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  1. It's amazing how many forum questions could be nuked with a simple, Neither you or I know anything and all we can do is wait and see.
  2. https://the11.ca/clanachan-canpl-is-zeroed-in-on-seven-teams-for-2019/ Old but just set the tone. It seems like by 2020, you'll have Ottawa, K-W, Saska and Quebec. For those in the know, do you think Saska would eventually have one team or two for each city. I just now noticed how relatively small they are.
  3. BillyBob

    CPL General

    Murray krismays, jowayu Noell. Random questions, Will the CSA and CPL accept solidarity payments? Also, I already know about League 1 Ontario and PLSQ.I heard rumours about other similar leagues getting set up in BC and Alberta, has anyone else?
  4. Ok, I see your point about the CSA precedent. About them FIFA rules though, here in America we've been breaking them since before MLS even started. They've largely left our single entity and lack of pro-rel and solidarity payments alone. Why? Who knows but I think its telling that we've done our own thing for THIS long and not get called out on it.
  5. American here. From international soccer fan perspective, yeah Concacaf has authority to de sanction because they want to enforce standard rules. BUT from a biz perspective it seems odd. There's been no OFFICIAL mention of desanctioning threat before. Not that I can remember. PR wise it's a bad look. If concacaf was that serious about it, they should have nipped this in the bud TWO YEARS AGO. Giving the Fury time to adjust. Also while this is soccer, this is the North American market. Organizations arent just going to fall in line with FIFA rules "just because". The Fury rightly need to know if they are going to be stable in this new league and the new league will pan out. Peoples livelihoods are at stake after all. This is not going to encourage MLSE, Saputo or The Caps to listen to CSA either down the road and that ALREADY was to be a long winding road.
  6. I remember Saskatchewan was an early target. But I've read that RoughRiders fanbase is INSANE. Does that mean they should just focus on Saskatchewan, at least to start off with? Saska aside, I'd say the only imperative targets would be Quebec City, Ottawa and perhaps Moncton.
  7. BillyBob

    CPL General

    I think having an open league system combined with sensible spending limits is best to start. This is a league to develop the Canadian player pool which despite having potential is not at the level of other teams yet. I know some fans want to take over the world in year 5 but you cant expect to outbid Champions League sides for talent.
  8. Gatineau sera-t-il assez grande pour supporter leur propre equipe?
  9. BillyBob

    CPL General

    Real interesting seeing if Canadian soccer as a whole can build a strong pyramid in a traditionally closed league culture. As others have mentioned above, there are wildly different markets and submarkets in mega markets (like the GTA). Building on previous statements, I want to ask... Just how far can you divide submarkets without cannibalizing each other? Specifically the GTA, which seems to not only want York but teams in Peel and Durham as well. Also curious about the big Alberta cities because they seem very centralized to me compared to the big 3 and Ottawa. I would be willing to assume, however, that Montreal could support BOTH the Impact and a CPL side. Laval seems to be a target, maybe it could galvanize interest across the Northshore? Are there any other Montreal submarkets ro exploit? (I know about the island vs North vs South shores) I also see the CPL being a national league at Div.1 level then regional at levels below. I dont see how travel budgets work otherwise. Ontario and Quebec have established semi pro leagues to draw more future interest and investment towards. What are their futures? Could they thrive or be overshadowed/zombified like the State Leagues in Brazil. And do/can other provinces support similar leagues?
  10. BillyBob

    CPL General

    Ah good old hyperventilating internets. Anyway, who is going to be the 8th team now?
  11. Salut, les gars! Je suis un american tres excite pour Le CPL (m'excuz pour mon francais ridicule). On sait sur Le Ville du Quebec et probablement Sherbrooke. Mais une question. En realitie, pensez-vous que Montreal pourrait supporter un equipe dans Le CPL? Peut-etre dans le rive nord ou rive sud?
  12. Hey dudes, Yankee here super stoked about the new league. A strong Canada could really help Concacaf's street cred. Anyway, as an outsider I was wondering. Do you think Brampton folks would support a team based in Sauga? You know if it was marketed to the entire Peel Region? I've heard from some folks that York9 is experimental with its branding cause it's an open question if everybody in the area really "identifies" with York. What do you guys think?
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