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  1. No I use Excel almost everyday, so that's what I use.
  2. Do you want me to post the Excel Document I created?
  3. Even more impressive. I didn't watch much of him at Orlando so I can't comment but I did know he was previously a midfielder. Maybe he never did play outside in Orlando.
  4. Iv'e been updating if anyone is still interested. 2019 Canadian MLS Player Stats Player Team Position GP GS MP G A Samuel Piette Montreal DM 7 7 630 0 0 Doneil Henry Vancouver CB 6 6 540 1 0 Mark Anthony Kaye Los Angeles DM/LB 6 6 504 2 2 Jonathan Osorio Toronto AM/CM 5 5 435 1 3 Will Johnson Orlando CM 4 4 291 0 0 Kamal Miller Orlando CB 3 3 270 0 0 Tesho Akindele Orlando ST/W 4 4 244 2 1 Russell Teibert Vancouver CM/DM 3 3 228 0 0 Mathieu Choiniere Montreal CM 5 1 172 0 0 Shamit Shome Montreal CM 3 2 150 0 0 Jordan Hamilton Toronto ST 2 2 142 1 0 Clement Bayiha Montreal RB/RW 3 1 139 0 0 Jay Chapman Toronto CM 5 1 126 1 2 Derek Cornelius Vancouver CB 2 2 121 0 0 Ayo Akinola Toronto ST 4 1 121 1 1 A Jackson-Hamel Montreal ST 4 1 98 0 0 Z Brault-Guillard Montreal RB 2 1 95 0 0 Richie Laryea Toronto RW/RB/CM 1 1 61 0 0 Raheem Edwards Chicago LW/LB 1 0 55 1 0 Tajon Buchanan New England ST 3 0 38 0 0 Ashtone Morgan Toronto LB 1 0 15 0 0 Callum Montgomery Dallas CB Dejan Jakovic Los Angeles CB Liam Fraser Toronto DM Noble Okello Toronto DM Julian Dunn Toronto CB David Norman Jr. Vancouver CM Theo Bair Vancouver ST Simon Colyn Vancouver AM Brett Levis Vancouver LB Michael Baldisimo Vancouver DM Brian Wright New England (Loaned to Birmingham Legion) Ryan Telfair Toronto (Loaned to York9) Aidan Daniels Toronto (Loaned to Ottawa Fury) Daniel Kinumbe Montreal (Loaned to Ottawa Fury) T Meuilleur-Giguere Montreal (Loaned to Ottawa Fury) Goalkeepers Team GP GS MP SV GA Maxime Crepeau Vancouver 6 6 540 18 10 Dayne St Clair Minnesota James Pantemis Montreal Jason Beaulieu Montreal Greg Ranjitsingh Orlando Thomas Hasal Vancouver Sean Melvin Vancouver
  5. Let's all agree that MAK has become one of the best central midfielders Canada currently has or dare I even the MLS for that matter. It really goes to show how far hes come to break through at one of the best MLS teams and based in the US. Aside from orlando, we don't have any players playing meaningful minutes in the MLS outside of Canada currently. His emergence is going to make it difficult for both Will Johnson & Teibert to crack Canada's team. Unfortunately for them, the position is just too deep. In the short term MAK at outside back might help their case. Top MLS Canadian Central Midfielders MAK - Can play defensive mid and box to box midfield role. Has shown he is a valuable player going forward but can also play defense. Osorio - Can play a central midfield role and has creativity going forward. Can also play out wide as he has this year for TFC. Piette - Pitbull at defensive midfield. Plays that role perfectly. Top Canadian Central Midfielders Abroad Hutchinson - Solid defensive/central midfielder who has proven that he can also attack and score goals and provide assists. Can also play defense. Arfield - Excellent box to box midfielder and provides a lot going forward as well as toughness. Eustaquio - Very skilled defensive midfielder with great vision and distribution. Very similar to a Busquets or player along those lines. David - Arguably our most lethal attacking midfield option with the ability to also play out wide. I have just listed 7 very good central midfielders that all offer something different and for the most part are very versatile. That list also does not include Hoilett who could slide into the central midfield as well if needed. In my opinion, Johnson, Chapman, Teibert etc. are all going to have difficulty breaking the first squad in the coming years. They may make the odd 23 man roster but should definitely be included in friendlies if they continue to play regularly. Its all perspective, of course things could change.
  6. Getting a little off the subject now but TFC definitely needs defensive help. Bono is not the goalie that was he was expected to be and we haven't seen enough of Westburg yet. Ciman has pedigree but has had his troubles this year and Zavaleta has been disappointing since he joined TFC. I like Mavinga and think hes fairly good but he has had some off games this season particularly when Moor is not next to him. As for outside backs both Morrow & Auro Jr have been good this year. For the Canadian content in this post, Laryea played very well in his first game with TFC (not his first professional game as some on here think). We all know what Morgan brings to the table and hopefully we can see some of the young local center backs later this year.
