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    TFC 2018

    Just thought you didnt go into last nights match hoping to win. The game was meant to rest people for the final two games - one to officially kick MTL out of the playoffs and against ATL hoping they dont match / beat our record from last year.
  2. Hi all, I was at the match on Tuesday when a fellow Voyageur asked what my screen name was on the forum. Had to think for a second and realized I was not actually a contributing member on the forum! SHAME SHAME. Anywho, just wanted to introduce myself. I am Sean and have been to a few games over the years (with the Voyageurs and regular sections) and am a TFC season ticket holder and member of one of the supporter groups. Just wanted to formally introduce myself and offer my assistance with whatever might need to be done to help elevate the game in Canada.
  3. untoldsean

    TFC 2018

    Probably not as many Canadians as they were in Toronto either playing or not the day prior. Honestly think they threw the game for the most part just to make life harder for Montreal.
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