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  1. SK Austria Klagenfurt had a test match earlier today against SK Sturm Graz, a 1st level Austrian Bundesliga team. Sturm Graz are currently in 4th place in the 1st league. Klagenfurt lost 2:1. Scott scored the only goal for Klagenfurt and played 90 minutes. The game can be watched on You tube. Easy access through the Sturm Graz Facebook page.
  2. Scott and I have never discussed MNT. However, he's a proud, patriotic Canadian and I suspect would he would welcome the opportunity. I don't know Cornelius. I watched a Youtube compilation of his play and he looks like a talented young man. I have no comment on the difference between the Serbian league and the Austrian Bundesliga. Scott continues to improve and grow. To compare the two is natural, but not necessary. They are different. Scott has been playing in four different positions for Klagenfurt. Right back, Centre back, left back and midfield. He has scored two goals and it seems he has good scoring chances (and assists) every game. I'm confident Scott will earn a look from the MNT. Time will tell.
  3. I think he wants to play in Europe as long as he continues to enjoy the experience, improve and advance. He speaks German fluently now, enjoys the culture and is living his dream.
  4. Scott was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He played club soccer for Calgary West, Calgary Chinooks and for his high school team at William Aberhart. He left for Traunstein after he finished Grade 12.
  5. We're excited for him. This will be his 4th season in Europe. He has played a total of 72 games in Europe (6,222 minutes). He started in the German 6th Division playing for Traunstein, moved to the German 4th Division playing for Amburg (had a few injuries) then moved to the Austrian Regional 3rd Division playing for Grodig, where he scored 4 goals. He continues to grow and improve. 18/19 2. Liga 1 1,00 - - - / - / - 90' 18/19 ÖFB-Cup 1 3,00 - - - / - / - 90' 17/18 RL West 24 2,08 4 - 1 / - / - 2.077' 17/18 ÖFB-Cup 2 1,50 - - - / - / - 240' 16/17 Bayernliga Nord 11 1,00 1 - 1 / - / 1 821' 16/17 Bayerischer Toto-Pokal 2 1,50 - - - / - / - 175' 15/16 LL Bayern-S/O 31 1,42 2 - 2 / - / - 2.729'
  6. Quick update: Scott has signed with SK Klagenfurt, a team in the Austrian Football Second League, formerly the First League. This the second highest professional division in Austrian football. It contains 16 teams and is run in the same fashion as the Austrian Bundesliga. The champion of the league is promoted to the Bundesliga and the three last placed teams are directly relegated from the Second League into the regional leagues. The league is currently known as the Sky Go 2. Liga for sponsorship reasons. Games are streamed online www.laola1.tv.
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