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  1. My email was not the official Northern Football email. I am just a very big fan that is trying to promote! No need for any hate against a group of people that are trying to do something different within the Canadian soccer landscape.
  2. Unfortunately it's not, I only follow them on Instagram! Love that you guys are creating apparel though!
  3. Have you guys been in contact with Northern Football Apparel at all? Maybe there is a way to partner up to grow the game even further!
  4. Difficult scenario, but at 25 years of age, Doneil still has a lot to learn. Still a big time supporter of his, and any Canadians playing at this level. We need to stick together!
  5. Northern Football Apparel;
  6. Has anyone seen this on Instagram? Seems like an effort to grow the game in Canada even further. Fantastic! www.instagram.com/northernfootballapparel/
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