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  1. nas

    CPL General

    Westjet is shirt sponsor for Cavalry, so they're likely involved at the league level.
  2. It should be noted those 3081 at the Arrows match was a sellout.
  3. Tweet's been deleted, but I got a screengrab.
  4. nas

    CPL General

    This is a paid promotion from VW, which is why it doesn't show up on their timeline. That will also explain the lower engagement. The CPL video was tweeted out to those who are most interested in the league, hence all the likes and retweets. This VW ad is going to a much wider audience, most of whom don't care and skim right past. But that small percentage that does take notice makes it all worth it. I regularly purchase social media ads, and estimate that VW will have had to pay <$10,000 to get 1 million views on Twitter, which is peanuts for them.
  5. nas

    CPL TV Contract

    Ted, you may be right after all. It appears Duane wasn't so much reporting as he was speculating.
  6. nas

    CPL TV Contract

    Getting DAZN into bars is completely doable, you just need to pressure your local pub to actually do it.
  7. nas

    CPL Stadium Thread

    A larger grandstand has been added to the east side though, where currently there is a temp building.
  8. Sounds like the two of you should just share season tickets...
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