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  1. Also interested... I got up to 8 folks looking to watch the game as well!
  2. Lucas Dias former Toronto Sporting FC academy player and now Sporting CP academy player has been called up to represent Portugal's sub-15 team. @Fussball_eh your website has him listed as a defender. He often plays the false 9 position on Sporting's U-15. Occasionally, a winger as well. Source: He's my godfather's son. You can find his name littered in the Portuguese media here in Toronto.
  3. First the men's team. Now the women's. Something great must be happening with Panama's Football Federation.
  4. Frankly speaking as a new member on this forum and looking to get into following the CNTs, I initially had zero idea tickets could be purchased via this group. I bought tickets to this match off the national team site which pointed me initially to TM (I bought the me +3 package) - this was back in July. The posters on the subway today also point soley to TM. Also the tickets for supporters section isn't updated on the national team site - i.e. No links on the Dominica v Canada page that point to this group's ticket sales. If I had known about this supporters group (casual fan of the sport) I would of bought tickets via this group - even if I had to sign up. I think as a collective we need to continue sharing the group and it's events/promotions through our social media accounts to drive traffic to your ticket page. I've shared the game via FB (the voyageurs created event) and through instagram stories that are promoting the game. I don't have a crazy following on SM but I know at least 40 people saw my post. All posts pointed to the ticket sales here. That being said, again speaking from a casual fan's perspective, there is probably some hesitancy to sit in the supporters section (not use to the level of awesomeness), discouraged by the limited selection of seats (limited to a certain section of the stadium), and unfamiliarity with the group's ticketing system (everyone knows TM, everyone likes the security of PayPal).
  5. Hi My name is Jason and I've been a passionate footy fan since my childhood but I've never felt connected to Canadian soccer until this past summer. I attended my first world cup and had the opportunity to watch most of the CONCACAF participating teams. The support I received from nations from that confederation made me so proud to wave my Canadian flag at these games. I grew up in a Portuguese immigrant household in Toronto and all I'd watch is european club soccer and cheer for Portugal. I do occasionally catch the odd TFC game (more so since 2014). I'm hoping by joining this group that I can add to my world cup experience and improve upon my Canadian knowledge and fan support. My first step towards that was purchasing tickets to the upcoming CMNT CNLQ match in Toronto. I hope to see and meet some of my fellow voyageurs there. Cheers, Jason
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