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  1. You are correct. Mexico usually uses a couple friendlies a year to play local Liga MX / MLS players which is essentially is a combination of their full team and their "B squad". Many top players take a rest immediately after a World Cup as well. I suspect Lainez will be involved in most Mexico squads going forward but he has a lot of competition in his position. Canada should imitate the Mexican National Team and 1) Book more friendlies (Mexico had 12 friendlies in 2018 to go along with their 4 World Cup Games) and 2) Use a few of those friendlies to call on CPL & the MLS players not heavily used in our current squad rotation.
  2. Fair assessment but completely irrelevant to the point I was trying to get across. A game vs Wales would definitely provide other benefits and great experience outside of CONCACAF competition. We could easily play French Guiana and include a friendly vs a team like Wales or Trinidad.
  3. Trinidad playing in a nice friendly vs Euro 2016 semi finalists Wales today. We get French Guiana this weekend.
  4. I think you'll have to re-watch that game. Lainez was by far the best player for Mexico in that game vs USA. Its no wonder Miazga resorted to mocking his height. Lainez made him and the US backline uncomfortable most of the night. I would go as far to suggest that this game put Lainez on the map for people who do not follow Liga MX / Mexican football.
  5. Apparently hometown is Frisco, Texas and he is an American National?
  6. I noticed that as well with Ribery, who was one of the veterans who took him under his wing. James looked very thrilled for Davies as well. The smile on Davies face as after he scored was priceless. Amazing!
  7. Very disappointing to see Vancouver struggle defensively early in the season since many of us rate Crepeau as our current backup keeper and Henry & Cornelius as our starting center backs. I have only watched a little bit of the Whitecaps season so far so I maybe I'm not the best person to critique the performances.
  8. Hutchinson starts for Besiktas and Larin on the bench along with several other attackers. Currently up 1-0 early in 2nd half and Besiktas has already used a sub for an injury.
  9. Let's hope that England continues to develop quality young defenders as they have been recently leaving Tomori to choose Canada. He is getting noticed and being praised for his performances overseas lately. If England make the semi finals of the upcoming Euro U21 Championship as I believe they should, Tomori may then also wish to represent Great Britain for the U23's at the 2020 Olympic Games. Just an FYI - At Center Back Tomori (21) biggest competition in England is John Stones (24), Harry Maguire (26), Michael Keane (26), & Joe Gomez (21) Also Lewis Dunk (27), Phil Jones (27), Alfie Mawson (25), Conor Coady (26) & James Tarkowski (26)
  10. I guess you are right, especially with Robben who's been out. But its also clear that even the month since Ribery has been back, hes still ahead of Davies still in the pecking order.
  11. To be completely honest, at first I hated the idea but it has grown on me. Before 1998, I'm sure there were people arguing against a 32 team format and likely the same back before the 80s when it was a 16 team tournament. The world cup as continued to expand over the decades as popularity continued to grow and its no difference now. And it is the exact same amount of soccer games so not difference from that aspect.
  12. If that's the case, CONCACAF region may actually lose bids with almost all of CONMEBOL likely to qualify instead.
  13. The only difference would be that Teal made an ignorant decision when he could have been a large part of Canada's National program for nearly a decade. Not that I would pick him for Canada now given our attacking talents but there were many years in the past decade that he would have been contributing to our program. Wotherspoon made a smart decision but it just hasn't panned out for him unfortunately. Unlike Teal, he was never going to be a part of Scotland's National program and he chose the team that would at least give him an opportunity.
  14. Lets also remember that Ribery & Robben are leaving at the end of the season, meaning Davies competitors are cut in half with only Gnabry & Coman and sometimes Mueller. Hopefully Davies can show Bayern his worth for the remainder of the season and they don't look for an additional winger this summer. I highly doubt Hudson-Odoi comes over now with the transfer ban on Chelsea.
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