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  1. I can check, quite possibly still is. The Dominica Convent School is rebuilding as well: http://www.conventhighschool.org/ I know their alumni association based here quite well; they have been doing their best to raise funds for relief efforts.
  2. *chuckles* I don't think there's any fear of the Dominica Men's National Team tanking XD Frankly, Canada didn't play smoothly in 2015 and still walked off with 4 goals. Lots of match receipts are donated directly to other clubs for various causes, which FIFA has never had a problem with.
  3. I like the idea of setting something ongoing up, that's a great idea. As for this match however: Yes, it's an official match and not a friendly, but were it a friendly it would not be happening. With the rise of the Nations League, we're very unlikely to be playing Dominica (or other CONCACAF minnows) again, either in WCQ or in the Nations League. As for why we would doing this, it's a mix of need and timely opportunism. Donations of gate receipts for competitive matches are not uncommon, and for far less devastation than Dominica has gone through. So this case is addressing an urgent need rather than an ongoing issue. In terms of the likely match result, I, like Karina, grew up in Dominica. We all know how this match is going to end, but it's still an unexpected and welcome excuse for a public Caribbean diaspora party, which doesn't happen often at all. For the Canada MNT's playing Dominica is hardly a yardstick for WCQ. So it might as well be played in as full a stadium as possible, for the benefit of the players as well, so they can get used to the sort of stadiums they will be seeing over the next few years. Also doesn't hurt to build some buzz around a team for a match that would otherwise be ignored by most, and draw in new fans.
  4. It would always be tough, but at least this way you'll have many people from the Caribbean diaspora who would not normally attend a Canadian soccer match show up. Most of them are in the GTA as is.
  5. A Tweet in support from @thevoyagers and suggesting it to the CSA would make a big difference I think to helping to move it forward.
  6. Thanks! What are your thoughts on how this can be moved forward to have @thevoyagers support?
  7. I goal keep and I was incensed at that call.
  8. Hello all! Dominica is struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria which devastated the island about a year ago (https://qz.com/1094614/dominica-recovery-new-before-and-after-photos-from-hurricane-maria-show-vast-devastation/). As I tweeted here, this would not normally be a game that would sell out (I was at the last one, and can confirm that), but as a benefit match for hurricane relief, it would be able to draw a full crowd. A lot of Caribbean people that would not normally come out for this, would come out. Plus, having a really exciting atmosphere is better for Canada. We play our serious matches in that atmosphere, and speaking honestly, although Canada won the last matches, a packed crowd I think would have had an effect on the way the game was played. Plus, the timing fits well - Karina LeBlanc grew up in Dominica (https://www.concacaf.com/en/article/karina-leblanc-named-as-head-of-concacaf-women-s-football)! What I'm trying to get at this point is @thevoyagers support to call for this to be a fundraising match that promotes Dominica as an island, raises money for very badly needed for disaster reconstruction, and sees both teams play to a packed house, which all the players can only benefit from. Thoughts?
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