm still living in Peru and will be back in Canada this June. I only get 1 away game this 2019 cos of my Nunavut trip. I think Winnipeg is a good choice.
  15. So I counted and every player from Pacific FC is from BC except for 5 (the foreigners, Marcel De Jong and Issey Nakajima-Farran). It would be cool to see them eventually develop that "Bilbao" philosophy. I do wonder what counts as eligible though. Living in British Columbia a certain time, or just born there? Anyways shame about Marcel De Jong.
  16. Always hard to judge the inaugural season, but I reckon we will finish mid table. Halifax and Forge look the 2 best sides going into the season, but I also don't think we are the worst. I reckon we have a bit more than each of the prairie teams. It's all a roll of the dice at this point though.
  17. Any idea what's happened to Valour FC North? I was loving their idea of having a fanbase in Thompson, but they seem to have disappeared off social media.
  18. LatinInuk

    Away Days

    I'm also a York 9 fan. I'll be back in Canada by July, so hopefully there are still some Hamilton games left. Like I said, I'm going Winnipeg this year. Our group wants Halifax but I'm not going to make it in time.
  19. LatinInuk

    Away Days

    Any of you plan on doing any away games? I'll likely do 2 or 3 per season. This year however, I'm only doing one. I'm not back in Canada yet but I'm also saving up to go to Nunavut, which will cost me a fortune. I'm thinking Valour FC away.
  20. Halifax are my contenders to win this year. Perea was quite good for San Martin when he was still in Peru. Guti on the other hand was very good before he moved to Sweden. When he came back to Peru, he didn't really get much of a chance. I reckon he'll do fine here because he is talented. Obviously it's not just those 2 though, that Trinidad keeper I hear is quality!
  21. LatinInuk

    Saskatoon CanPL

    Regina has a CFL team, so I think Saskatoon is the smarter choice. The best places to make teams are either in populated areas, or places without teams of anything. Take Halifax. Let's also not take that too literally though! Imagine a team in Yellowknife or Whitehorse. For good attendances the whole town would have to show up! 😂
  22. From what I've seen, the Peruvian league is better than what the Inaugural season will be. I can see Perea and Juan Diego Guti do very well here, and Peruvians are cheap due to bad administration. Raul Ruidiaz left to Monarcas on a free as one of many examples.
  23. Hello, my name is Brian and I am a Peruvian/Canadian currently residing in Lima but moving back to the Toronto area in a few months. I'll be honest, I'm just a casual follower of the Canadian National Team. For me, Peru is and always will be #1. However, I only support York 9. I follow teams everywhere, Napoli in Italy, Perth Glory in Australia but my true support is only towards York (at least as of now) And contrary to popular belief (not any belief at all actually) I'm not an Inuk. I just love the Inuit culture, and I am getting my dream trip to Nunavut this year, so it's sort of a fad for me right now 😂 the Latin bit comes without saying. Anyways, glad to be here!
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