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  1. I'll go FC Edmonton for the worst and Halifax for the best.
  2. It appears that Valour FC lost 1-0 today to local opposition. I heard the Winnipeg side carried play, but couldn’t find the equalizer after conceding early. While normally I take every result in pre-season with a huge grain of salt, losing to a Dominican side that has been in existence only one season seems .... less than good.
  3. 1) Valour Away 2) Pacific Home 3) York9 Away 4) Cavalry Away 5) Valour Home
  4. I agree. I felt the reveal steam was a dud for a whole lot of reasons but the hi-res photos make it look a lot better. I think Valour's kits were the best (although Pacific's are a good second). One thing I hate is on Valours home jerseys is the collar. I avoid those things as much as humanly possible!
  5. F***. That would have been a HUGE get
  6. Thanks - like I said, I'm a noob to this and so still figuring out the formation stuff
  7. I'm a noob to soccer formations - any idea what Gale is planning on doing? 4-5-1 I'm thinking?
  8. T_Bison

    CPL Season Schedule

    I expect this is for this year only due to how Concacaf League is getting it's Canadian team. With the 2020 CL league getting the 2019 CanPL champion I think the A/C setup will move to a 14/14 setup. This also will help the CanPL match the MLS transfer window.
  9. What do you mean to scout for SI Games? I'm a Valour season ticket holder.
  10. Taking in Calgary beer fest, so drinking will be required!
  11. Many thanks! I'll be there for game #2. On the upside my wife is taking a soccer-mad friend of ours. She totally made his day so I will definitely take that.
  12. Yeah, but I've had this planned for a month or so now. Plus it's basically a weekend of drinking...
  13. GUYS!!!!! https://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/valour-fc-announce-2019-inaugural-home-match And of F***ing course I'm on vacation in Calgary that weekend. *sigh*
  14. The Tweet was deleted, FWIW.
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