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  1. As much as I hate to say it, Henry was probably the most consistent player over the Decade. The likes of Zidane, Kahn, Ronaldo (Brazil), etc peaked early in the Decade. I would argue that the best Keeper of the Decade wasn't Buffon or Kahn, but Van Der Saar. He maintained his high standards throughout the Decade. Lehmann, for all his moments of madness, had an excellent World Cup in 2006. Also his Penalty save against Riquelme in the European Cup Semi-Final will have him engraved in Arsenal folklore.
  2. This could be a real fairytale for Hume if he does score. Hope he does.
  3. Saw it in Dungannon Cinema 4 Months Ago. Compelling Film. Cloughie was a Prophet; Prophets aren't accepted in their own Country.
  4. We need Friends in High Places too. American Soccer is lucky to have the influence of Fox and Setanta.
  5. I still think Futsal is the answer. However I agree with the Sentiment. The lack of a genuine Playmaker is killing Canada's MNT.
  6. Can't make the Scene if We don't have the Green. Need a Major Sponsor to invest in Youth Structures. People said Banks; such as BMO; but given the Banks' involvement in the Current Credit Crisis that may not be a Good Idea. Possibly a Major Food Corporation, such as Subway.
  7. Both on course for a Play-Off Spot. Can both Countries qualify for the same Tournament for the first time in History?
  8. The beginning of truth. It's a genuine Chicken and Egg scenario. I'd say build up the Support first, then we can see changes in the Nats.
  9. As an Arsenal Fan I'm worried about this Season. True, we play outstanding Football but our Defence is a Joke and we simply can't cope with teams North of Birmingham in our Travels. Wilshire needs to be wrapped in Cotton Wool, for England's sake. Playing him in every game at the behest of the Media will only make him prone to Injury. Prime example is Gazza; who believed his own Hype and went off the rails.
  10. Please God ensure Portugal don't qualify. lol at North Korea qualifying. Ultimate Propaganda tool for Kim Jong-Il. England only need a draw against Croatia. If Barry keeps Modric at bay they should get the result they need. Northern Ireland in with a shout too, but still too reliant on Home Form. The Republic are drawing too many Games, as well as being reliant on the Granny Rule for players. Won't be long before Trapp's Honeymoon Period ends. Russia adopt the Football equivalent of Juan Manuel Fangio 'Winning at the Slowest Possible Speed'. Dark Horses for the Tourney? No European Country has won the World Cup outside of their own Continent, but in Spain they have as good a chance as any to break that Duck. If Alonso and Fab 4 are the Second Choice Midfield Partnership in Spain then that speaks volumes about Iniesta and Marcos Senna. France are too disjointed to win, but might still qualify. But without Zidane they're now nothing.
  11. Loftus Road is the nearest ground to the BBC Studio.
  12. I fear that Duffer may be made a Scapegoat by the Toon Fans. They brag about their level of support, but crowds pre-Keegan were only about 10/15k. Edgar may be sold since the Club has no Worst-Case-Scenario Plans. Maybe Edgar maybe a Scapegoat too since he was Sent-Off against Villa.
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