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    Victoria CPL

    Aww yissss! STOOOKED
  2. King_cheetah

    Victoria CPL

    Based on what's been written in the local papers here, sounds like there will be an endzone stand on the west end, but not the east (there's a building there). I imagine the scoreclock will be moved? I think it'd have to be. Now that the powerpole won't be moved in time for the 2019 season, the plan is to have temporary stands on the north side, west of the pole. To the east of the pole would be a standing room area. http://www.timescolonist.com/sports/langford-and-new-pro-soccer-team-plan-happy-marriage-1.23322900
  3. Finally joined up! I'm a soccer fan based in Victoria BC, so probably not a surprise that outside of the Canadian national team, I'm a Whitecaps FC and Highlander's FC supporter. I'm also a casual fan of Hammarby and the Swedes in general. Right now, I'm 100% amped for the CanPL in Victoria. Can't wait!
  4. King_cheetah

    Victoria CPL

    lol fairly appropriate. There's nothing quite like a team looking at their flaws and owning them.
  5. King_cheetah

    Victoria CPL

    ^^^ YES ^^^ Hopefully a concerted marketing effort post-reveal will clear this up? If the CanPL is going to succeed, I think they're going to have to reach these casual, (momentarily) ill-informed fans. I hear ya. I'm optimistic that our CanPL team will be that one that we can support forever, but I recognize that I might be overly optimistic. I'm certain that they want to be that team in any case. As far as their desire to start fresh, well, this is how I see it. They're a totally new venture, and they want a chance to establish themselves as a success from the start. Not that the Highlanders haven't had some level of success, but I think that they basically don't want any baggage weighing down their lofty dreams. No idea how close to the mark I am, just speculation on my part. PS I feel ridiculous having a conversation on the forum with someone who's door I could knock on at coffee break
  6. King_cheetah

    Victoria CPL

    I really don't think the CanPL owners are at all interested in the Highlanders branding. They seem (understandably) determined to start fresh on that front.
  7. I dunno, it's tough. I really like flares, but I can understand how they're an annoyance (or worse) to some. It seems kind of soft to be that concerned about it for a game like this though I guess.
  8. This is a pretty decent idea. I'd love to just have more national team games to go to.
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