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  1. It's possible I worded that awkwardly. If you allow CPL teams to set up unlimited loan partnerships with MLS sides, then what would probably happen is we'd get 3 such relationships. Makes sense for let's say TFC to partner up with a nearby CPL side, send TFCII grads there, ensuring they play together and build chemistry before making the jump to MLS, and are also playing nearby to make recalls easier. The Impact and Whitecaps would do the same, and you'd have a situation where 3 CPL clubs have a steady incoming stream of relatively talented young players from the best funded youth academies in the country. A CPL side in Saskatchewan meanwhile would be SOL. I was trying to say that it wouldn't be good for the league.
  2. I've been up to 5,650m or so, and reached 4,600m on another hike. For both of those I did a ton of high altitude sickness research, so if anyone cares I will chime in here with what (I think) I know. For most people high altitude effects start kicking in (i.e. something you can feel) at around 2,500m - 3,000m, but after you pass 2,000m or so the oxygen in your blood will start dropping. This affects people differently, which is why high altitude hiking can be dangerous.. Personally I start getting a bit lightheaded at 2,700m or so, but even at 2,200m I will notice that walking around is harder, but not by much. At 1,000m most people shouldn't notice much of a difference at all, although over 90 minutes of high physical exertion it could play a small factor (in making players tired quicker). In theory a team that has trained at that altitude playing one that trained at sea level will have a small advantage, given what we know about acclimatization. It shouldn't play a big part at only 1,000m though, and maybe only an insignificant part
  3. One of the problems with not limiting loans is that CPL sides in markets that also have MLS sides would have an advantage.
  4. The city of London is currently looking to build a stadium (potentially downtown) that could be used for various sports and/or events. They are publishing a parks & recreation master plan at some point in 2019, and it's expected to include more details about what the city's plans are re: such a stadium. There is a site they have in mind already, but it also sounds like a more long-term "we need to look into this" type of initiative. More will be clear when that master report comes out. This stadium initiative has already been linked with the CPL in the local media: https://lfpress.com/sports/soccer/will-london-build-a-downtown-sports-stadium-its-a-possibility FC London owner met with the CPL but "the financials did not work out" probably meaning he doesn't have enough $$ behind him to run a CPL team. So even if the city goes ahead with stadium plans we would also need more investors on board, or a new group altogether.
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