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  1. T_Bison

    League Trophy

    I think the Voyageurs Cup is where it should be - awarding the best soccer team in Canada (which was its original purpose). Having it be CanPL only when the three best teams from the country are not in CanPL seems to be against the intent of the trophy. Since it's a Canadian thing, why not name it after one of the Governors General? Stanley, Grey, Vanier & Clarkson all have cups with their names on them. Why not call it the Michener Cup after GG Roland Michener
  2. T_Bison

    CPL Power Rankings

    This. If you look at the logos of the original MLS teams from the mid-90s they are almost all horrible. Many have actually changed their names. TBH I'm not a huge fan of Pacific's primary logo and I can see the secondary logo becoming the primary fairly quickly. I can also see substantial tweaks to Cavalry & York 9 within a few years. But that's the thing - few logos stand the test of time. In North America very few teams have kept their logos from 75 years ago until now. (Montreal Canadiens, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants are the ones I can think of and even the Giants changed due to moving to SF in the mid-50s) I expect in 10 to 15 years most if not all the current logos will have undergone a substantial revision
  3. T_Bison

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    I think for a potential MLS/CanPL match they would open up additional seating - why wouldn't you? You have the biggest stadium in the league (and would be the seventh largest in MLS) and if the tickets are that much in demand then you would definitely open it up and make more money.
  4. T_Bison

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I think MLS is different in a couple different ways: 1) MLS technically owns the franchises - Saputo, MLSE & the Whitecaps group are "investor-operators". Pretty hard to force a league that owns the teams to have them play domestically in a league that's not you. 2) MLS' salaries and structure are far, far advanced of CanPL. Montreal is the youngest, but are still eight years old and have the Ottawa Fury as an affiliate. I kind of liken this to forcing the Canadian AHL & NHL teams to play in the same domestic league. The NHL teams would pound the AHL teams to dust and lose a lot of money while doing it.
  5. T_Bison

    Nail your colours... 2019 CPL Edition

    Valour FC is my hometown team, but for a second choice it's Pacific FC. Basically because they are different and I love their colors & crest.