  7. Didn't see the pitch today but still somehow comes out looking better. Zavaleta non-existent. Ciman was Ciman.
  8. Call him up for the preliminary squad and if he impresses in training then give him some minutes in a friendly. If he impresses in the friendly as well then I don't see why he wouldn't make it. Personally, I don't see him making the roster as he has had quite the fall from grace since QPR in recent years but I don't see why not a player such as him wouldn't make a 30-35 preliminary roster squad.
  9. Unfortunate penalty call if you ask me. Regardless his play has been very good this year and hes our current top center back with James. I think that Henry has his unreasonable critics such as Osorio. Maybe people hold onto historical errors or previous years of play but both those players have been fairly consistent in recent years.
  10. Atiba man of the match again. If he does take another year at Besiktas which I am sure he will be offered than I hope he continues for Canada as well. Fenerbahce have been mediocre at best this year but if they can steal some points from Galatasaray tomorrow than Besiktas have a shot at catching 2nd for Champions League next year. Nearly impossible to catch baseksehir even after this win. Very surprised but very happy Larin got into the game especially considering the circumstances of the game but perhaps he had a strong week in training. Disappointing for Cardiff as this was one of their games to steal points from. Junior has a great reputation at Cardiff and he enjoys his time there. In my opinion he may play again with the in the Championship again next year (assuming relegated). Does not change his role in our NT squad in my opinion. Disappointed and a little concerned that we haven't seen Godinho in a month although ZBG did not play again today unfortunately. It will be interesting to see which player plays more in the final weeks. Cristian Gutierrez starting again for Colo Colo is massive. Only problem is that if you are a starter for a club of that stature, you can bet the Chile National team is keeping their eyes on him. In my opinion if he was to be capped by Chile he would end up like Bunbury did so hopefully he considers that.
  11. Godinho definitely needs more minutes to overtake ZBG in my opinion. Regardless of how little ZBG has played, he has done a good job for Canada in Nationas League. If Godinho could secure a starting role than its a possibility. I am in agreement that the 23 man roster should be based on players in form and regularity but lets be honest. Everyone saying that is kidding themselves. If Davies does not play another game for Bayern do we leave Davies off? If Hoilett only plays a couple premier league games for the rest of the year. Do we leave him off? If Jonathan David gets injured and returns just in time for Gold Cup. Do we leave him off? The answer for all these are no. We are not at the level that we can be leaving these players off. I would take a bench player for Besiktas in Larin over players like Simeon Jackson or Ricketts as well. There are exceptions. The amount of exceptions should be minimal though.
  12. My mistake. I agree with our comparison to Costa Rica 100%. Our defense is definitively lacking in comparison.
  13. Agree but this is the best group of players we have ever had. Mexico will have another group of youngsters move to Europe in the coming years. They produce the quality in constant waves. We could always produce an upset but honestly Mexico is hands down better top to bottom. I am curious as to why you would think that believe that Lozano, Tecatito, Raul & Chicharito are inferior to Cavallini, Balou, Larin, Millar & David or why you think Herrera, Guardado, J Dos Santos, Gutierrez is inferior to Arfield, Atiba, Osorio, MAK & Piette? Vela doesn't seem to be a part of El tri's plan but is probably the best player in the MLS in his 30s. I get that our current core is much younger than Mexico's current core but I find it very hard to believe that anyone truly believes we are as good as Mexico anywhere in our lineup.
  14. In my opinion Ciman has been horrendous this year but based on previous history of play, I still choose Ciman over Zavaleta.
  15. We definitely have a chance against Costa Rica with the talent we have. The talent for Costa Rica is still immense and much deeper than us. They have one of the best keepers in the world and a great backline. They have 5 or 6 MLS defenders with nearly 150 caps experience. Their MLS backline is better than our best backline. That isn't even including defenders from Bologna (serie a), espanyol (la liga), celtic & Sunderland (he's stuck it out during he downfall!) Celso is still playing in Turkey but Bryan Ruiz & Joel Campbell have both come back from Europe but we would love to have players of their pedigree and experience and we would take any player playing for Santos & Leon. In regards of attack, we're fairly even but defensively we are still quite far behind them. I do have to disagree with your statement on Canada having a a large contingent of solid MLS players though. We have 6 Canadian players that have played in the MLS this year that do not play for any of Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto. This 6 includes; Buchanan who has played 20 minutes, Edwards who has played in 1 game. Kamal Miller who has played 2 games. I will say that Tesho & Johnson are proven MLS players. MAK is on another level of this group. So essentially we have between 1 to 3 CURRENT quality MLS players outside of Canada. As for the Canadian teams, Piette, Osorio & Henry are the only starters (perhaps Teibert as well). Hamilton, Choiniore, Chapman, Cornelius, etc. are all role players currently. I know we should be proud of far we have come in terms of players in the MLS but based on this year's statistics so far we have 4 regular starters in all of the MLS in Osorio, MAK, Henry & Piette and 3 others when healthy Teibert, Johnson, Tesho.
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