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  1. The biggest issue is sustainability. If this is going to work, then new teams will need to be of a similar scale and growth potential. If the league is less rigorous in making sure of that then we will likely have a few teams that will struggle to survive. Some locations that fans may emotionally ‘want’ will likely be quite marginal as business ideas, and fans may need to accept that a Canadian professional league may not look representative geographically.
  2. Really a lot of terrible posts here from people really emotionally invested in things which will never love them back. I think people should calm down and watch some football instead. There’re a lot of good games on today.
  3. So, we have duelling incoherrent press releases, and I think I can confidently delare a pox on all their houses. I find CONCACAF’s press releases on this matter quite contradictory. And Ottawa’s seems unnecessarily crowing given the allegedly conditional nature of their sanction. At any rate, at least I get to watch professional football in town.
  4. I think the L1O experience has been a useful short term incubator, although I think your other points are valid. My point was more about going forward. They started with J1, and only introduced a J2, and then a J3, when it had become sustainable. That kind of long term patience is what a CPL will need.
  5. Yeah, it was a team that didn’t function on pitch. And like you, I have big concerns about the front office. I am not confident about the likelihood of an up-turn next year. The best the club has ever been on the pitch was MdS’s 9-1-0 formation that bus-parked their way to an NASL final.
  6. I think L1O and LPSQ did a lot to help grow the conditions for the League to exist. You now gave a body of players and officials that can staff a league. The conditions may not have existed then, but they may now because of those leagues. Also, I guess it may well be now or never in terms of people willing to try launching one.
  7. Not a bad way to serve the faithful. USL has all their stuff on youtube and it does help accessibility tremendously.
  8. All of those things are valid points, but as a Fury fan who sat through last season, the level of play would need to be TFC2/Timbit League before Fury fans would consider it a downgrade and stop showing up. Last year was some pretty poor stuff that wouldn’t be winning a comparison with a well-coached L1O team that had solid decision-making from players.
  9. I think non-big 3 market growth will be key to the CPL. If they can build a sustainable league out of not being dominant in those markets then the building blocks are there for a genuinely national league, which given enough time (likely a quarter of a century) could eventually bring those teams in. I think the owners are aware of the MLS’ experience and accept that it will likely take a long-term commitment and early losses before this thing reaches sustainability. If not, they’re going to fail. But after reading much of what has been written, I am more optimistic about this league than I was even two weeks ago.
  10. It’s a good reminder for those who forget.
  11. Spurs are literally the only club in Europe have made the transition from mid-pack to Champion’s League regular without a sugar daddy. That’s a hell of an achievement.
  12. I don’t think that’s the case. People have been turning out to minor league hockey and baseball for decades without it. Teams need to play entertaining soccer and give fans a solid experience. Pro-rel isn’t a substitute for good soccer, and frequently leads to bad soccer as teams struggle for survival.
  13. This assumes that OSEG couldn’t find other fillers that might be viewed as acceptable substitutes. Or that the City view things as ‘’must fill dates” rather than “must make x amount of money.” I don’t know that such assumptions are valid.
  14. Comfort with purgatory is a prerequisite for Canadian soccer fans, so crossover is easy.
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    Sadly, I am in this boat as well.
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