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  1. 9 minutes ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    There is zero political will in Victoria to encourage a pro team in the city, that is not only not anywhere near the mayor's constituency, you could argue that none of the recent mayoralty candidates, and probably none of the current city councillors, would be the least bit interested. 

    It's too bad, since you could fill a city facility 14 days a year more (15, 16) that would mean revenue, and then related revenue for areas near the downtown. You could also ensure a fairly large % of fans coming walking, biking, by one transit link even. It would be feasible in terms of converting baseball as well. 

    As the mayor of Langford is a fundamental piece in getting the team into greater Victoria, he is not going to let it go that easily, and those running the club should reciprocally show loyalty to him, at least as long as the numbers allow them to justify the Langford scenario.  

    You're not wrong on any of this. I didn't mean to say that PFC should have chosen Victoria over Langford, because as you mention, Stew Young basically laid out the red carpet. As far as I can glean, the island simply wouldn't have had a team at all if it wasn't for him.

    My point is that playing in the burbs is a serious handicap to attendance, but one that can be overcome. It needs to be acknowledged so that it can be dealt with. Pretending that it's not an issue would be very dangerous. I think they have the right people in place to take this on, BNJ especially. Of course, I am doing my personal best to get everyone I can out to the stadium! Anecdotally, the stadium location is the single major hurdle for people in my demographic (~30ish).

  2. 7 hours ago, Blackjack15 said:

    makes you wonder how different it would be if the stadium was in Downtown Victoria and not in west Langford (25 mins away).

    Likely very, very different. All across North America, the lessons of putting stadiums in suburbs have really begun to sink in. There is a tangible, even measurable effect on ticket sales for being away from population centres (an mls comissioned study found that their teams lost ~260 fans per match for each mile outside the urban core).  This isn't even to mention the demographic effects. The Fire are looking to buy out their lease in the suburbs to move back downtown (paywall), in part because they're losing out on the millennial market, (the largest growth area for soccer fandom in NA sports). Langford is fast growing and relatively affordable, but so much of that growth is single-family detached homes. They don't have the density or vivacity that a downtown area provides.

    It can work in Langford, but anyone who tells you that it's no big deal being in the burbs in incorrect. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    Question: in the end, what is the size of the supporter stand? How many rows up, and how wide? What does it hold?

    On renders it looks a bit short and a bit narrow, as if they were not overly optimistic of it filling.

    As best as I can tell, the supporters stand is four sections wide. Each section is 25 'bums' across and ten rows deep. Each section holding 250 people, so 1000 altogether. I think it's less a case of pessimism about it filling and more the fact that there's only so much space between the pitch and the bowling alley.

  4. 3 hours ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    Will LSB be rebranding, new colour scheme, what are you guys going to do? Is there still the intention to support Highlanders as well?

    We'll be supporting both teams, as much as that's possible. It'll be up to individuals to choose who they do and don't support obviously, but the Lake Side Buoys officially support both.
    As far as rebranding, we've got a new version of the logo that we are using for all PFC related support, as you can see on a few of our frash new flags that just came in:



  5. 10 minutes ago, xman14 said:

    He's also playing on Vancouver Island for Mid Isle Mariners in the VISL. The team is coached by Bill Merriman, father of Pacific FC assistant coach, Jamie. 

    I'll bite. I'm so starved for news that I will cling to any rumour at all as if it were gospel at the moment.

  6. 2 minutes ago, ted said:

    Good point. I think the colours are key and consistent "branding" is important.

    That said, the crest that appears on the Jersey does not have to be the primary mark used in the community. They can, if they do it now, use whatever they want. The crest is barely known and not seen by anyone as integral to the identity yet.

    Ans even if they do use the crest, two years is enough overlap to use the trident as a secondary and transition to using it as the primary in a couple of seasons.

    You're probably right. I'm just jealous of euro clubs that have used the same crest for 100 years mostly. 

  7. While I might have preferred the trident to the be the primary logo originally, I hope that ship has sailed. For a club just starting out, it's so important to be consistent in branding and messaging. I feel it would be a big mistake to change primary logos after just two years.
    At this point, I feel they need to own the primary and wear it proudly. It's unique, just like the colour scheme. If they dance around it, flirting with the other logo and promoting it instead, or shy away from the colours for that matter, then how can they expect the city (and island) to get on board with the identity?

  8. 1 hour ago, Raven said:

    Great...... I will be in Nanaimo on Oct 18th. I could have planned to be in Nanaimo on the 20th...too late now.

    Facebook doesn't work for me...I don't care what someone is eating in a restaurant or if they are having a relaxing Sunday. " Facebook is the tool of the Devil!! <Grampa Simpson's voice>

    Agreed, Facebook is a trash platform. Total brain poison. It's just so ingrained in social interaction that you're basically a pariah if you don't have an account. 

  9. 16 minutes ago, Aird25 said:

    “But we don’t just want to sell sponsorship packages. We want to create true partnerships with people who are on the island so those partners feel they’re a part of a club every night and they have great activation programs and aren’t just giving us money to throw up a sign. We want them to be real partners with us.”

    Interesting quote. Has there been any indication that this is more than just rhetoric? I hope so

    I don't think there's really been a chance for it to be more then rhetoric yet. This is just getting off the ground. 

  10. 35 minutes ago, masster said:

    I'm in at #19. I thought the event went well. Good energy in the room. At the end though, it seemed like quite a few people were leaving without lining up at the ticket table. What was up with them? Did they just come for the party? I thought they could have had a few more stations so people weren't waiting in line as long. Would have been nice to see a bit more selection in terms of merchandise.

    There seemed to be quite a few news cameras. What has the media coverage been like in Victoria?

    I didn't line up, because you could just sign up on your phone 😉


  11. 1 minute ago, Soro17 said:

    Off topic, but you seem plugged in. Any prospect of amalgamation of the various municipalities? To an outsider, it is baffling that there are three Saanich's or that View Royal even exists.  

    lol, you're not from here I take it. There's actually non-binding ballot measures about this in two of the 13(!) municipalities that make up Greater Victoria in the elections this year. As much as it would make sense to have some level of amalgamation, you're basically asking bureaucrats to work themselves out of jobs.

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